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Your communities list is now customizable

A few months ago, we rolled out a new top bar for all of the Stack Exchange communities. The mission was consistency: Every community gets the same Stack Exchange brand at the top, the same navigation between sites, and the same live updates about new inbox items and reputation changes

But we realize that not everybody uses Stack Exchange the same way. Some people focus on one community, others participate in several, and more than a few spend a lot of time lurking now that we have 116 different sites to choose from.

That’s why, as promised, we have made the “Your communities” section of the Stack Exchange drop-down fully customizable so you can keep all of your favorite communities right at the top.

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Here’s how it works:

Customizing this list is completely optional. If you do nothing, you will keep the defaults: your top five communities by reputation.

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But click the edit button and the default rules no longer apply. Instead, you can:

  1. Add a community to the list by typing the name and clicking Add
  2. Repeat #1 to add as many as you want
  3. Change the order of communities in the list by clicking and dragging
  4. Click the Save button to apply your changes!

You can reset the list to the default at any time, so try it out! Then drop by the Meta post to share your thoughts and feedback.


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I love how you can add metas to the list! :D

Where’s the upvote button on this thing?

Dan Neely Mar 3 2014

How do I add hot questions to it above all the other useless stuff there now?

I left it as it is, it already had the perfect list for me.

RobKielty Mar 3 2014

Nice one.

Kedarnath Mar 3 2014

Good Job Devs

saidesh Mar 3 2014

nice work…

Nice post.

Just one note that in sidebar shows the link which then shows this page in mobile view but I am operating on desktop. Removing ‘?cb=1′ shows the post correctly. Kindly change.

That querystring is used for tracking; it shouldn’t have any effect on how the page is rendered. Check your local caching proxy.

Rotabul islam Mar 3 2014

Very very Nice……..

Nice one :)
Now more user friendly.

I love it, great work!

Very nice to keep list to user relivence !!


shyos Mar 5 2014

Loved that paint circle :)

kevinboxx Mar 8 2014

Hi, I’m new here and not yet familiar with all the places like forums and blogs, but it’s nice to know that it is customizable. :)

Very Nice.great work!

kiran Mar 21 2014

great idea!!!

I there any way metadata can be added to the list?. But anyways a good additon

abogados madrid Mar 31 2014

good post! thanks

abogados madrid Mar 31 2014