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Who are you? Take the 2013 survey!

Hi folks, just a quick note here to remind y’all that the yearly Stack Overflow User Survey is live!

We’ve edited the questions/answers based on your feedback from last year’s survey and suggestions posted on Meta.

As a small token of our appreciation, we’ll be donating $1 for each completed survey to your choice of one of this year’s Stack Exchange Gives Back charities (on top of what we’re already donating on behalf of each site).

As always, we’ll be posting the results here on the blog once the survey is completed.

Take the survey!

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Done and done. Also, kudos for donating $1 to charity! :-)

Hmmm… I expected a hat for that…

I was going to take the survey but I couldn’t answer the first question(unless I lie).

I am mehow! please 2 meet u

I’m clearing some of the comments before things get ugly. Let’s adopt the Slashdot poll rule #1 here:

Don’t complain about lack of options. You’ve got to pick a few when you do multiple choice. Those are the breaks.

…and please, just pick whatever option comes closest.

It’s unpleasant to feel eager to take the survey, and once you start you discover that your country (Syria) not listed in the very first question of the survey itself.

**VERY** unpleasant actually, but still wouldn’t let that stop me from participating.

Celada Dec 18 2013

Good on you for having a third option for gender, but unfortunately “Prefer not to disclose” is still not enough. In fact I’m perfectly happy to disclose my gender — it’s just not listed among the other two options!

Jeffrey Kemp Dec 18 2013

Just some minor typos:

“Describes the team I will work on” – should this be “work *with*”?

“Link to a Stack Overflow Careers Company Cage” – doesn’t sound pleasant

Mark Garcia Dec 18 2013

Can I share the survey link (or this page) to other developers who are non Stack Overflow/Exchange users?

Based on some of the questions, it seems that I could, but I need an official “You can” statement just to make sure.

Al-Iskander Al-Albani Dec 18 2013

Fail right at the first question (“what country do you live in”?) The countries start with Algeria … What about Albania?

participated :P

I develop cross-platform mobile applications, HI!

I hope this will help you improving SE!

Ripa Saha Dec 19 2013


Done, and Done!

Freak_droid Dec 19 2013

Done :)

Nithin Dec 19 2013

Last Q was the toughest! ;)

Martin Smith Dec 19 2013

I see that the drop down country list has exactly 100 countries listed.

A survey monkey limitation?

vorrtex Dec 19 2013

Why did you excluded lots of countries from the list?
But at the same time added non-countries like Taiwan or Hong Kong which are just provinces of China.

Anyway the “Other” option should be first, and not hidden in the middle of the list.

Also some questions are not applicable to self-employed entrepreneurs.

No sticker?

Done. Glad to see this survey again :) .

Ellen Dec 19 2013

For job title, you listed “student” but not “professor” or “teacher”. Maybe next year let someone specify which “other” they are, so you can know if you’re missing something common. (Apologies if I missed the choice. I’m the absent-minded type.)

+1 to the above comment about gender. Add “other” or at the very least combine it with “prefer not to disclose”.

Kevin Dec 19 2013

As a student, there were a lot of questions I couldn’t answer. Most of them weren’t mandatory, though.

Ian Binnie Dec 19 2013

Your survey didn’t have any option for those of us retired, who are not looking for work. I am not “out of work”.

My country (Sudan) is not listed!!

you forget scala in technology we are excited about….

shame on you

iam_decoder Dec 20 2013

Done! chose Wikimedia ;)

This is a game-changer survey of this year from stackoverflow. Really enjoyed it.

saidesh Dec 20 2013


Nisar Dec 21 2013

Done and dusted :)

A. Donda Dec 21 2013

This survey is far too limited. The core audience of SO may be developers / IT people, but there are lots of others around, too. Academia is not represented in the questions at all.


Done, and Done! thanks :)

wander Jan 7 2014


When will we have results of survey?


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