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Podcast #50 – Listen To This Podcast

07-25-13 by . 19 comments

Welcome to Stack Exchange podcast #50, featuring usual suspects Joel Spolsky, Jay Hanlon, and David Fullerton, plus special guest Shog9 aka Nine Shogs Shogging.  And remember, today’s podcast is sponsored by the House of Lords, bringing you excellent laws, 100% free!

    •  This is podcast #50… sort of. It’s the 50th podcast since we switched from the Stack Overflow podcast to the Stack Exchange podcast, but we’ll celebrate anyway.
    •  Our most recent blog post had an instruction in the title, and 80 people bothered to do so. Apparently, our blog post titles have power. We probably promise only to use it for good.
    •  Site milestones, featuring Jaydles. Since our last podcast, we have launched Space Exploration. As of this recording it’s in private beta, but it may be public by the time of publishing. The activity level is very good – 150 questions in the first few days. 136 of them are even open! (Amusingly, the proposal faced some promotional setbacks during the Area 51 process.)
    • New features. We redesigned two small but important pages: the badges page and the privileges page, which used to be extremely confusing. We also fulfilled an ancient [feature-request] – you can now retract close votes.
    • Jon Ericson is the newest member of the Community Team, and since Community Managers have lots of direct interaction with the community we like to introduce them personally. He’s a top user on Biblical Hermeneutics and we are happy to have him on board.
    • Reason #48923 to work at Stack Exchange: we now have two private chefs working for us. They are awesome.
    • Also,  today is the rollout of our custom beer pong table. Blame Jay and Michael.
    • What is there that’s left to say about closing? We made some changes to closing. It’s close to our hearts because a) we hate fun, and b) the whole reason that people like us (and also hate us) is because we close all the crap. But people don’t feel that way about closing. So we needed to learn to close less hatefully.
    • Enter: the War of the Closes. Jay walks us through what changed. Including statistics! And buckets!
    • So why do we have to close questions at all? Joel has the answer! Because otherwise we would be like Yahoo! Answers. Joel walks us through the history of programming questions, from the Dark Days. It takes a while. Get comfortable.
    • Also, we still hate fun. (If you didn’t copy down the question number, this is the question we talk about for a while.) This could be a podcast all on its own. Here’s the Meta.Travel.SE question we discussHere’s the FlyerTalk example thread Joel was talking about.
    • Joel broke the shades in the conference room. Possibly forever. Then, back to close reasons. We realized we couldn’t ever cover all of the off topic questions, so there’s an “other” free-form reason.

  • Go to and search for “closed:1″ and click “newest”. This will show you the most recently closed questions. You’ll hopefully find that the new set of reasons makes much more sense. We’re happy with the way

Thanks for joining us!  Today’s guest has been Nine Shogs Shogging, joining Jay Hanlon, David Fullerton, and Joel Spolsky.  Today’s episode was sponsored by the House of Lords. See you next time!

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Wouter Jul 25 2013

4:00-4:30 That’s spooky. This is the first Podcast I’ve ever clicked on! Just remember that with great power comes great pizza – eh responsibility… *sigh* – I’m eating pizza right now. Hmm, pizza… What was I talking about again?

One of the first podcasts I ever listened all the way through. Intersting, funny. I enjoyed :)

Was the podcast supposed to be cut off at “we should not allow any popular question because…”?

Never mind, I saw you updated the SoundCloud with a longer file! :-)

Freddy Jul 25 2013

My valuable contribution to this podcast :

Snogging = Kissing (tonsil tennis variety)
Shagging = Sexual congress

Andre Calil Jul 25 2013

Man, I took a minute to realize that Powdermilk, S (?!) and the House of Lords aren’t actually sponsoring the show…

Robert Harvey Jul 25 2013

Yeah, that’s not what shogging means.

Manuel Görlich Jul 25 2013

Title did his work, first StackExchange/Overflow Podcast i’ve ever listened to, only because i was curious about the Title…

AlbeyAmakiir Jul 25 2013

I, at least, read the page before following the title instruction blindly. Still worked. Weird. <_<

Dustin Jul 26 2013

First Podcast I have ever bothered to click on.

Misty Fowler Jul 26 2013

I was looking on Google for programming advice, and it took me to this weird ExpertSexchange site. I got confused, and suddenly found myself listening to this weird thing called a podcast. Just figured someone might want to know about this weird experience.

Sumurai8 Jul 27 2013

Well… I listened…

To be honest I wouldn’t have even noticed there was a podcast in this blog post if it wouldn’t have been in the title.

Gavriel Feria Jul 27 2013

Also, to ‘we still hate fun’, well it contradicts itself. This website is about programming, and programming is actually FUN (for some users, like me), so apparently the ‘we still hate fun’ post is contradicting itself. Like the others that commented this is the first time I’ve seen a podcast on the blog.

I listened to the podcast

@Gavriel: the “we hate fun” line is kinda tongue-in-cheek, a reference to a common complaint raised in response to the moderation of certain popular questions. Most of us are here to have fun – but some folks really wanted to play Calvinball.

Interesting Podcast. Great listen :)

What about the BLOG! Why don’t we use the blogging system for these types of questions that are not really on-topic for the site, but is still useful to the site, and site members? Software, Library or other product recommendations would be perfectly suited for blog posts. They can also be maintained by the community as well.

I follow this blog regularly
always i will be some knowledge from this blog
thanks for every thing. keep posting

@Kronos: The “blog” you are looking for is called “chat” here in the SE community. Blog is for posting articles.