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Podcast #46 – The Podcast That Sounds Dirty But Isn’t

03-27-13 by . 11 comments

Our guest this week (after she joins a bit late) is Zuly Gonzalez – Stack Exchange moderator and power user.  As usual, we also have David Fullerton, Jay Hanlon, Joel Spolsky and (Fake) Producer Alex!

  • Things are a mess over here, not just because we have to remember to stop masticating long enough to talk about podcast things. We’re moving offices! The office is full of crates into which we have to pack all our stuff before we move.
  • The new office is going to be awesome. It has hexagonal offices, and we don’t remember if we’ve talked about this before.
  • We have three chefs competing to be the chef for the new Stack Exchange office, and it’s apparently a very desirable position, because they keep bribing Joel with treats.
  • What’s really going on? Our Tridion site went into public beta. It’s different from the one that sounds like Magneto!
  • For very small and/or very new sites, Joel thinks it might be useful to be able to email opted-in users every time a new question comes in.
  • Let’s talk about the new user homepage, shall we? It’s exciting! We’ve been doing a lot of work about new user experience, and the homepage new users now see will finally be optimized for helping them figure out what to do next.
  • Meanwhile, our guest has arrived! Welcome, Zuly! She’s a moderator on OnStartups as well as a co-founder of Light Point Security, a web security startup that provides malware protection through the use of cloud-based web browsing.
  • Zuly walks us through some of the history of OnStartups, the things that make the site work really well and ways in which the site could be improved.
  • So what’s the prognosis? Zuly would like to see people get more involved with the community aspect of the site, and with moderation.
  • Moving on to questions of security. Zuly (and Joel) observe a move in the field of IT Security away from detection and protection against major threats and toward isolation (the Battlestar Galactica defense).
  • Jay thinks everyone screaming homophobic slurs into Xbox headsets is German. Nobody is completely sure why.
  • Jay wonders, what about real people? What things should normal people be thinking about in terms of security that most people still don’t do?
  • One other very serious question: Is Zuly’s dog cuter than Joel’s dog? Dog Talk ensues!
  • Time to discuss a Meta question: how can we stop premature deletion?

That’s a wrap! You’ve been listening to Stack Exchange Podcast #46 with special guest Zuly Gonzalez and the rest of the regular gang! Join us next time from our brand new podcast studio – it’s going to be awesome (but the podcast will still be terrible).



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ChrisF Mar 27 2013

Neither dog is cuter than mine:

Zirak Mar 27 2013

Meta question link, since it wasn’t provided in the podcast description:

[Added! -Ed.]

Really interesting insights on how the internet works!

Nevertheless, honestly I had to really concentrate to understand what all of you are saying. Not because of the quality of the podcast but just because it’s real american english and I’m just not used to the speed. Realizing that – have you thought of promoting the podcasts as supplemental material for english classes? In other countries, such real-world material is often rare and not even close to the stuff that interests the young ones at the moment.

Mogsdad Mar 28 2013

Thanks for the podcasts! Alex’s summary is helpful – but could you throw more time stamps in there? I’d like to be able to jump right to the segment that is most important to me, cute dogs. Kidding. But seriously, timestamps please.

And – did you know that the exact comment about your writing skills appears more than 9.5 million times in a google search? Might be spam, despite the Captcha. Just sayin’.

The Deletion problem needs to be fixed NOW! I am trying to battle the river of filth questions coming in to stack overflow at the rate of about 1000 per day, I can only downvote/edit-fix/vote close so many before I run out of steam.

How is babby formed? I need to user the html to fromulate my commandlines, I found a box on the internet, taka taka taka!!!!

Cody Gray Mar 28 2013


If you have constructive proposals on how we might solve this problem, I *strongly* urge you to contribute them to our Meta discussion site at

You can post your suggestions as a new question, using either the [discussion] or [feature-request] tag, or possibly both.

I think I can speak for everyone (but I can certainly speak for myself) when I say that I definitely agree these types of questions are a problem. If you have some ideas on how to fix it, we’re all ears. The team has done everything they can think of so far.

did you know that the exact comment about your writing skills appears more than 9 million times in a google search?

Amar Apr 3 2013

Good User interface.. :)and yeah podcast sounds dirty

Can I subscribe to SE podcast in iTunes?

business is running smoothly for Thanks to the help of this website!

wonea Apr 25 2013

Any chance of covering more information about upcoming StackExchange site launches? Bitcoin, Graphic Design, Code Review, etc?