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Please welcome jmac, Community Manager of the Rising Sun

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As Stack Exchange continues to expand to serve new audiences, we’re constantly on the lookout for folks who can take the principles and practices we all hold dear and communicate them effectively to the folks who would otherwise find them strange and difficult. I’m happy to announce we’ve found another of these rare specimens in the form of Joshua Maciel:

Josh joins us remotely from beautiful Kansai Japan, where youthful ignorance brought him for a two-year stay (maximum!) to teach English. Eleven years later he still hasn’t left, having found gainful employment doing international sales for Japanese manufacturers, along with something he refers to as a ‘social life’ in Western Japan.

After living extensively in two cultures, and working in a half-dozen more, Josh decided that humans are really interesting, despite all their peccadilloes. And what better way to study these humans in their natural habitat than by participating on Stack Exchange!

Josh first caught our attention on Meta, gaining the admiration and respect of us all by politely pointing out how incredibly wrong and delusional most of my opinions are. After a few months of respectable participation on Stack Overflow, he joined our site for questions about workplace and career-related issues and proved me wrong once again by helping the good folk there to push that site out of the beta doldrums and into graduation. He then proceeded to get himself elected as a moderator, where he continued to demonstrate the sort of dedication and tact that has been his hallmark.

Josh can usually be found in his natural habitats: at a baseball game somewhere in the world, sitting with a book in Ubud, or finding a local watering hole to escape the Japanese summer heat. Please join me in toasting to his health as he takes on this new challenge.

Do you have a unique set of skills that would benefit the growing communities here on Stack Exchange? We’re always looking for more help, and would love to hear from you – whether you’re near our NYC HQ or anywhere else in the world. You get to work with enthusiastic folks like Josh and help us guide Stack Exchange as it grows!

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enderland Jul 23 2014

From someone who’s worked with jmac before, I am sure he will do great!

hichris123 Jul 23 2014

Welcome jmac! You’ll do a great job – congrats!

Congratulations (or was it condolences?) jmac! I know you will make a great Community Manager! I just wish you were closer to my timezone so I could bug you with more things to do ;P

Thumbs up, good luck, gambatte!

Matt Gutting Jul 23 2014

Congratulations, but what exactly does a Community Manager do? :-)

There’s a FAQ for that…

Congratulations on the new position.

Josh Crozier Jul 23 2014

Congrats jmac!

Leigh Jul 23 2014

Congratulations, jmac! (Does this mean we can pester you extra now? :) )

Congratulations on getting the position you deserve!

Congratulations, jmac! Thank you for all your contributions to The Workplace SE, both before and after becoming a mod. Looking forward to continuing to work with you to make Stack Exchange awesome.

Aditya Somani Jul 23 2014

WOOHOO! A shout out to jmac! Congratulations! Ganbatte Kudasai!

Welcome aboard :)

Welcome Joshua and good luck!

Welcome! The nick ‘jmac’ is not new to me. I’ve met him many times on SE network, and his contributions are of very high quality! It’s a right person for the task.

Well, what exactly the task is? If you got the Community Manager for Japan, does it mean the sudden start of “Stack Overflow in Japanese”? I thought Chinese or Turkish will go first…


qdano Jul 24 2014

He looks like crazy russian hacker:


Congratulations. Workplace is your workplace is your workpl…

Congratulations JMAC!!!!

I’m not sure its really okay to refer to Japan as “The Land of the Rising Sun”.

The Rising Sun was he emblem of Empire of Japan during late 19th and early 20th centuries, and their stance to other East Asian countries was pretty much the same as the stance Nazi Germany took with the Jewish.

So referring to Japan as “The Land of the Rising Sun” is pretty much the same as referring to Germany as “The Third Reich”. Which I think as westerners who are widely educated on Nazi Germany can agree is a bit offensive to Germans.

There is a team at Stack Exchange… it’s been the ruin of many a poor boy, and God I know, I’m one.

But seriously – there are no flags in this post. But thanks for keeping an eye out!


Brilliant! Well Done and Congrats :-)

Thank you everyone! It is appreciated. I look forward to working with you all, and hope I can help improve all of your SE experience to create a comprehensive site filled with high-quality Q&A!

Michal Jul 24 2014


Sumurai8 Jul 24 2014


heya mate, congrats to you ~

Hey Congrates!!!!

Romulus Parthus Jul 24 2014

Congratulations and best wishes!

Congratulations and a lot of success!

maple_shaft Jul 24 2014

Congratulations jmac!

Congratulations JMAC!!!!

Wild Man Jul 24 2014

Congtratulations JMAC.

Congrats JOSH

PRASHANT Jul 25 2014


Pratik Jul 25 2014

Congrats and wish you a good luck for the future…

RobKielty Jul 25 2014


Idrees Jul 25 2014

Congratulations on the new position jmac :)

Congratulations, jmac! I’m sure you’ll do a great job here on Stack Exchange. All the very best!

Pekka Jul 25 2014

Ha!!! Congratulations! About time.

Dhinesh Jul 25 2014


COngrats, Jmac. And Welcome :)

Welcome, jmac..! :)

Joost Jul 28 2014

The banner I saw spooked me a bit, as my laptop’s name is jmac. Congrats!

Hans Peter Jul 30 2014


John Smith Jul 31 2014

Way to go