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Podcast #52 – We Didn’t Need Headphones

09-03-13 by . 18 comments

Welcome to Stack Exchange Podcast #52 with your hosts Joel Spolsky, David Fullerton and Jay Hanlon. Today’s show is brought to you by Marmite Yeast Extract – you either love it, or hate it! (You probably hate it.) Joining us today are Careers 2.0 Marketing Coordinator Bethany Marzipan, er, Marzewski and Careers 2.0 Product Manager Will Cole.

  • Site Milestones: Space continues to be all around us, everywhere. It’s also a Stack Exchange site, but we’ve talked about it already.
  • Our new milestone is Digital Fabrication, which will probably be in public beta by the time this podcast airs. It’s about modern iterative manufacturing (3D printing, for example).
  • New Features: Our Android alpha is continuing, and we now have someone working on the iOS version (but that’s a long way away from alpha). Another minor change: we got rid of the automatic downvote from the Community user when a question got closed. Since you no longer have to pay 1 rep to downvote a question, this was no longer really necessary.
  • Featured SiteSkeptics! This is a great example of a site whose community has taken the engine in a very interesting, odd, and wholly successful new direction.
  • And now we turn to our guests! Let’s talk about recruiting programmers. Recruiters are terrible. They make people take down their LinkedIn profiles just to avoid getting messages from headhunters. Our hosts and our guests step through the issues related to recruiting developers, and how to solve them. (Good thing we’re working on a way to fix the problem, too! It will be perfect in 6-8 weeks.)
  • Also, Jeff Atwood designed a keyboard.
  • If your employer isn’t great at recruiting, have them check out the Careers 2.0 Blog. Bethany and the rest of the team are building up a compendium of great information for hiring employers over there.

Thanks for listening to Stack Exchange Podcast #52. Marmite may be stored at room temperature, even after it’s been opened.

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Was the link “a way to fix the problem” intentionally left blank? Just trying to build up suspense?

Victor Sep 3 2013

how can I subscribe to this podcast on iTunes?

pnuts Sep 3 2013

One of the images for the keyboard shows a number pad.

According to [this answer]( on Mi Yodeya, Vegemite, the Australian equivalent of Marmite, is certified Kosher.

@Victor: search for “Stack Exchange Podcast” in the iTunes Store, click on “The Stack Exchange Podcast” under the “Podcasts” heading on the results page, and then click on the “Subscribe” button.

haskellelephant Sep 4 2013

THe flat earth myth is widely known:

Very interesting post. Thanks for sharing this.

The user name “Monkey Tuesday”, which was mentioned on the show, is a reference to a weekly segment on the former radio show Penn Radio, hosted by noted skeptic, Penn Jillette.

pnuts Sep 5 2013

How does one flag a comment here as spam?

Anonymous Coward Sep 5 2013

It’s kind of sad/surprising that the job market in the USA has 4 openings for each programmer. Meanwhile here in Europe we have approaching 50% unemployment and more like 4 programmers per job opening. Then there’s the temp contracts and crap pay…

I’m fortunate enough to have been in a decent job doing interesting stuff for several years, but if I were to look for a new gig… well, I do not believe I would find it as easy as this podcast makes out.

I don’t live in the sticks either, I live in a big city in western europe, but.. well, the idealistic view of “the employers fight over coders!” just doesn’t seem to match with reality, and for some reason it rubbed me the wrong way.

Jon Ericson Sep 5 2013

@pnuts: When spam sneaks past the WordPress spamfilter, one of us needs to hunt it down. Spam on old posts often goes unnoticed, though we get occasional reports in The Assembly.

There’s an idea on meta that’s been on the back burner for a while to change our blogging platform. Don’t hold your breathe, but it would make spam a lot easier for the community to handle (among other improvements like Markdown support).

Snowmanzzz Sep 5 2013

+1 @Victor search for “Stack Exchange Podcast” in the iTunes Store, click on “The Stack Exchange Podcast” under the “Podcasts” heading on the results page, and then click on the “Subscribe” button.

Cody Gray Sep 5 2013

Okay, I’ll bite… What exactly is “code”-related about that keyboard Jeff designed? It just looks like a bog-standard keyboard. There are tons of companies that make high-quality keyboards with mechanical key switches. Yes, they are a good investment, but not just for programmers. And nothing against Jeff, but I can’t see anything novel there that he might have designed. Unless you count ripping off the numeric keypad—fewer keys for the same price!

@CodyGray Not sure about innovation and all that, but it’s surprisingly hard to find a well-made backlit mechanical keyboard if you’re into that sort of thing.

I have two versions of the Razer BlackWidow and while they’re pretty good keyboards, they have a column of macro keys that I’m never going to use (even for gaming). The backlighting is also kind of muddy.

I was kind of excited by CODE using clear switches too, although not enough to buy yet another expensive keyboard.

pnuts Sep 6 2013

@Jon Ericson Many thanks for explanation. I note spam in question has now disappeared – no problem.

Jon Ericson Sep 6 2013

@pnuts: I can neither confirm nor deny I had anything to do with the removal of spam. ;-)

Alenni Sep 17 2013

Props to Skeptics! The questions there are indeed interesting

So what’s wrong with me if I don’t get any hits from recruiters on my LinkedIn profile? I think I’ve probably been contacted maybe less than 10 times since I signed up years ago. It’s filled out with my work history but that’s about it – no statement, no profile pic, just a basic resume and my connections.