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Join Stack Overflow in Berlin for a blowout bash on December 5!

11-26-12 by Bethany Marzewski. 17 comments

Berlin, wir kommen!

It’s our last party of the year, and this time, we’re heading to Germany to meet and mingle with the Stack Overflow community! As you may have noticed, we’ve been tearing up Denver this year with our opening reception of our new office and then again during Denver Startup Week last month. So we thought it was about time to bring the party to Europe.

If you’re in or around Berlin on Dec. 5 (or just want to book a last-minute trip), come clink glasses with us at Betahaus (Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20) from 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. While there, we’ll also be launching our first official translation of Careers 2.0 for German candidates and employers.

Join us for a fun night where you can…

  • Meet other Stack Overflow users and pick the brains of our awesome developers
  • Sit in on educational talks and demonstrations from our devs as they discuss how they localized Careers 2.0 for a German audience (you can check out a preview at
  • Enjoy free food and drinks all night
  • Rock out to tunes provided by SoundCloud’s DJs

Hope to see you there!

Let us know you’re coming – RSVP by December 1

Join us for our opening reception of Stack Exchange: Denver!

09-06-12 by Bethany Marzewski. 17 comments

In case you couldn’t tell, we’re very excited about our new office opening in Denver. And though it’s very tempting to just relax on our new roof deck or over a game of pool, we think something this big calls for an even bigger bash.

And we’d like you to be there.

Stack Exchange is you, the dedicated and brilliant folk who’ve worked to build these sites for the past four years. You’ve made this miracle happen, and if you’re in (or can get to) the greater Denver area, we’d love to meet you face to face.

But wait, there’s more! Stop by and get…

  • A tour of our Stack Exchange Denver hub—roof deck included!
  • Snacks and delicious treats from our favorite Denver caterer
  • Free drinks and Stack Exchange swag
  • A chance to meet Joel Spolsky and some of our devs and sales reps

We’re planning this shindig for the evening of September 27th, so RSVP today.

We hope to see you there!


Highlights from Stack Overflow Worldwide Meetups

05-03-12 by Laura Dobrzynski-Gessner. 4 comments

Thank you to everyone who organized or attended a Stack Overflow meetup! Our Meetup Everywhere community has grown to over 4,400 people in almost 600 cities, and many of those people signed up for meetups in their areas this year. Many meetups were small, but we hope you all had a good time and that those smaller groups had an even better opportunity to get to know each other.

Our official hashtag is #SOmeetup, and we’ve seen a lot of great pictures and stories on Twitter, Flickr and YouTube so far. If you haven’t had a chance to upload yours yet, please do! Take a look at some of what people have shared so far:


Milan, Italy

The Milan meetup group was our largest this year with 101 RSVPs to their event! Check out some photos and write-ups (some of which are in Italian) – the folks at StartMiUp event streamed their event in HD video online.

Orsi's expertise in clear communication is reflected in her gorgeous and meticulously prepared slides.

Orsolya explaining the success of Drungli

Rigel's incredible communication skills are clearly reflected by this picture. The audience is clearly in awe and captivated by his unique charm.

Rigel takes the stage... again...

Live video stream setup for #SOMeetup in Milan.


Barcelona, Spain

The Barcelona group made this great video of their meetup!


Colombo, Sri Lanka:


Cambridge, MA, USA

There are at least half a dozen Stack Exchange moderators that live in the Boston area – here’s a shot of some of them at the Cambridge meetup!

Boston Mods

Boston Mods


Kevin (on The Great Outdoors)

mattdm (on Unix & Linux)

stoicfury (on Philosophy)

Thomas Owens (on Programmers and SO user #572)

Matt Chan (on Fitness & Nutrition)

Kyle Cronin (on Ask Different and SO user #658)



You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy delightful group of Stack Overflow enthusiasts:

Stack Overflow Meetup

The whole Cambridge Contingent: Kyle Cronin, Kyle Brandt, David Donahue, Kevin, Thomas Owens, Derek Erdmann, stoicfury, Martin Burns, Matt Chan, Andrew Stevens, Mike Anderson, and Ramsey Abouzahra (probably not in that order, possibly not with those names)


Zagreb, Croatia

The Croatian meetup was hosted by Infobip, an IT company based in Pula:



Mingle time!

Mingle time!

Sydney, Australia



New York, NY, USA

Fog Creek developer Kevin Gessner talking about the magic of elasticsearch

The New York City meetup took place in two parts: the first was a series of talks at Projective Space (a coworking space on Manhattan’s Lower East Side), and the second was socializing over beers and snacks at Onieals on Grand.

The first session’s talks provided information on cool new technologies and gave people some conversation topics.

Bobby Grace shared knowledge about responsive web design and designing Trello for multiple devices.

Kevin Gessner spoke about how elasticsearch‘s database is “magic.”

Stack Exchange developer Matt Sherman taught us how to meet “hot singles” in our area – a.k.a what tech recruiters can learn from online dating.

Stack Exchange developers Emmett, Nick, and Matt chatting with Trello designer Bobby Grace

We had most of the Stack Exchange core developers and Careers developers on site.

Bangalore, India


Here’s the agenda our Bangalore group brainstormed on their page:

1. Agenda/Plan/Activity Announcement or Meetup start

2. Screening tech talk videos.

3. Lightening talks 5 ~ 10 minute presentations about whatever

4. Talk to the Gurus (If there is anyone with more than 5k reputation or any senior programmer) – Share your experience or QA session.

5. Barcamp style – One track – a ‘lab’ kinda area where people can plugin laptops and show off.

Stack Overflow name tags (shown on the left) helped people get to know each other and allowed them to show off their current amounts of Stack Overflow reputation.

Paris, France

The Paris meetup was hosted by DojoBoost. Though turnout was fairly small, it seems like everyone had a good time and engaged in interesting discussions.



We’ve also found some of the slides online for presentations given at meetups around the world. If you missed this event and want to see what people were discussing, take a look at these:

Thanks again for being part of our second annual worldwide meetups! And if you have any suggestions for how we can make our next Meetup Everywhere even better, let us know in the comments or on Meta Stack Overflow.

Tips for Planners of 350+ Stack Overflow Worldwide Meetups!

04-23-12 by Laura Dobrzynski-Gessner. 0 comments

2012 Stack Overflow Meetups!In case you  haven’t heard, April 28th is the 2nd annual Stack Overflow Meetup Everywhere day! We want all Stack Overflow and tech-themed Stack Exchange users to have a chance to grab a beer, present projects, and spend some time with each other offline. However you format the event is great; this day is about bringing the community together, so plan whatever kind of event you need to in order for your city to have fun.

We’re less than a week away from the Meetup day (April 28), so if you haven’t already secured a venue, it’s important to get that done. Several people have asked about company sponsorship for their local events. Stack Exchange’s stance is this: A company donating space/food/drink for the event is fine, but that using the event as an avenue for marketing or as a captive audience opportunity to profit is not ok.  At the end of the day, this is about the community gathering together and having fun!

In addition to securing a venue, you need attendees! Help spread the word wherever you hang out on- and offline. Here are some suggestions:

  • Use the hashtag #SOMeetup on Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube when posting about Stack Overflow MeetUps
  • Post a link to your local MeetUp page on Facebook and Twitter, email the page to your friends, promote in blog posts, etc.
  • Use the custom Stack Overflow MeetUp widgets
  • Invite a friend or two to come with you (or coworkers!)

Remember to bring business cards so you can network at the event, and take lots of pictures! We want to see them posted on Twitter and Flickr (#SOMeetup) afterwards!

Tips for organizers

For those of you organizing the meetups, we have some tips to help your event run smoothly:

  • Post signs to direct attendees to the right location. If you’re not on the first floor, or if you’re in a room down the hall, or even if you’re right up front in the window of a bar, post some sort of sign to let people know they’re in the right place. (You can download Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange logos from our website.)
  • Have organizers identify themselves. Have a Stack Overflow t-shirt? Wear it! If not, consider posting to your meetup group with an easily identifiable accessory or outfit description. This is another way that people will know they’re in the right place – and they’ll know who you are so they can thank you for making the event possible!
  • Use name tags. Especially with larger groups, name tags will help break the ice and allow people to get to know each other. You can put either your real name, or your username on Stack Overflow, or both. (Bonus: Include your rep or a badge you’re particularly proud of earning, and other people will have something to ask you about.)
  • Have a purpose. If your goal is just to socialize, then meeting in a bar with no planned event is fine. If you want the event to be more educational, have a set of presenters to give talks on tech subjects, and hand out a program with the speakers’ names and presentation titles as people walk in the door. (These don’t have to be fancy – a half sheet of paper with a list of plain text is sufficient.) If it’s a discussion group, have a list of topics in case the conversation starts to fizzle. Knowing what you want to get out of the event will help ensure its success.

If you’re still stuck for ideas, check out some of the events that your peers are planning!

  • Ryan Alexander planned the London meetup at the TIMGroup offices, where there will be pizza (and hummus for vegans!), lightning talks, and an Xbox Kinect.
  • Urmo Kaber has tentatively planned the Tartu meetup to include a hacking challenge followed by several presentations on topics ranging from JavaScript tricks to the Khan Academy.
  • The folks in Cambridge, MA are meeting up at a bar and focusing on the “who’s who” of the Cambridge Stack Overflow community, introducing users by name, reputation score, which users are also moderators, etc.

Good luck with your planning, and we look forward to seeing you in person and online on April 28!

Stack Overflow Meetup Everywhere: April 28, 2012

03-26-12 by Laura Dobrzynski-Gessner. 25 comments

Last year’s Stack Overflow Meetups were a success, with over 2000 people participating around the world. We’re happy to announce that the Second Annual Stack Overflow Meetup Day is April 28, 2012.

2011 Meetup Locations

Because the Stack Exchange network grew so much over 2011, we’ve decided our Meetup day should grow, too. This year we’re calling on every hacker, programmer, or designer in the Stack Exchange tech community to meet up with other users, say hello, and maybe learn something. Whether you’re a member of Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Super User, Programmers, Ask Ubuntu, Game Development, or any other technology-themed Stack Exchange site, we want you to be a part of this event.*

Why does this event exist?

Even though we constantly say that Stack Exchange is not a social network, you (the community) share your knowledge and help our sites grow. The community is important, and since we don’t have friends lists or private messaging, we want to give the community a chance to get to know each other. But we need your help.

How do I get involved?

Just like last year, we’re using to make it easy for users to organize a local face-to-face event  – or to join one that someone else has planned. Visit to find your local Stack Overflow MeetUp group. If there is no group in your area, start one! As other people join, you can choose a venue (library, community center, restaurant, etc.) for the event. Those interested in playing a little bit larger role can volunteer to be planners.

If there was a meetup in your community last year, it will be shown in the list on An event has automatically been created for this year; all you need to do is RVSP and suggest a location.

If you search for your city (or a city near you) and don’t see it in the results list, add a new community!



What should my event look like?

Your event can take whatever shape suits your local community. Feeling generous? Plan group volunteering activities. Have a great open-source project you’ve been working on? Present it! Know someone who loves to talk programming in front of crowds? Ask them to guest speak! Or, plan an Ignite-style event where anyone can present an idea in five minutes or less. The options are endless.

To help you get started planning an event, take a look at what some of our users did last year or hop over to the Worldwide Meetup chat room to trade ideas and stories with other Meetup planners.

What if I’m busy on April 28th?

If you find that you and all the other Stack Exchange techies in your area can’t get together on April 28th, that’s okay! We don’t want you to miss out on the fun, so just pick any other day around the 28th – we don’t mind if people celebrate Stack Overflow for a week rather than a day.

How can I help get the word out?

Join your local community (or create a new community location) on Once you’re a member, help us get the rest of the Stack Exchange tech community involved! Use your existing online activity to share details about this event:

  • Use the hashtag #SOMeetup on Google Plus, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube when posting about Stack Overflow Meetups
  • Post a link to your local Meetup page on Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter, email the page to your friends, promote in blog posts, on HN, etc
  • Use the custom Stack Overflow Meetup widgets
  • Get in touch with other existing tech Meetup groups in your area and see if there are Stack Exchange users among them

How will Stack Exchange help?

We’re dedicated to the success of these Meetups just as much as you are. We’ll be posting more tips here on our blog to make sure you’re well-prepared to host an awesome event. We’ll put ads on our network to help spread the word, and we’ll share event details via our own social media platforms. We’ll send door prizes to the groups that build up the biggest following leading up to the Meetup Day. We’ll collect your stories, tweets, and photos to share on our blog after the event.


* For those of you who aren’t programmers, hackers or designers – fear not! We haven’t forgotten you; stay tuned for news of a possible network-wide event later this year.