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Podcast #47 – Do You Even Twitter Bro?

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We’re Back!  It’s been a while since our last podcast (why you ask – listen to find out!) but we’re back now and “stronger” than ever.  It’s Joel, David and Jay (plus producer Alex and Abby) coming to you from the brand new SE Podcast Studio (check out the picture below)

  • News of the day: we’re finally in our new office (and podcast studio). We’ve got hexagonal offices (and therefore crooked hallways), and a cool café area. AND HEATED TOILET SEATS. And a kitchen with a giant walk-in refrigerator, for our interns (which we don’t have).
Taping podcasts in our new "studio"!

Taping podcasts in our new “studio”!

  • The new office has a nice event space. We’ve even done an event in it already!
  • Last week, we had all of the remote developers, sysadmins, community managers, and sysadmins fly into New York to come hang out in the new office. We ate sushi and fried chicken and played a lot of ping pong, and also got some work done.
  • Originally, we had planned these summits to be our Main Decision-Making Time, which ended up working terribly. We need to be able to make our decisions and do our brainstorming with remote team members regardless of whether or not they’re in the office.
  • Jay, what’s happening with the Stack Exchange sites? We closed a couple of small sites – Arduino and Big Data. Everything on Arduino could have been discussed on Electrical Engineering anyway.
  • We may have the same problem with Network Engineering (currently in private beta), but we’re more optimistic about that site. Likewise, we shut down Big Data, but currently have Open Data in private beta. Learn more about why one will survive where the other languished by listening in.
  • Next topic: do tags belong in titles? Joel: “No.” Jay: “You’re wrong.” (there’s a bit more to it)
  • This is a good discussion! You can weigh in in the podcast comments!
  • David, do we have any new features? Check out our sites in an incognito window to see some stuff you may have missed.
  • We’ll be debuting the new Help section soon! Previously, we’ve had all of our FAQ/help/how-to information spread far and wide across the network sites and their metas. No longer!
  • Also, we’re working on some mobile apps. They’re vaporware at this point.
  • Related: we’re hiring! Devs, front-end developers/designers (which is it?), community managers, sales people… everything.

That’s our show! Thanks for listening to Stack Exchange Podcast #47. See you in two weeks!

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My two cents on tags in titles: Tags are meta-data. They should be supplementary, never primary. The question content (title and body) should stand alone without any additional data residing only in tags. Thus, in a list of titles, all of the pertinent data about a question should be encapsulated in titles alone. If you need to rely on tags to clarify what the titles are referring to, there’s a problem.

click_whir May 14 2013

I was at the event. Love the new space!

AshRj May 14 2013

An observation about the Arduino closing. Arduino was launched in a space where three very active forums already exist. This was a major challenge for the proposal, which it wasn’t able to counter.

Also, I wouldnt agree that a proposal that goes very quickly through Area 51 is a good sign for the site. It does indicate massive interest, but whether the interest will actually get translated into activity is hard to say. It could be that people are signing up just because its something new and interesting, but not something that they are actually involved in day to day, or intend to participate in.

a person May 15 2013

In the middle of the summmer I wish for cooled toilet seats…

Trond May 15 2013

I would like to see the map of the office with the hexagon working spaces, please?

“Next topic: do tags belong in titles? Joel: “No.” Jay: “You’re wrong.” (there’s a bit more to it)”

Until this morning I would have agreed with Joel. But not anymore.

I tried to edit a question from “How to do […] in java?” to “How to do […]?” without the tag and was unable to, because someone already asked that question for another language.

The conclusion was, that I left the question that way. What should I have done, Joel?

fourbadcats May 15 2013

Mobile apps? Include WinPhone 8 please!

Tyler May 15 2013

Hexagonal offices, to me, would have the feel of walking on the Starship Enterprice, NCC 1701-D (the one from The Next Generation).


Nothing wrong with “How do I do X using Y?” titles, unless they’re getting too long to read.

What gets annoying are “[X] [Y]: How do I do this???”

The notion of tags in titles comes from forums / newsgroups that don’t offer tagging – so folks got in the habit of using prefixes so that it was easier to find the topics you were interested in or filter out the ones you don’t want.

On Stack Exchange, that’s redundant. If you can’t work a topic into your title organically – y’know, as part of an actual, grammatical sentence – then it probably doesn’t belong in the title at all.

You can find some more discussion of this in Should questions include “tags” in their titles? – there’s a bit of disagreement over what the ideal title looks like, but as a general principle “make it descriptive and organic” works well enough.

vortexwolf May 15 2013

Do you even lift, bro?

monkut May 15 2013

why not just put the tags next to/under the title?

The US declaring war on Canada, you say?

MATLAB has an site on Area 51 now, diverging from Stack Overflow.

New office with crooked hallways and HEATED seats… is probably the last thing you would expect in a new office, but i’m sure you guy’s will figure out your ways around it to have fun at work and do the awesome work like always…

Conrad Frix May 22 2013

My problem with a rule like “No Tags in Titles” is that rules like that get converted into a strategy for grinding out the Copy Editor badge or +1000 rep for Suggested Edits.

Don’t think it happens? See

Sushi? Fried Chicken? Ping Pong!?

So jeal.

New office has nice event space compare with old. It’s good to conduct some events within employees.

Isxek May 30 2013

Does anyone know where older StackOverflow podcasts can be downloaded from, now that IT Conversations is gone?

@Isxek: You can find them all here:

Isxek Jun 2 2013

Cool! Thanks @Shog9