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Winter Bash 2013 is here!

Ahh, the wintry season…

The gatherings of family and friends, the giving and receiving of gifts, the making and/or breaking of New Year’s resolutions – however you and yours celebrate, the end of a calendar year heralds many traditions.

Here at Stack Exchange, we wanted to get each of you an awesome, personal gift, and mail it to you as our way of saying “thanks.” But our accountant pointed out that there are 4.5 million of you, which promptly reminded us that the holidays aren’t about gifts. The real spirit of the holidays can only be captured with…



That’s right: Winter Bash is back for another three weeks of millinery-related holiday fun.

What’s new, you ask?

New hats:  There are over 30 new hats to earn this year (with many thanks to contract designer Elias Stein). And by “hats,” we of course mean, “things you can stick on your avatar’s face.”

6 hats

And it’s possible that there just might be a couple of secret ones, too. (By “it’s possible,” we mean  “there definitely are, because we made them, like with computer code and everything, so there’s not really much doubt whatsoever.”)

Hats are transferrable: What? No, you can’t sell them to each other. Hats are transferrable across sites! You read that correctly: this year, if you earn a hat on any site, you can wear it on any participating Stack Exchange site. This was one of our most asked-for feature requests after last year’s event, and it’s a great way for everyone to highlight their achievements on their favorite site across the network.

Hat position is adjustable on your face: You remember how crushed you were after finally earning a mustache “hat,” only to discover that on your avatar, it was basically an extremely dapper unibrow? NEVER AGAIN.

You can finally reposition hats in the box until Don Draper’s suit fits as well it fits him. (I know, I know… “it’s not a suit; it’s a carousel.” Give it a rest, Don. Not everything is a carousel.)

Winter Bash 2013 will run from Monday 16 December 2013 through Friday 3 January 2014. During that time, participate on any Stack Exchange site to earn awesome hats (and other accessories!) Each hat has a different activity to trigger it. You can see all the hats and their triggers on the Winter Bash 2013 homepage. Still have questions? Of the kind that get asked… frequently?  Check out the  Winter Bash FAQ

All the hats will go back into storage at the end of Winter Bash, so get out there, earn some hats, and show them off while you can! Just be careful. We paid a deposit on them.



I love this fun! Glad to see it again :-)

Well thats the northern hemisphere catered for – what about us summer hat folk down under? :)

Mista Kurtz Dec 15 2013

The horror… the horror…

@Mista Kurtz feel free to click “I hate hats” at the bottom of the snowflake pop-up. But…aren’t you dead?

It’s very cool

Some Guy Dec 15 2013

Is there a unihorn hat? (The horn on a unicorn). If not, there needs to be.

Wows! great Fun …

TheWalkingCactus Dec 15 2013

@Laura I think you’re thinking of “Mistah Kurtz…”

superbb.!! with lots of fun.

waitingkuo Dec 15 2013

Cool! I want them!

I want to be Top(1)!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like fun.

As there is no winter every where in the world and SE is so popular

Boris Dec 16 2013

What about changing hat sizes?

Ingmar Dec 16 2013

Hm, why does this remind me of Valve’s Team Fortress? Must be the hats.

Hahaha funny

Good feature!

Loving it

rekire Dec 16 2013

Nice gift for my birthday (yesterday) :-)

User99680 Dec 16 2013

Can one wear two hats?

David Thomas Dec 16 2013

So, when did smoking become humorous, cool and worthy of encouraging again..? Yes, I know: people aren’t that stupid. But…ugh.

Sorry, for the, uh, criticism; but I work in vascular operating theatres (coding really is just for fun!) and I’m tired of seeing people have their circulatory system stripped out and patched up. :(

@David Thomas, I share your view of smoking is NOT something that should be glamorized, and that was not our intent. In this case, the reference (Don Draper) is to a show where omnipresent smoking and drinking are presented (to my view) as “can you believe it?” jokes. The show consistently jams people smoking in hospitals, airplanes, etc. in front of you in way that seems intended to make you giggle at how insane that world was.

Diederik Dec 16 2013

Winter/Summer bash? (Didn’t Valve make their sales hemisphere agnostic this year? Autum/Spring sale) It was 30°C outside today here in South Africa. Just sayin.

@Diederik You’ll notice that, though the event is *called* “Winter Bash”, many of the hats are season-agnostic. “Whatever-season-it-is-where-you-are Bash” just doesn’t roll off the tongue. ;)

LeftCubical Dec 16 2013

@Dave Thomas, also: Cigarettes aren’t half as offensive or destructive to health and the environment as internal combustion powered vehicles, so what are we to do about the CHUCK YEAGER hat — surely burning fossil fuels at a mad rate should not be glamorized either?!

In the spirit of compromise I suggest hats involving bongs (the “Deep Thinker” mystery hat) and crack pipes (3+ upvoted answers with no punctuation in < 10 minutes).

What? We’re not going to get a *“receipt”* after returning those hats?

BASH BASH!!! Happy to see 30 more new hats…. Encouraging, Fun loving.

Awesome Hats!! I got two :) :) really happy to see an wonderful hat on my head ;-)

Ankit Sharma Dec 16 2013

Where is my Grinch mask?

Ripa Saha Dec 17 2013


Bodhi Dec 17 2013

Very very nice!

Nemesis Dec 17 2013


suresh atta Dec 17 2013

How can a eye mask (O=O), a hat ?? LOL. Unfortunately I won it. :-/

Aaron Dec 17 2013

I like the Link to the past hat!

This is really amazing, good work chaps, I take my hat off to yous :)

vorrtex Dec 17 2013

>post or vote on December 5
And how am I supposed to get it if you introduced this event on December 15?

Also no hats for accepted answers, but they are awarder for chat messages and reviews.

hagman Dec 17 2013

I’m currently wearing a secret hat. The trigger for it is … secret. But will it be revealed later (say at the end of hat seaon)?

Subhrajyoti Majumder Dec 17 2013


ShyGuy Dec 17 2013

I love those hats, some of them are so cool, I’d really like to wear them all year long!!! XD

good product , wish to wear it

Gilberto Dec 17 2013

But my head is not that big!!! o.O

Do the hats earned in 2013 come out of the storage for Winter 2014?

Saya mengerti kalian sangat merenungkan masalah ini jadi tolong coba perhatikan apa yang saya bilang

Aaron Dec 26 2013

Before the Winter Bash, I’d already fuffiled the criteria for some hats (e.g. ‘Hi Ho Silver’), but they aren’t unlocked. Is this intentional?

Anna Lear Dec 27 2013

@Aaron With the exception of L’Chaim and Old Hat, only actions during Winter Bash count.

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