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Stack Exchange: now 60 Valued Associates strong!

08-02-12 by Shog9. 13 comments

Holy smokes… It’s been over three and a half years since Jeff recruited Valued Associate #00002 to work full-time on building Stack Overflow. In that time, a lot has changed. Jeff’s moved on to teasing us with his next project, Jarrod’s gone from spending his days knee-deep in code to managing the Core dev team […]

Welcome Valued Associates Anna, Rachel, CarleeJean and Charles!

01-26-12 by Alison Sperling. 6 comments

Anna Lear is joining the Stack Exchange Team as a Community Manager working remotely from Ontario Canada. Many of you may know or recognize her from her role as a Programmers moderator, and – most recently – Stack Overflow moderator. Anna is a software developer and a longtime SO user. In her spare time she […]

Welcome Valued Associate Peter Grace!

10-18-11 by Alison Sperling. 2 comments

Peter Grace joins Stack Exchange as Sysadmin in the NYC Headquarters, expanding the System Administration team to 3 people.  George, Kyle and Pete are working hard to make sure our growing sites continue to make the internet a better place. Pete has been married to his lovely wife Kristy for eight years and they have […]

Welcome Valued Associate Sean Gallagher

09-27-11 by Jin Yang. 8 comments

I’m very thrilled to announce that Sean Gallagher is joining us as an Art Director. He will be working out of our New York HQ. OK, that’s not Sean. This is Sean. The process of finding Sean did remind me of  the movie Seven Samurai, where the villagers were looking for aids. I’ve been looking for […]

Welcome [Valued Associates That Make Up] CHAOS!

09-15-11 by Alex Miller. 12 comments

For the past couple months, we’ve had a new team starting up out of our NY office, CHAOS (or if you’re not into that whole brevity thing: Cheerful Helpful Advocates of Stack Exchange).  You’ve probably seen them around some of the sites or run into them in one of the chat rooms – but here’s […]