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Podcast #57 – We Just Saw This On Florp

Welcome to Stack Exchange Podcast #57, recorded Friday April 11, 2014 with your hosts Jay Hanlon, David Fullerton, and Joel Spolsky. Today’s podcast is brought to you by the Heartbleed bug.

We have lots to talk about (which makes Joel scared), starting with Community Milestones (after we discuss 2048 strategy, that is)!

That brings us to our Community of the Week: Information Security. (For the record: horses can live in barns.) Info Security has gotten a lot of traffic lately thanks to our sponsor, the Heartbleed bug. (We wonder if we’re spelling “security” wrong for a while before we realize the site is down. So we’ll come back to this.)

Aaaanyway… let’s talk about New Features.

  1. The iOS app is going to come out in the next 6-8 weeks, but you can still sign up to test it for us if you have an iPhone.
  2. Also, we did an April Fool’s prank about unicoins.
  3. We’re making some changes to the Community Wiki system. There’s a blog post here if you’d rather fast forward through Jay’s explanation.
  4. We’re also making changes to how protecting questions works, and we’ve published a set of guidelines for how to use that feature.

That finishes the New Features segment… except for the other new features we’re going to talk about. Breaking news: we’re overhauling the profile page. (Stick with us in this part to hear Joel get bored and start talking about emo kid piercings!) There’s a very outdated mockup here.

Then, Joel gets so bored he brings up sports. On purpose. Several times. Also: this is what a Yugo looks like.

MOVING ON. The gang invents a new game, and plays it for a while. Could this be a recurring segment? Tune in next week to find out! For now, we’ve killed enough time that Info Security is back online, so we’ll talk about it for a while.

Thanks for joining us during this very productive hour of your life for Stack Exchange Podcast #57, brought to you by Heartbleed – the first buffer overflow bug with a website, a logo, and a marketing department.

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Point #3 on the “New Features” contains a broken link. Just FYI

Thanks – fixed. –Ed.

While listening to the +StackExchange podcast yesterday, at the exact moment they were talking about a way to visualize cars driving hats around, this car pulled up next to me…

There was a pretty good episode of the PBS children’s show “Arthur” in which the dog and the baby travel through the clothes dryer and into the “Sock Exchange” where socks lost in the laundry go to be traded on the Sock Market.

So Joel’s onto something.

Roland Apr 25 2014

As one of the [MESE]( committers, I am delighted by the fact that MESE is mentioned, but I feel a bit underrepresented, especially when comparing the info with the other sites mentioned. Is there something the MESE community can do to go beyond “yet another math site” in your and your reader’s perception?

Avi D Apr 25 2014

Actually, the Security.SE name change was about *widening* the scope, NOT narrowing it.

It was originally named “IT Security”, which connotes a bit of a narrower focus than any type of information, regardless of where and how it is stored.
(The URL was not changed, either way the domain was “”…)

Oh and btw, re Joel’s signoff – we have a few really good questions about that type of “complex” passwords…. :-)

Jay Hanlon Apr 25 2014

@roland, jaydles here. Don’t feel underrepresented – the sites we feature in depth are more mature ones. Math Educators was covered as one of our new “public betas”, which are pretty much always shorter overviews, and in this case, the point was how impressed we’ve been with your community engagement, and how wrong I was about the scope being off. Good reminder of why, whenever we’re in doubt, we should defer to community’s view of what they need…

Not wanting to nit-pick here, but the closing line states:

“…brought to you by Hearbleed – the first…”

Unless my ears should start bleeding due to a newly discovered bug, that’s a typo missing a “t” in there. ;)

I really suck at proofreading. Fixed! –Ed.

Brian Rushton Apr 27 2014

Everytime that Math Educators does something incrediblem like get 8 people at 3000 reputation at 46 days, or get a question with 24,000 views, or attract large numbers of new users each day including famous bloggers and researchers, or getting some of the highest answer/question ratios on the network, I like to check for any sort of recognition from the SE team on meta, or meta.stackexchange, or on the blog posts. Finally, we were mentioned in the podcast. “Doesn’t it look like they are going to run out of questions soon?” Meanwhile expats is one of the worst new public betas. What a joke.

It’s not a zero-sum game, @Brian.

Brian Rushton Apr 28 2014

@Shog9 Well, you’re right, and looking at my comments, I’m embarrassed that I was so petty. I’m sorry; I actually like expatriates. I was just disappointed that many people think so poorly of a site that I’ve put a lot of time into and think is pretty good.

Jay Hanlon Apr 29 2014

@brian, don’t let Joel and the rest of our silly idiocy get you down – the real point was that you guys are doing great, and that my initial view that the scope was off was dead wrong.

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