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Company pages on Careers 2.0

05-20-13 by . 8 comments

Stack Overflow has always had a strong focus on individual merit. Although collaboration is encouraged to some extent by the editing features, attribution on posts and the design of user profiles all tend to emphasize rugged individuality, that lone wolf toiling away at a keyboard.

But most of us don’t actually work that way. We’re social creatures by nature, and the most challenging part of finding a good job can be finding the pack you want to run with. In spite of the dearth of features aimed at networking, folks have been using Stack Overflow to find and research potential colleagues almost since the day it launched – so a couple years ago, we started looking for ways to make this a bit easier. Well, now it’s done:

With Company Pages, we’ve focused on the best ways to tell an interesting company story. And what better way to tell your story than with massive photos of workstations, team outings, hackathons, local attractions, and the people who make the companies who they are? There are tightly designed sections to list your company tech stack and benefits, along with plenty of room to be creative and communicate what makes your company special, what awesome products you’re working on, and the philosophy that drives your team forward.
Introducing Careers 2.0 Company Pages

Go check out the other wolf-packs… or show off your own on Careers 2.0.


Ian Carroll May 20 2013

Cool! It appears I was the first commenter, I win :)

Tom Burton May 20 2013

When someone logs in to there are featured companies. I like the new beta companie pages instead of just job listings per company. Will there be an option to search for companies?

It’s already there, @Tom – just click the company pages tab on the search results page:

Some time ago i have though that SE should do similar kind of things. and Now start it..!! Great. !!

Pekka May 21 2013

Hey, these look nice! If I were a company, I’d totally want to have a company page on careers.

Hiroto May 21 2013

@Shog9 +1 for freehand circles

Team @ stackexchange. Excellent job, this looks very clean. Pat yourselves on the back!

Great idea! adding company information on stack over flow pages having more benefits. It’s a great platform to share company information because the users may read whole story of the company that helps to get leads.