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Changes and guidelines for the Protected Question status

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Protected status is an often-overlooked feature of Stack Exchange. It’s based loosely on Wikipedia’s semi-protection, and like that tool is meant to be a reaction to persistent abuse from anonymous or unproven participants: when a page attracts a lot of noise or vandalism from outside the community, Protecting it reduces the amount of clean-up needed later on.

Protected questions are not answerable by folks who haven’t earned at least 10 reputation from activity on the site where the question resides. This effectively means you need to have posted an answer somewhere else that’s attracted an up-vote or a question that’s earned two.

Originally, this functionality was limited to moderators, but during the past several years we’ve made a few changes to encourage more productive use:

  • Privileged users can protect and unprotect any question over a day old. Previous unprotect restrictions lifted as of today.

  • The system (in the guise of the Community user) will automatically protect questions that’ve had either

    1. 3 answers from new users deleted – this handles questions that tend to attract large amounts of spam over time.
    2. 5* answers from new users scoring <= 0 posted in the past 24 hours - this handles questions that are somewhat topical, and are attracting large numbers of "participants" who aren't actually contributing anything useful. This is also new as of today.

*This value can be higher or lower on sites that have demonstrated “special” patterns of new-user interaction.

Guidelines for Protecting questions:

  • Do protect questions that are attracting a lot of non-answers or very poor answers (spam, etc.) from new users.

  • Don’t protect questions just because they’re linked to on a high-traffic news site like Reddit or Ars Technica. While there’s certainly some correlation between sudden spikes in popularity and associated non-answers, not all popular questions suffer from this.

  • Do unprotect questions that aren’t currently attracting a lot of attention and don’t have a long history of unproductive answers.

Judicious use of this feature is critical to allowing these sites to handle large amounts of external attention, but over-using it breaks the system: Stack Exchange sites depend on a constant influx of new blood, both to answer new questions and provide updated information on old ones. When in doubt, err on the side of letting new users prove themselves before locking them out.

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Chad Apr 8 2014

Have you considered adding a timer to the protection. Let it fall off after 3-7 days unless a mod says make me permanent?

As a non-moderator, how should I ascertain whether attention is ‘recent’ in order to meet the unprotecting criteria?

Robert Harvey Apr 8 2014


Why would you want to do that? Bikeshed questions don’t get any better with age.

Shog9 author Apr 8 2014

We’ve considered it, @Chad. Not convinced it’s necessary just yet though – would like to see how willing folks are to remove it when unnecessary first. There are a lot of questions that will tend to attract noise in perpetuity, so a fair number of existing questions would need perma-protect anyway.

Michael Apr 8 2014

Is there a mechanism to discover protected questions other than googling for them? In the 10k tools for example, maybe a list of recently protected questions or a list of questions protected for more than >=N days with <=N views or some such thing. Clearly this would have to be thought through better than I have here, to prevent Wikipedia-style edit wars protecting and unprotecting if they were more visible outside of organic discovery…

Shog9 author Apr 8 2014

Outside of the 10K tools (which should suffice for general oversight – you need 15K to do anything about it if there’s a mistake), I’m not aware of any tools for listing these, @Michael.

Why don’t let the user post the answer but wait until the other users with a privilege accept it and only then post it with the others answer.

Toon Krijthe Apr 9 2014

Right now, you can only unprotect a question you have protected.

Are there any plans to unprotect all for all 15k users? This would be useful when you encounter protection that needs to be removed.

Yes, this is done – guess I didn’t call it out blatantly enough in the post. –Ed.

Aditya Patil Apr 9 2014

Fine with all the stuff in this post, but what are the “new” changes(I came here from AU because I thought there are some new changes been made, but I don’t find any in the blog).

I’ve added a bit of text to indicate which behaviors are new. So much for a quick’n’dirty post! –Ed.

Al S Apr 9 2014

G M’s idea is a very good one. Rather than locking new users out completely, how about new answers from new users on protected questions go into something like the edit queue, so established users can check and approve, edit or deny them as appropriate?

Please bare in mind that not all SE sites are StackOverflow: while it’s often true that a typical 1 rep StackOverflow user writing an answer on a much-linked-to question will be usually a novice or non-professional, on most other StackExchange sites which aren’t yet behemoths and household names in their industries, 1 rep new users following links from blogs etc are often valuable, knowledgable professionals with lots to offer who have only just discovered the site and could become valuable users – if we don’t greet them by telling them to go away.

Completely locking out new users from popular questions, rather than allowing a slower moderated route in, causes much more damage to community development for smaller sites than it does to SO.

@David If you’re looking to see a timeline of post activity, you can use the url<questionId>/timeline. For example,

Typically for me that just means going to a question, changing the word “questions” in the url to “posts”, and replacing anything after the questionId/ with “timeline”

@Rachel The important thing is whether the protected status is still preventing bad things from happening. I’m not sure how I would determine that from the link you suggested.

panabar Apr 10 2014

I need sane one good experience category design

So with all the focus on Protected Questions, is there a chance that the [protected question message can get updated](

damryfbfnetsi Apr 11 2014

@zzzzBov The message has changed. It now says (for new users) “Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality answers, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site. [paragraph space] Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?”

damryfbfnetsi Apr 11 2014

I think that a new bullet should be added to the Community user’s bio:

I do things like
• Randomly poke old unanswered questions every hour so they get some attention
• Own community questions and answers so nobody gets unnecessary reputation from them
• Own downvotes on spam/evil posts that get permanently deleted
• Own suggested edits from anonymous users
• **Protect questions that attract spam/low-quality answers from new users**
• Remove abandoned questions

Nice and useful stuff, but i could not find the changes.What are the new changes?

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What are the new changes?