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Stack Exchange Gives Back 2013

This is a time of year of traditions and celebrations — and we have a tradition at Stack Exchange where we set this time aside each year to give back to the groups and organizations that need our help. Each year, we reach out to our moderators and offer to make a $100 donation to charity on behalf of each moderator for their Stack Exchange community. It’s just a small gesture of thanks for the tremendous amount of work every community has contributed to make this entire thing possible.

This “giving back” program actually goes waaay back to the beginning when we started with only 18 moderators and three sites. As our ranks grew, so did the donations. So on behalf of the 375 moderators this year, we have made the following donations to charity:

SE Gives Back 2013 Blog

It is also important to remember and support the tools and organizations that make what we do possible, so we also made the following donations:

  • HAProxy — $1,000.00
  • jQuery Foundation — $1,000.00
  • Linux Foundation — $1,000.00
  • OpenSTV, the voting engine that drives our elections — $1,000.00

In addition, we continue to be a MathJax Partner with a donation of $20,000 in our commitment to helping math and science communities on the web.

As we approach 2014, I think a lot about what we have built here together. I think about the fact that this is all made possible by people who DONATE their time and GIVE freely their knowledge to benefit future readers who come here seeking help. It’s your contributions here that make all this possible. It’s what keeps the lights on and the wheels turning… and what makes this small gesture of giving back possible.

I take a lot of pride in what we do — and you should, too. This giving back program is just one of the many things we as a community do that is easy to feel pretty good about. It makes me delighted to be a part of this organization and part of a community that works so hard to help people they will probably never meet.

Take care, and see you in 2014!

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World_Engineer Dec 23 2013

Nicely Done, all the way around.

Awesome. That’s very kind of you. Except the donation to jQuery because it’s horrible. (JK, keep up the good work!)

I looked for the upvote.

Support GreenSock!

Nice to know the effort.

Hats off to this nice effort..

Great Work indeed!

Claps for all of you

Great work for Humanity..Exceptional effort.

Lets Cheers V for Stack Exchange world

Abdullah Dec 23 2013

Great work …..

Feels great to be a part of such noble place. :)

biogirl Dec 23 2013

upvote upvote….upvote :)
Excellent work guys !

Shadow Wizard Dec 24 2013

Very nice, big kudos! Worth also to mention you’re going to donate $1 for each person who take the survey. :)

Wow! Well done! Thank you :)

Prabhaker Dec 24 2013

Upvote…Stack Exchange redefined as “Exchange of greatness stock”…!!! Great work..Keep Going….

Luke Stanley Dec 24 2013

If you really want to help people in the Philippines in the most effective way, you should know bandwidth can really suck here.
Do a more recent database dump for offline use!
–From Luke in Rizal, Philippines.

please consider helping syria also.
so that people will be aware of the massacres there..
thanks for this great website
sincerely from istanbul

Rakesh KR Dec 24 2013

Great Work…. Claps for all who work behind this….

Rahul Dec 24 2013

Awesome work….apan amche abhari ahat….

Rahul Dec 24 2013

Good initiative…Awesome work….apan amche abhari ahat….

Great job. Love will support you go.

the best work!

Daniel Dec 24 2013

I’m happy to be part of this community.
Thanks a lot.

Gaurav Vashishtha Dec 25 2013

Nice work …….. I appreciate it to much.

Neha Parmar Dec 25 2013

Great Huminity work.
Upvote for this effort !

jamesB Dec 25 2013

I’m falling in love with Stack Exchange web sites :)

Good job guys, feels like I contributed in this good deed too :-D

Anonymous Dec 25 2013

> Stack Exchange Gives Back 2013

Wait, when did you take it? If you’re just now giving 2013 back, what year have I been living in this whole time? 2012?

(yay for charity!)

Nice work. Keep it up

sansix Dec 25 2013

you guys are truly up for a noble cause :) nice work. keep it up. Blessings and Support :)

tariq Dec 25 2013

This is truly inspiring, Allah willing we will make Stack Overflow really overflow with knowledge !! cheers to all.

All the best.. wonderful job..

Dayalrai Dec 26 2013

Loved it. Nice work :) Stay Rocking

Maroun Dec 26 2013


I really feel happy to be a part of it. Good job guys ;-)

Stratis Dec 26 2013

Continue like this ! you are great :) Thank you for everything you do for us !

Great job guys!

Mohsen Dec 26 2013

Thanks, feeling proud being part of it.

Nicely done, Thank you.