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Podcast #55 – Don’t Call It A Comeback

Welcome to Stack Exchange Podcast #55, recorded on Friday Thursday the 13th with your hosts Joel Spolsky, David Fullerton, and Jay Hanlon! Today’s episode is brought to you by the city of Sochi, Russia.

  • It’s been a long time since we last recorded, so we have a lot to talk about, and we’re going to skip most of it. First we’re going to talk about all our brand new sites, so Joel learn about them for the first time.
    • Pets is a site for (you guessed it) pet owners to wonder why their cats like to watch them making the bed. Also, we already talked about this site. Moving on!
    • We also launched Italian, which is very high quality but unfortunately very slow so far.
    • Jay thought Ebooks would be awful, but it has turned out to be extremely high quality and high engagement.
    • Hooray, beer! Our new Beer site is somehow different from Homebrew, so Joel quits.
    • We launched a Relationships & Dating site, but we broke up with it pretty quickly because it generated too many bad “commitment” jokes (and because the topic was a hard fit for our engine).
    • We launched a site for software recommendations. And discussed it at length. The good parts version: it’s going much better than expected.
    • We almost forgot to talk about Aviation! It launched a while back, and it is a slam dunk for our engine.
  • It’s time for our Site of the Week! (This week was apparently four months long.) Let’s talk about Code Golf. It’s a site for code golf (unsurprisingly!). Links discussed:
  • We already talked at length about the new topbar, but it has bred some interesting changes to other areas of our pages. For example: when we moved Hot Questions out of the MultiCollider and into the sidebar, Code Golf started getting huge boosts on their most interesting questions (as did other sites with broadly interesting topics). Code Golf is seeing 11-15% more answers due to the traffic coming in from other sites via the Hot Questions sidebar. Neat!
  • So! Let’s talk about our most exciting new site: Stack Overflow em Português. Localizing our codebase was a dream of ours for a long time, and we finally did it. It’s got 1304 perguntas at the time of recording this podcast. (If you want to know more about why we launched a non-English site, check out Jay’s blog post.) The public beta so far is one of our most successful launches ever.
  • Also, you can go download our Android app or sign up to test our iOS app.

Thanks for joining us for Stack Exchange Podcast #55, sponsored by the city of Sochi, Russia – don’t forget to visit the Friendship Tree. See you next time!

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Billy Mailman Feb 24 2014

The main link to is busted, needs the .com part added. Which is a bit fitting, given Joel’s comment on .com versus .cm, but probably should still be fixed.

Or wait, is this a sign that you guys are working on getting a .stackexchange TLD?!?!

Abby T. Miller author Feb 24 2014


Yes, you guys talked about pets last time.

TAKeanice Feb 25 2014

That whole wheat thing is simple: whole wheat has a lot of minerals – directly under the shell. The white part is won by REMOVING the shell. So you get a lot more minerals through whole wheat. It is like saying that a peeled apple is as healthy as a apple with its skin.
Saying some food is “less healthy” implicates that there is actually “unhealthy” food. Which only depends on the dose.

TAKeanice Feb 25 2014

And besides, I think that site would be fantastic. With the philosophy of always backing what one says – lots of people would love sharing studies they read about and so on…

Thank you! We have been waiting patiently!

Joel discussed Mi Yodeya’s Purim Torah policy in the context of rites of intensification in Podcast #32.

Note that the policy is not just to use a certain tag. We allow Purim Torah only during a certain 2-week period of the year, after which we close all the Purim Torah questions. In addition, all Purim Torah questions have a prominent disclaimer in the question body that points back to the Purim Torah policy. All together, this policy allows for some fun silliness for a couple weeks and effectively quarantines it from the serious content that makes up our usual fare.

As it happens, Purim Torah season is coming in just a few days, starting Saturday night, March 1. Also, about a week later, we’re going to be coming out with a printable Purim book based on content from Mi Yodeya, about 1/3 of which will be past Purim Torah Q&A. Check during the week beginning March 10.

Simon Whitehead Feb 26 2014

I don’t know if this applies to everyone.. but I can certainly explain hit explains the “50% google -> SO answer” scepticism from my point of view.

I have a dedicated SO tab while I’m at work and use it to answer questions. I also Google alot of programming stuff at work (since I’m a developer by trade). Other people might be similar and would explain those statistics.

Chris Feb 27 2014

Is there an architecture stack exchange? I think it could really take off. With questions like, “How can I fit a sloping roof to this house?”, “What software is available for designing houses?”, “What are some good architecture online lessons?”, “What are some good examples of Bauhaus design?”, “Why is Falling Water so unique?”.

Alex Andronov Feb 27 2014

On the 50% google thing. I like Stackoverflow a lot, my most common use case is google for something I need, find an answer on stack overflow, then attempt to “pay it forward” by answering a question.

Michael R. Schmidt Mar 12 2014

The 50% Goog thing. Your site search uses Google right. Bazinga!

And besides, I think that site would be fantastic. With the philosophy of always backing what one says – lots of people would love sharing studies they read about and so on…