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Winter Bash 2013 Wrap-Up

Another holiday season has drawn to a close. We’ve had three glorious weeks with our beloved hats. Now as we pack away the tinsel and the party horns, it’s time to put the hats back in their boxes for another year. Before we move on to 2014 with our bare heads (and our full hearts), let’s take a few moments to reminisce.

oh the memories

76,586 users from all over the network earned 214,172 hats this year – that’s just about twice the number of hats they earned last year. 95 sites opted to participate in Winter Bash, which is more than the total number of sites that simply existed during last year’s event.

The most commonly earned hat was the Old Hat, earned 74,631 times (by 35,589 distinct users). The least commonly earned public hat was Oh the Horror, earned just 46 times. And the rarest hat of all was the top-secret Don Draper, earned only 14 times across the whole network.

hat awardz

Something new we did this year was keeping the secret hats’ triggers… well, secret. Since the community asked so nicely, it’s now time to reveal the mysteries of the secret hats! In ascending order of rarity:

  • Chuck Yeager was the most commonly earned secret hat, awarded first to Óscar López – the very first user to discover a secret hat. This hat was awarded to users who answered a question within an hour of it being posted, with their answer scoring 2 or more.
  • With Great Power was awarded to moderators (elected or pro tem), former moderators, and Stack Exchange employees.
  • Those who earned three hats in a single day earned Johnny Three-hats for their trouble.
  • The Ghost of Winter Bash Past appeared only to those who earned a Necromancer badge.
  • IG-88 was a less well-known bounty hunter, and the hat that bears his name went to users who tried for a bounty, but didn’t win it.
  • I’m Not Listening was awarded to users who rejected a suggested edit on their own post.
  • For I See Your Point, users had to leave 5 comments on a site meta, each comment scoring 2 or more.
  • Before It Was Cool was awarded to forward-thinking users who asked a question with a brand new tag (that was not deleted or removed).
  • Eureka! was awarded manually by SE staff to users who correctly determined (or guessed) the trigger for any of the secret hats.
  • Don Draper, in homage to everyone’s favorite smooth-talking ad man, went to users who posted a community ad that received enough upvotes to be displayed on the site (usually 6). 

And finally, we need to send a special shout-out to the top hat earner across the entire Stack Exchange network. This user earned a whopping 44 hats – all of the hats they were eligible for, missing only With Great Power due to not being a moderator. Please join me in giving the eminent Logan M a hearty round of applause!

logan m is winnar

Honorable mention is due to Manishearth, who held the network-wide lead for almost the entire duration of Winter Bash and was only edged out in the final hours by Logan M’s 44th hat. Well done to you both!

Lastly, we send our gratitude to each and every one of our users for the tireless and high-quality work you do throughout the year, even when there aren’t any hats to earn. Winter Bash is our chance to kick off our shoes and have some fun during the holiday season, and we hope you enjoyed it! The whole Stack Exchange team wishes everyone a happy and healthy 2014. That’s all, folks!


Michael Jan 3 2014

I’m missing my Millinery hat already. Seemed like only Lightness Races In Orbit (pictured above) and my camel were brave enough to wear it.

RobH Jan 3 2014

Could you give us an earlier heads up next year so we can try for those hat(s) that you can only get around the start of the event? Last year, I missed it entirely, and this year, I only found out about it less than a week before Christmas because I got the Old Hat on MSO.

Am alone now…

I think the Don Draper numbers above are wrong (not sure about the others but they’re also possibly wrong). I can identify at least 10 Don Draper hats. There were 3 on SO and 1 on Unix when I was trying to figure the hat out circa December 28. I got 2 yesterday, one on Scifi and one on RPG. After that I know of 3 more on EL&U and 1 more on Unix yesterday. There could be others as well. That gives at least 10 hats among 9 users. Most of the ones after mine were pretty late, probably in the last hour of the day. (I know for a fact that a lot of other top users had no idea the hat even existed until I got it, and I had intended to time it late enough that follow-ups wouldn’t be possible but missed the mark a bit.) I’m pretty sure the correct number is somewhere between 10 and 15. Anyway, Don Draper is still clearly the rarest hat, but it’s not quite as rare as the numbers above would indicate.

Also, while I’m here, I’d like to thank SE for setting this up and everyone who participated for making it fun. Here’s to hoping that Winter Bash 2014 will be as fun as this year was.

I wish it would have been kept for some more time. :(

I think you guys should bring them back I thought they were really cool!!

I love all my 10 hats :) I really miss my hats :( :( Hope I’ll get more hat next year :) :)

I ended up with 26 total and **loved** it. I was #3 on M&TV and couldn’t have been happier at such a pointless honor. I miss it already, especially the maddening thrill of the secret hats. Chuck Yeager was driving me crazy then I got a Johnny Three Hats and and laughed myself silly. Now I know how Pavlov’s dog felt anticipating a reward.

I loved the Winter Bash too. I’ve got 22 hats. @Michael: I have worn that one too, and I was even declared to be “girlish” because of it :D

Abby T. Miller author Jan 4 2014

@Logan, you were spot on! The post has been updated.

foobar Jan 4 2014

for symmetry, you should also include the most commonly awarded _secret_ hat…

foobar Jan 4 2014

never mind… your description later on mentions Chuck Yaeger

OldCurmudgeon Jan 4 2014

I got to wear the same hat as Jon Skeet – I am not worthy.

Winter wrap-up, Winter wrap-up!

I have earned 8 hats . Can’t I wear hat whenever I want to ?

hagman Jan 4 2014

Arrr! Which landlubberrr took away my prretty pirrate hat!?

I was just happy to stay on the front page of the leaderboard – I had no idea about many of the secret hats so there was no way I was going to manage to get any higher – but had fun!

Thanks Abby

Lightness Races In Orbit Jan 5 2014

Oh the pride!

I miss these already :(

Thanks SO for Winter Bash!

I earned Eureka by learning how to get Eureka!

I cheated. I’m keeping my Kato mask hat :P

Mad props at Logan, though Abby’s current wording is ambiguous. Logan has earned the most *different* hats, but there were quite a few users who earned 100+, 150+, even 300+ hats across the entire Stack Exchange network. Manishearth was actually ahead of Logan by that metric, and other users still were ahead of both combined.

@Michael: Milliner was obviously hard to get, so of course it was also harder to spot in the wild than the Old Hat, say. Still, I saw dozens of people wearing the Milliner, and in fact I myself sported it for quite a while, before finally getting Mr. Binx.

Cheers all, it’s been fun!

Carl Witthoft Jan 6 2014

Ok, semiseriously, this was fun. And I’m one of those hold-outs who refused to get “hatted” on the xkcd/1190 forum thread :-) .

Amarendra Jan 6 2014


Abby T. Miller author Jan 6 2014

@Kenneth, you’re correct, both about our hat count and about the Milliner hat. I also sported the Milliner hat for quite some time – it was my favorite.

You should let us keep these hats over the years! At least during Christmas time!

Martha Jan 9 2014

I still think the blog should have mentioned RegDwight’s 604, count ’em, six hundred and four total hats. His closest competitor (not counting the Community bot) had just over half that total.

Only 76,586 users? It seems to be a low member for a network with so many websites and users. Is it because hats required specific actions that most of the users didn’t performed?