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Stack Exchange for the iPad is here – and iOS apps now support iOS 8

11-03-14 by Kasra Rahjerdi. 20 comments

When we launched our iOS and Android apps, we were pretty sure they’d help our most active users in a couple of ways:

  • Push inbox notifications are epic – you can know the minute you get an answer or someone comments on your post.
  • The personalized mobile feed lets you browse all content relevant to you, whether it’s posts from your communities or replies to your posts.
  • Voting, commenting, and minor edits are all things you often want to do when you’re away from your desktop, and an interface built for touch makes them a breeze.

Those were a huge success; a ton of our most active users loved them. Here’s what we didn’t expect:

A lot of people are posting from the app.

  • Over twenty-five thousand posts have been made from the app…
  • …More than 69% of them are answers!
  • The average quality of the posts is significantly higher than the overall average.1

Those on-screen buttons may not have the same satisfying click your Cherry MXs do, but despite your freakishly large thumbs, an amazing number of you are helping others from the bus. Or in line at the DMV. Or at other times that you’re… just not at your computer. (They tell me I can’t make a “or while in the bathroom” joke here. Because of course that would be a joke, right?) That’s not just a reflection of how dedicated our users are to sharing their knowledge; it’s also awesome for my personal job security, so thanks!

(Phil Schiller with actual-size prototypes.)

Bigger is Better

So that’s all great. But we still had a problem. Sure, the iPhone 6+ is big – but even the new iPhone 6+ probably can’t show you all the upvotes you’ve earned today from all the knowledge you’ve dropped lately.

So, what are you supposed to do? Scroll? Like an animal?!?

We thought not. So, we’re ecstatic to announce Stack Exchange for iPad, built from the ground up for the ideal tablet experience.2

Go download it now! What if we raised the price to $0.99 next week? Think about how long you’d agonize over paying nearly a dollar for this wonderful app. We really don’t want that stress for you, so go get it now. (Okay, we’re probably not going to charge for it. But why risk it? Isn’t life stressful enough?)

The Feed: Bigger than Ever

Thanks to the bigger screen real estate, we were able to let the feed display way more of your recent notifications, achievements, and recommended questions. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, there’s a screenshot at the top of this post – just look at all that information!

There’s also a dedicated, swipe-browsable hot questions section at the top. Did you ever wish you could swipe new things onto your screen, without the sense of guilt that comes from swiping a human out of your life based entirely on their looks? Have you ever wanted to know if a society could evolve without wood, or if submarines technically “float”? Your day has come.

Editor and Preview Just Might be Better than on the Web

We can’t overstate how happy we’ve been to see people writing actual, great posts on the go. This new update makes that even easier, with touch-optimized Markdown tools in the composer, and a live preview that’s right next to the compose window, so you can see your beautiful formatting as you type (without scrolling!)

This is just the start. Given how much you’re posting using the applications, we’re going to be focusing a lot on making the entire process nicer.

When we started out, we thought the iPad standard browser experience was pretty solid, and we decided we weren’t going to build an iPad app unless we thought it actually improved that experience. Between the touch optimized browsing and interface elements, side-by-side composing, and a much more integrated experience going from one site to the next, we’re convinced it does just that – we’ve been testing it a lot internally for the last few months and I can’t live without it; hopefully you’ll feel the same.

So, if you’ve got an iPad, get to the store and download it now. (No worries, it’s still free. For now…)  If you’re an iPhone user, the new update also includes lots of quality of life changes for you too (including full iOS 8 support), so upgrade or install it today!

Not an iOS user?

  • If you’re an Android tablet user, don’t worry, we’re working on things to make you happy too.
  • If you’re a Windows Phone pioneer, check out this meta discussion.
  • If you’re anxiously waiting for a Symbian or WebOS version, please submit your request via betamax video, ideally delivered by a human being riding on a horse, don’t forget to have another person following to clean up after the horse.


These apps couldn’t have happened without our incredible beta testers from the community, and we’re counting on you to tell us how to make it even better! Please post any feature requests you have on Meta – and if you find a bug, please report that too.

1 To be fair, there’s probably a lot of selection bias there – the app users are likely our most active, experienced users, but the point is this: the posts from the app are good.
2 Technically, it’s iOS 1.2.0, a universal app available now for iPhone and iPad.

Stack Exchange for iPhone is here!

05-08-14 by Kasra Rahjerdi. 39 comments

Earlier this year, we announced the release of our Android application and the public feedback was fantastic. Well, it turns out we offended our designers by not doing an iPhone application too. So, after spending the last few months apologizing and bribing them (turns out designers love moleskins in pantone colors), we’re excited to announce the release of Stack Exchange for your iPhone.

Feed Me, Seymour

At the heart of our mobile applications is The Feed which gives you a deeply personalized selection of content customized to what’s relevant to you.

It includes any new answers, comments, or upvotes on your posts, and even new questions we think you’d like based on your previous activity. It basically does all the hard work to make it so you always have something interesting waiting for you a tap on a blue icon away. Since it’s personalized, try not to judge me based on how nerdy the following sample is:

Real time feedback

Stack Exchange for iPhone sends you instant notifications any time someone interacts with you, so when you urgently need to figure out how long cooked chicken lasts in the fridge (turns out, a couple days) you’ll get a notification the second someone answers your question.

And you can always customize the notifications in your iPhone’s built in Settings, in case you don’t want to get a message in the middle of the night (and end up dreaming of chicken).

Like Stack Exchange on your computer, but better.

You can ask, answer, comment, and vote, and there’s even a built-in Markdown keyboard. Plus, you can upload images straight from your device.

The next time you want to identify a cool font you see on a poster, you can immediately post a question with a picture of it from your iPhone.

What about feature […]?

While the application currently has some awesome features, it doesn’t have everything. If you find something wrong or missing, please let us know. Use your fancy new app to post a question on Meta using the ios-app tag.

There are already some great suggestions, and while we’re currently working on a dedicated tablet interface for both iPads and Android, the urgency of our iPhone improvements will be pretty closely related to the vote count of posts on meta.

Speaking of which, we’d like to give a huge thanks to the awesome people who answered our call to arms (well, thumbs) to test this application, and who provided us with great feedback (including the list of suggestions above).

So, what are you waiting for? Go download Stack Exchange on your iPhone now and you’ll  never have to wait until you get back home to figure out “What was that movie with the guy and that thing?” again!

Stack Exchange for Android is here!

01-27-14 by David Fullerton. 98 comments

This mobile thing will never last, right? We figured if we waited long enough, this whole “mobile application” thing would blow over and everything would go back to the way it used to be. You know, when phones were for calling people, and computers were for typing long, angry rants about how things aren’t the way they used to be.

In retrospect, we may have misread that one a bit. It turns out that even for Stack Exchange mobile is eating the world.

So today we’re excited to announce that Stack Exchange for Android is finally available for download on the Google Play store, for Android phones version 4.0 (ICS) and up:

Get it on Google Play

What? You’re an iPhone user? Don’t worry, the iPhone alpha is coming soon, probably in the next six to eight weeks. In fact, you can sign up for the iPhone alpha starting today . We’ll be inviting people in waves on a first-come, first-served basis over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, keep reading to find out what’s new in the app.

One Feed to rule them all

Translating Stack Exchange to mobile was… tricky. We have over 110 communities in the Stack Exchange network. On the web they exist as mostly separate sites. We’re pretty new to mobile development, but we felt that releasing 110 mobile apps was probably not the right approach.

That meant we had to create an entirely new experience, one that didn’t exist on the web. A single, central location where you can check in on everything relevant to you across the network, whether you participate on one site or many. We dubbed it (not terribly creatively) “The Feed”. Here’s what it looks like:

This is a completely new feature for Stack Exchange. It includes:

  • Customized recommendations of questions you can answer, based on the sites and tags you participate in
  • Interesting questions tailored to your interests that will learn from your activity and get better over time
  • Updates when you get upvoted or your answers get accepted, so you can feel good about helping others wherever you are
  • All your replies (answers, comments, chat messages, etc.) in one easy timeline
  • Community events, blog posts, and even recommended jobs for you from Careers

The Feed scales to your activity: if you’re only participate on one site, it’ll show you mostly questions from that site. If you participate on many, you’ll see all your updates in one convenient place.


We’ve had instant notifications of replies on the site for a while, but now you can take them with you wherever you go. You’ll get notified anytime you would get an inbox message on Stack Exchange, which includes answers, comments, chat replies, and more.

Don’t want those notifications? You can easily turn them on and off via settings, including whether they make noise or vibrate. You can even set quiet hours so you don’t get woken in the middle of the night.

Search, Ask, Answer, Comment, and Vote

And, of course, all the major things you can do on Stack Exchange are fully supported on the app: you can search for questions, ask or answer new questions, leave comments, vote, and even flag or vote to close.

If you want, you can configure your phone to automatically open the app when clicking URLs on websites to make getting into the app even easier.

Why Android first? What about iPhone?

We set out to create a fully native experience for each platform. That meant designing the app twice, once for each platform, to make sure it felt right to users of each. We started with Android mostly because we’re new to mobile, and the Google Play Store process is more forgiving if we make mistakes!

If you’re an iPhone user, sign up for the iPhone alpha today! We’ll start inviting alpha testers soon, and hope to launch the iPhone app in a few short months.

What about tablet / chat / missing feature X?

This is just the first version, and we plan to keep working on both of the apps in parallel. A tablet optimized version of the app is next, and then we’ll start adding in missing features based on what you tell us we’re missing. So if there’s something you’d like to see in the app, let us know on Meta under the ‘android-app’ tag.

Let us know how we’re doing

This is still a work in progress! Take the app for a spin and let us know what you think on meta. We’ll be working hard to keep improving it over the coming weeks and months. So download it today!

Get it on Google Play