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Podcast #57 – We Just Saw This On Florp

04-24-14 by Abby T. Miller. 13 comments

Welcome to Stack Exchange Podcast #57, recorded Friday April 11, 2014 with your hosts Jay Hanlon, David Fullerton, and Joel Spolsky. Today’s podcast is brought to you by the Heartbleed bug.

We have lots to talk about (which makes Joel scared), starting with Community Milestones (after we discuss 2048 strategy, that is)!

That brings us to our Community of the Week: Information Security. (For the record: horses can live in barns.) Info Security has gotten a lot of traffic lately thanks to our sponsor, the Heartbleed bug. (We wonder if we’re spelling “security” wrong for a while before we realize the site is down. So we’ll come back to this.)

Aaaanyway… let’s talk about New Features.

  1. The iOS app is going to come out in the next 6-8 weeks, but you can still sign up to test it for us if you have an iPhone.
  2. Also, we did an April Fool’s prank about unicoins.
  3. We’re making some changes to the Community Wiki system. There’s a blog post here if you’d rather fast forward through Jay’s explanation.
  4. We’re also making changes to how protecting questions works, and we’ve published a set of guidelines for how to use that feature.

That finishes the New Features segment… except for the other new features we’re going to talk about. Breaking news: we’re overhauling the profile page. (Stick with us in this part to hear Joel get bored and start talking about emo kid piercings!) There’s a very outdated mockup here.

Then, Joel gets so bored he brings up sports. On purpose. Several times. Also: this is what a Yugo looks like.

MOVING ON. The gang invents a new game, and plays it for a while. Could this be a recurring segment? Tune in next week to find out! For now, we’ve killed enough time that Info Security is back online, so we’ll talk about it for a while.

Thanks for joining us during this very productive hour of your life for Stack Exchange Podcast #57, brought to you by Heartbleed – the first buffer overflow bug with a website, a logo, and a marketing department.

Podcast #56 – Green or Red Curae

03-17-14 by Abby T. Miller. 10 comments

Welcome to the Stack Exchange Podcast #56 recorded on Thursday, March 6th 2014, aka the 4th of Adar II 5774, aka the second day of Lent. Today’s podcast is sponsored by Patent Trolls of America. Today’s guest is Micah Siegel, Senior Patent Advisor at Stack Exchange and Professor Emeritus at Stanford.

But first, Community Milestones!

  • We’ve already talked at length about The Workplace, but it should be noted that the Workplace community has just graduated. They are now a fully-fledged site, so go check out their design!
  • Arduino is our newest public beta site. (An Arduino is a tiny little computer board thing, according to Jay.) We’ve tried it in the past and didn’t have enough activity, but this iteration is looking much stronger and we’re excited to see where it will go. Also, March 29th is Arduino Day.
  • At long, long last, Personal Finance & Money has graduated. We love money! Longtime beleaguered designer Jin finally has assistance on his design team, so we are working through the backlog of graduated site designs.

To commemorate Money’s graduation, we’ve made it Community of the Week. Here are some of the cool questions we discussed:

This site grew out of an SE 1.0 site on the same topic, and it’s therefore one of our oldest sites. Check it out!

Next up, we have New Features. Or, we don’t, because we haven’t done anything, and David is demoted. Just kidding: we do!

Okay! Let’s talk patents! (Jay loves them, but David says they’re the worst.) It’s been a year since we started the Ask Patents project. Joel walks us through why we got into this area in the first place, and we fixed the problem. Done. Solved! (Kinda.) It’s confusing, because code is both copyrightable and patentable. About 7% of the patent applications submitted to the USPTO are what we call problematic. We decided to pick out the ones we are most concerned about and post them on the site for our communities to peruse and choose prior art. Micah talks through how we chose the patent applications to post, and how it’s been going. (Fun fact: we are the first entity to get a YouTube video accepted as prior art!)

We came up with a hack about six months ago to help us make this process scale. Instead of filling out the janky confusing form, we simply started emailing the relevant Ask Patents link directly to the patent examiner. Magic!

So is it working? We’ve proven as far as we can tell that if we target a bad application and put enough eyes from Stack Overflow on it, we’ll get good prior art. We know how all of the numbers break down: exactly how many people on Stack Overflow have to see the bad software patent in order for us to get enough prior art that enough of it will be good enough prior art to trigger an email to the patent examiner.

What can people do right now if they want to make a difference? Go find some prior art requests and post prior art to help us destroy some patents. (Also, you can follow Ask Patents on Twitter.)

Micah is consulting for a few other companies on patent issues, so you can contact him if your company wants to pick his brain. He knows a lot about the current Supreme Court case that might outlaw software patents altogether (but not for a long time).

Thanks for listening to Stack Exchange Podcast #56, sponsored by the Patent Trolls of America. See you next time!

Podcast #55 – Don’t Call It A Comeback

02-24-14 by Abby T. Miller. 12 comments

Welcome to Stack Exchange Podcast #55, recorded on Friday Thursday the 13th with your hosts Joel Spolsky, David Fullerton, and Jay Hanlon! Today’s episode is brought to you by the city of Sochi, Russia.

  • It’s been a long time since we last recorded, so we have a lot to talk about, and we’re going to skip most of it. First we’re going to talk about all our brand new sites, so Joel learn about them for the first time.
    • Pets is a site for (you guessed it) pet owners to wonder why their cats like to watch them making the bed. Also, we already talked about this site. Moving on!
    • We also launched Italian, which is very high quality but unfortunately very slow so far.
    • Jay thought Ebooks would be awful, but it has turned out to be extremely high quality and high engagement.
    • Hooray, beer! Our new Beer site is somehow different from Homebrew, so Joel quits.
    • We launched a Relationships & Dating site, but we broke up with it pretty quickly because it generated too many bad “commitment” jokes (and because the topic was a hard fit for our engine).
    • We launched a site for software recommendations. And discussed it at length. The good parts version: it’s going much better than expected.
    • We almost forgot to talk about Aviation! It launched a while back, and it is a slam dunk for our engine.
  • It’s time for our Site of the Week! (This week was apparently four months long.) Let’s talk about Code Golf. It’s a site for code golf (unsurprisingly!). Links discussed:
  • We already talked at length about the new topbar, but it has bred some interesting changes to other areas of our pages. For example: when we moved Hot Questions out of the MultiCollider and into the sidebar, Code Golf started getting huge boosts on their most interesting questions (as did other sites with broadly interesting topics). Code Golf is seeing 11-15% more answers due to the traffic coming in from other sites via the Hot Questions sidebar. Neat!
  • So! Let’s talk about our most exciting new site: Stack Overflow em Português. Localizing our codebase was a dream of ours for a long time, and we finally did it. It’s got 1304 perguntas at the time of recording this podcast. (If you want to know more about why we launched a non-English site, check out Jay’s blog post.) The public beta so far is one of our most successful launches ever.
  • Also, you can go download our Android app or sign up to test our iOS app.

Thanks for joining us for Stack Exchange Podcast #55, sponsored by the city of Sochi, Russia – don’t forget to visit the Friendship Tree. See you next time!

Podcast #54 – The One With All The Anachronisms

11-14-13 by Alex Miller. 8 comments

Welcome to Stack Exchange Podcast #54, with special guest Sara J. Chipps! Joining us today also is CFO Michael Pryor. Your hosts as usual are Jay Hanlon, David Fullerton, and Joel Spolsky. Today’s episode is brought to you by /r/husky!

  • We’ll start out with Site Milestones. We have one: Ham Radio will be in public beta by the time this podcast goes live. Turns out there are tons of ham radio enthusiasts even today. Ham!
  • New Features
    • The big thing we’re currently working on is the new topbar. It hasn’t changed in years… until now! David walks us through the new features on the upcoming new version. You can see our mockups on MSO.
    • We finally released our open source status dashboard, Opserver. It’s got all sorts of awesome stuff, and you can check it out.
    • We’re still working on our mobile apps for Android and iOS. The Android alpha is out, and you can sign up - it’s great. The iOS alpha is coming soon(ish), so keep an eye out for signups.
  • Let’s talk to our guest, Sara J. Chipps! (She’s impressed with the legitimacy and professionalism of our podcast setup.) She’s a cofounder of Girl Develop It, a system of low-cost software development classes geared toward women (but guys are welcome too). It’s judgement-free, for total beginners who want to take their first few steps into the world of software development.
  • Sara recently left her role as CTO of Levo League to focus on getting Girl Develop It’s board and 501(c)(3) status together (Levo League is a professional community for Generation Y women, and it is awesome).
  • This fall has been the Sara Chipps world tour - she’s been traveling all around to talk about hacking hardware with JavaScript. Check out NodeBots and Johnny-five. Sara, David, and Michael are all big nerds about hacking hardware. Check out Dorby the DoorBot (github) and the Christmas sweater that talks to the internet.
  • Moving on: let’s talk about women in technology. In 1984, 37% of CS degrees went to women. In 1998, it was 34%. In 2010-11, it was 12%.  Sara walks us through some of the stuff she’s working on that will make technology visible and appealing to girls and young women (and wearable technology that isn’t ugly).
  • Practically, what can we as humans be doing now to help the situation better for women developers?
    • Getting involved in projects that are already happening is a great way to start.Girls Who Code and Black Girls Code are good resources
    • JSConf EU has started reaching out to women to find speakers and had a 50/50 conference.
    • Sara says another important aspect of workplace diversity is keeping them on your team: praise them publicly, and redirect them privately.
    • And get rid of the Well, Actually culture.
  • How can Stack Overflow specifically help the situation?
    • We currently do an okay job of creating a safe space for everyone and putting our emphasis on the content of a post instead of the person who posted it.
    • The “over-moderation” we’re often criticized accidentally helps a lot with these issues, too – it makes us focus only on merit.
    • Sara says we should consider hiring beginner developers and training them ourselves if we aren’t getting enough applications from female senior-level developers.

Thanks for listening to the Stack Exchange Podcast with special guest Sara J. Chipps, along with Stack Exchange CFO Michael Pryor, brought to you by /r/husky.

Podcast #53 – Let’s Go Rio

10-28-13 by Alex Miller. 21 comments

Welcome to Stack Exchange Podcast #53 with special guest Gabe Koscky, our new Brazilian community manager, and usual suspects Jay Hanlon, Joel Spolsky, and David Fullerton. Today’s show is brought to you by the National Security Administration!

  • Site Milestones: We launched Astronomy, which is not the same thing as the Space Exploration site we’d previously launched.
    • You can ask questions about gravity (the force) on Astronomy. You cannot ask questions about Gravity (the movie).
    • Astronomy and Physics have a lot of overlap, and that’s okay!
    • Also, you can’t say Count Dooku in Portuguese. This is an adult-only podcast.
  • We also launched Tor, a Q&A site about The Onion Router, a protocol for people who want more privacy and anonymity on the internet. There’s been a lot of press lately about the nefarious deeds you can do thereon, but there are legitimate reasons to use it, too.
  • Our last new site is almost definitely not by the NSA: Pets. The site is doing very well. It’s extremely high-activity so far.
  • And now, this week’s Featured SiteThe Workplace. It’s still in beta, and we don’t usually talk about betas in our featured site segment, but this site is especially interesting because its answers are much less factual than most other sites… and yet it’s still successful.
  • It’s time to find out everything Gabe knows about Portugal, where he doesn’t live, and has never visited. (Gabe was hired to correct Jay when he calls the language “Brazilian”, or the South American country “Portugal”.)
  • He’s been with us for a few months now as our very first Portuguese-speaking community manager as we work on getting Stack Overflow available in other languages.
  • So why do we need Stack Overflow in Portuguese? Why not just let everyone speak English? Lots of Brazilian programmers simply don’t speak English, and won’t learn – but while so many of the world’s resources about programming are in English, they’re out in the cold.
  • Aside: Joel got a milkshake delivered from Shake Shack, thanks to WunWun, which is extremely confusing.
  • There’s an Area 51 proposal for the site, and we’ll almost certainly be rolling Stack Overflow in Portuguese out to Area 51 committers first – so check it out if you’re interested.

Thanks for listening to Stack Exchange Podcast #53 with special guest Gabe Koscky, brought to you by the NSA (they’re listening). Tune in next time for our chat with special guest Sara Chipps!