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Community Management by Popular Demand: Kevin Chang Joins The Team

09-06-13 by . 14 comments

I’ve been posting rather a lot of these announcements lately, as we’ve worked to increase the size of our team to where we can actually do our jobs and still occasionally sleep. So I’m gonna cut right to the chase: we hired Kevin “Lord Popular Demand Torgamus” Chang!

Kevin lives on the east coast of the US, not too far from where he grew up. He’s been working as a software developer until now, and as such his first experience with Stack Exchange was on Stack Overflow, where he was fairly active until he found Meta Stack Overflow. He liked MSO because it was kind of like SE sites for psychology, UX, communication, HCI and programming all rolled into one, and his love for this tasty amalgam shows in the crazy amount of reputation he accumulated there. When not working, he likes to spend time on personal programming projects, being outdoors, trying out new restaurants and playing board/card/video games.

Kevin has been a pillar of the Stack Exchange community for many years, with some especially notable work on our venerable Meta site. His ability to understand human behavior and cut to the root of an issue with his writing has proved invaluable in the past, and we’re extremely happy to have him lending his expertise here full-time. As a sign of just how much he cares about the folks he’s here to serve, his first action as a community manager was to shorten his name to the much easier to remember and type “Pops”. Please give him a warm welcome when you see him pop up around the network!

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Pekka Sep 6 2013

About time this blog post came up! All the best for the new job!

However, the information about where Pops lives is grossly incorrect. He lives in Nunavut, Greenland, where he runs one of the last remaining cod liver businesses in the world.

Doorknob Sep 6 2013

Congratulations, Popular Dem- err, I mean Pops! (I’m going to struggle with the new name for a long time :P) Your Meta contribution is invaluable, and I’m absolutely sure you’ll be a great CM!

With over 4 times as much Meta rep as your second place site, how could they not make you a community manager? :)


Congrats, Pop[ular Demand]s!

Huzzah! Many congratulations Pop!

Congrats chap! Took me a while to connect Kevin Chang => Popular Demand in the Tavern the other day.

Congratulations! I hope you’ve enjoyed the sausage long enough, as I expect you’ll be laying off now you know how the stuff is made…

Welcome! Was super pumped to see yinz sitting by the West End Bridge there :)

Congratulations Pops… All the best.

Congratulations Kevin!

Congratulations Kevin!

Pops Sep 9 2013

Thanks, everyone! Bonus points to you, Brendan; I was wondering if anyone would ID that bridge.

Pops I want to congratulate you for your hard work! Welcome

Alenni Sep 17 2013