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Bad News, Good News

08-05-08 by Jeff Atwood. 49 comments

I’ve got some bad news and some good news.

I like to start with the bad news, and you don’t get a choice, so here goes:

There will be no podcasts for the next two weeks.

Joel is on an extended vacation. Our apologies, but the logistics of recording remotely are too daunting.


Plus, we want Joel to enjoy his vacation, right? Me, I don’t get a vacation. I have to work frantically with Jarrod, Geoff, and Jeremy on this Stack Overflow thing. Not that I’m bitter or anything. I’ll just set my desktop background to something tropical. It’s almost the same thing as a vacation. Almost.

But, I also bring you the promised good news!

You can sign up for the Stack Overflow beta.

Hooray! Huzzah! Because who doesn’t love using buggy, incomplete websites filled with irate users?

Click here to sign up for the Beta

I asked around on Twitter and got a recommendation for a Google Spreadsheet Form. I looked at Wufoo and SurveyMonkey but their limits are too low. I must say I’m impressed with the Google docs spreadsheet form solution; it’s working amazingly well. And it’s so simple. Every time someone visits the form and signs up, a new row is created in the spreadsheet. Easy!

Stack Overflow Private Beta Begins

07-31-08 by Jeff Atwood. 144 comments

And then a miracle occurred.

I think you should be more explicit here in step two.

We’re beginning the Stack Overflow private beta.

I am sending out emails to the first 100 people for the private Stack Overflow beta; the email contains the password necessary to log in, as well as a link to this post. I will continue to email 100 people per day until all ~500 people on the private beta list have invites.

Please bear in mind the goals of this beta, as we proceed:

1. Generate REAL questions and answers

Treat the beta like a real live website! Don’t put “test” or “fun” or “play” questions up — ask actual, real, bona fide honest-to-goodness programming questions! Answer other people’s programming questions! If you look some programming question up on the web and you are unsatisfied with the results, post the question and answer on Stack Overflow (yes, it is OK and even encouraged to answer your own questions, if you find a good answer before anyone else.) I want Stack Overflow to be your research notebook for every programming problem you face that you don’t immediately know the answer. Help us help you.

2. Help Us Remove the Suck

We probably didn’t get everything right. In fact, I’m sure of it. The beta is private so you can help us remove all the suck before we let the general public in. I’m relying on you, the beta heroes, to tell us:

  • What’s confusing.
  • What’s broken.
  • What doesn’t make sense.
  • What could be better, and specifically how, with carefully researched examples and URLs referencing other sites that demonstrate specifically what ought to be done.

I’m sure it’ll still suck at the end. But with your help, less. Much, much less! With any luck, we might even flirt with.. wait for it.. not sucking! A man’s gotta dream.

3. Be Gentle

I deeply appreciate the effort that you are putting into testing our crappy newborn website. You are giving us the gift of your time, and that’s not something I (or any startup) should take lightly. So I, and the rest of the Stack Overflow team, will try to be as responsive as we possibly can to your requests during the beta. But we’re only human, and there are only three of us — and exactly one full time person (me).

If you are unfortunate enough to receive the yellow screen of death, know that all these errors are automatically logged and we will be looking at them individually. You should also know that these are all, like, totally Jarrod’s fault. Because he sucks.

For best results, please avoid mailing us directly, and use the for your private beta feedback. It’s also linked from the beta site itself, right there in the header. From here, you can:

  1. list bugs you’ve found
  2. vote on the bugs you want us to fix
  3. list features you want us to add
  4. vote on the features you want us to add

I will check our uservoice site religiously! Direct email, I cannot guarantee a response to, but I will do my best.

Good luck and godspeed, brave beta users.

Stack Overflow Beta Design

07-26-08 by Jeff Atwood. 107 comments

Ever notice how most sites run by programmers have the worst designs ever?


We’re currently at the stage where we need to implement an actual design — for which I have recruited actual designers. Here’s a sneak peek at the beta design we’re furiously working on implementing at the moment.


And even earlier:

Trust me, you do not want to see the “programmer” design we had before this. I’ll have more details on the designer we’re working with — who will be featured in our site’s about page credits as well — later.

This is by no means final, so feel free to comment, but it is definitely good enough for the beta to begin next week.