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Raised on The ꞌNet: please welcome Ana Hevesi, Community Manager

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We’ve spent a good portion of the year trying to build out our teams to handle the increasing load of work here at Stack Exchange. A big part of this has involved bringing on new community managers: with both a larger number of sites *and* greater numbers of users on those sites, we hadn’t exactly been keeping up with the demand for help and guidance across the network. Tim Post signed on in the spring, followed by Jon Ericson, Gabe Koscky and Pops “Kevin” Chang.

Community Management at Stack Exchange is primarily a support role: assist folks in learning how to use the software, then help them learn to work together as they work to build something awesome. Our goal is to facilitate more than to dictate: if you’ve spent some time on a mature site, you know what we’re all working toward, but sometimes folks need a bit of help figuring out how to get there. Jon compares the job to the art of bonsai: patient observation, deliberate and judicious intervention and correction, more patient observation. We’ve been very lucky to attract so many patient, observant gardeners thus far, and I’m excited to announce that we’ve just hired one more:

Ana Hevesi was raised in New York and socialized on The Internet as much as in “real life”. She grew to be wildly fascinated with how social norms developed on the web, finding the factors that led people to bond, collaborate or conflict with one another to be endlessly intriguing. She was a drama major at a competitive performing arts high school before studying web design and development in college. Dropping out to pursue a more self-directed path as a programmer, Ana attended events and got to know people within the (then rather small) New York tech community. Her new friends threw a wrench into her dev career plans by repeatedly asking for help in managing their relationships with customers. She was hired as the first community manager at Shapeways, helping designers and engineers share their 3D printing expertise and sell their designs. It was at Shapeways where Ana was first introduced to Stack Exchange, observing with interest our approach to community development. She gained further experience in community management at Nodejitsu, as well as knowledge of running a tech support team and the idiosyncrasies of the JavaScript and Node.js communities.

Ana has a keen eye for patterns in social interaction, and delights in finding ways to help folks work together more effectively. When she’s not working, she can be found hanging out in her Brooklyn neighborhood, finding the weirdest and most fun electronic music, hacking on small projects, organizing developer conferences, or digging into a sci-fi novel or a book about behavioral psych.

We’re still in the process of introducing Ana to all of our communities, so please join me in giving her a warm welcome when she drops in on yours.

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Welcome and happy bonsei gardening! :D

Welcome to the madhouse Ana!

Welcome and may your journey begin on an enlightened spirit!

A new woman for this great community, welcome on board from Paris!

Welcome, Ana! Wishing you all the best in your new position!

Welcome and thanks for helping out by posting good questions!

Pista Nov 9 2013

Hungarian? Her name sounds Hungarian…

Willkommen bei Stackoverflow

@Pista: exactly what I was thinking about. Ana, are you of Hungarian origin?

Welcome Ana!

hi ana! Im vzn & I LIKE TO PARTY! =)

Gurrrrrr Nov 9 2013

I think this picture is somehow strang. Where does this hand over her right ear come from? Who are the people arround her, because particularly I can’t imagine how the person on the right was sitting, standing or whatever. However, welcome!

Could we have that apostrophe in the title the right way around, please? Thanks.

Also, hi Ana!


Welcome and best wishes! Stack Exchange has a lot of great communities; your days will not be boring. :-)

Sumurai8 Nov 10 2013


***ECHO*** on that apostrophe in the title.

But welcome to SE, Ana!

Welcome to the fray Ana, some great things building here ..
New ideas, new connections.

Looking forward!

@H2CO3: definitely, look at her Twitter profile.

A warm welcome mam !!

Sanjay Chauhan Nov 10 2013


Would love to hear how your experience at ShapeWays relates to Stack Exchange :)

hey welcome to stackoverflow buddy..!

Welcome to Stack Overflow. Best Wishes.

Welcome to the community :-)

Quinn Nov 11 2013

Indeed, welcome to the community.

Hey everyone, thanks for the warm welcome! Very pleased to be here.

For those who were wondering, good catch, I am part Hungarian. I was born and raised in the US though, and I sadly don’t speak the (strange and beautiful) language of my homeland. I visited the country a number of times when I was a kid though and hope to get back there soon.

@Gurrrrrr, you’re right. This pic is a little bit odd because I was standing in a muddled crowd and I cropped my face right out of the shot. Somehow, I just haven’t managed to prioritize getting myself a proper headshot. I’ll fix that. Any day now.

Once again, great to meet you all. :)

Author Frank DiMeglio Nov 16 2013

Hi Ana. Welcome aboard, and good luck.

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Author Frank DiMeglio

Hope they do their job in best possible way,all the best to new comers

congrtz and may ur journey a great success

Welcome ana!