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Stack Exchange for iPhone is here!

Earlier this year, we announced the release of our Android application and the public feedback was fantastic. Well, it turns out we offended our designers by not doing an iPhone application too. So, after spending the last few months apologizing and bribing them (turns out designers love moleskins in pantone colors), we’re excited to announce the release of Stack Exchange for your iPhone.

Feed Me, Seymour

At the heart of our mobile applications is The Feed which gives you a deeply personalized selection of content customized to what’s relevant to you.

It includes any new answers, comments, or upvotes on your posts, and even new questions we think you’d like based on your previous activity. It basically does all the hard work to make it so you always have something interesting waiting for you a tap on a blue icon away. Since it’s personalized, try not to judge me based on how nerdy the following sample is:

Real time feedback

Stack Exchange for iPhone sends you instant notifications any time someone interacts with you, so when you urgently need to figure out how long cooked chicken lasts in the fridge (turns out, a couple days) you’ll get a notification the second someone answers your question.

And you can always customize the notifications in your iPhone’s built in Settings, in case you don’t want to get a message in the middle of the night (and end up dreaming of chicken).

Like Stack Exchange on your computer, but better.

You can ask, answer, comment, and vote, and there’s even a built-in Markdown keyboard. Plus, you can upload images straight from your device.

The next time you want to identify a cool font you see on a poster, you can immediately post a question with a picture of it from your iPhone.

What about feature […]?

While the application currently has some awesome features, it doesn’t have everything. If you find something wrong or missing, please let us know. Use your fancy new app to post a question on Meta using the ios-app tag.

There are already some great suggestions, and while we’re currently working on a dedicated tablet interface for both iPads and Android, the urgency of our iPhone improvements will be pretty closely related to the vote count of posts on meta.

Speaking of which, we’d like to give a huge thanks to the awesome people who answered our call to arms (well, thumbs) to test this application, and who provided us with great feedback (including the list of suggestions above).

So, what are you waiting for? Go download Stack Exchange on your iPhone now and you’ll  never have to wait until you get back home to figure out “What was that movie with the guy and that thing?” again!

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First impression: it’s perfect. Really nice job. My only criticism is that the “About” section says that it’s still an alpha release.

Kronos May 8 2014

Where’s the windows phone love!

Stefan Arentz May 8 2014

I like the app but I really wish that instead of all those Cancel buttons to go to the previous screen you would simply support an edge swipe like most modern iOS7 apps do.

Why does it require iOS 7? Not all of us have new phones.

BradleyDotNET May 8 2014

A Windows 8 Universal app for this would be awesome.

Kinda wishing the mobile site would get more love (e.g. responsive) rather than having more mobile apps. Not seeing how this helps if I come across a StackExchange site in Google results…

Windows Phone +1

Carl Schweitzer May 8 2014

Another one for Windows Phone

It looks and feels great. It’s fast too.

I see how to ask a question, but there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to search for an existing answer to a previously asked question. Shouldn’t search be available before being able to ask a new question>

Good one for the iPhone crowd! I’m enjoying the Android app more though… yet, I have to say that when it comes to “usability”, I always end up in my mobile browser visiting the site. A clear sign the apps are not yet where they should be. Nevertheless, it’s great to see how busy you guys are. If you ever need a helping hand, drop a line…

Insanely jealous that this got image uploads before the Android app.

Kasra Rahjerdi May 8 2014

@Benjamin Oakes – A new redesign for the mobile websites is coming soon. We’re hoping to make them match the actual sites more. We’re also considering adding non-annoying “Smart App Banners” to help google searches open up our app, if they have it installed.

@Manuel – If you visit any specific site (either from left sidebar or tapping on its icon in the feed), there’ll be a search bar above the list of questions.

@e-sushi – Mind shooting me an e-mail with some info about why the mobile web is more useful to you than the apps? I have a hunch but I’d love specifics :) It’s just first name @

Dmitry May 8 2014

Really nice app! Congrats :) Now would be nice to have WP version too. By the way that’s a bit strange that you are a project that’s built mainly on MS stack of technologies and there is no windows phone version of client… Anyway: stackoverflow is the best!

shaurya gupta May 8 2014

Please make a windows 8.1 app too!

The app does not show the rep of a question’s asker – my #1 predictor for quality of new questions. A damn shame. That means very low SnR when browsing for questions.

Nice App. Hats off..!!! The much awaited has now arrived & we have started sharing it on other social webs. The best part is the Starting of App & the Transition to Login Options. The next best is the Feeds.
Loved the way you have showed the Hot & interesting for the user’s feeds & updates via TableView with horizontal Scroll (to me it looks like that). The post visibility (Full for the first & 1/4th of the next post) separated by vertical separators on the horizontal Scroll tempts me to swipe & see more.

Now I am browsing the StackOverflow on this app. There is a Time Stamp & a version number mentioned in the left menu (when we pull down the left menu & hold it, we see it above Profile picture). What is the Significant of having it ? Is that the release date & version number ?

One suggestion : Kindly make the Profile picture frame a circular.
May be like this:

self.imageView.layer.borderWidth = 2;
self.imageView.layer.cornerRadius = CGRectGetHeight(self.imageView.bounds) / 2;
self.imageView.clipsToBounds = YES;

It gives a strong feeling of iOS7, don’t know why, but it is.

I want BLACKBERRY (OS 7) app :(

Thanks for your effort guys.

This app looks promising. But still I find too hard answering a question in mobile. (Like url-copy, upload image etc..)

As a bêta tester, do I have to keep the beta build or switch to the one from the App Store?

Diederik May 8 2014

Windows platform? LOL!

Make availability of Windows Phone app store soon

WP with Cortana search :)

Rikesh May 9 2014

Desperately waiting for an app for a Windows Phone :)

Sean May 9 2014

I love the idea of this app, and would love to use it. However, I can’t seem to be able to make it work with google OAuth. The following happens:

* open app
* click login
* select google account
* chrome opens outside of the app to a google sign in page
* I sign in
* I perform two factor authentication
* it opens the SE app again, but to the splash screen. If I click login, the steps above repeat infinitely.

Where’s the best place to post this so it can receive attention without spamming the blog? :) thanks!

JonH May 9 2014

The best place to post it is here
With the ios tag.

Vitor Canova May 9 2014

So now it’s time for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 app.

Kasra Rahjerdi author May 9 2014

@j0k – If you want to stay on the (now beta) test channel, please do. It’s going to have new features (and bugs), and we’re still pushing out to it daily or so. If you want a stable app with automatic updates, get the App Store version.

Radu Murzea May 9 2014

Looks great, but I really hate the fact that it requires iOS 7. I have iOS 6 on my iPhone and frankly I don’t want to upgrade just to try and use this app.

Why did you have to make it require iOS 7 ? Wouldn’t it have worked just as well with iOS 6 ?

Thanks StackExchange… but no thanks. Good night !

Jack Braden May 9 2014

Agree with ss and Radu. Why iOS 7? What features was iOS 6 lacking?

Waiting for the Universal Windows App.. :) Kudos guys..!!

snailboat May 10 2014

Sadly no furigana on the Japanese site, though!

chmodder May 10 2014

I have really missed this app. So awesome it finally happened :)

Jen F May 10 2014

Are there plans to release an ios 6 compatible version?

Awal Garg May 11 2014

Actually, its not here… Its on the iTunes App Store.

Infer-On May 11 2014

+1 WP8

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Nice App, but an ios6 compatible version would be nice.

Interesting app but what I noticed lately more awareness begins Android and reduced use of Apple devices
Azan think now what is better for me to buy next

I have been using the app for a month now and I must say you did a really good job! The app is by far better than the other unofficial apps we could have found before. Thank you!