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Max, Oded, Wendy, Val, Shefali, and Mike: Welcome to the Family!

We’ve been busy hiring more of the most talented people on the planet! Three cheers for the newest employees at Stack Exchange:

Max Horstmann, Web Developer (Careers 2.0)

New York

Max joins Stack Exchange as a developer on the Careers team. Originally from Denzlingen, Germany, he previously worked on the Windows team at Microsoft. On a recent one-year career break, he and his wife had a chance to travel to glaciers in South America, deserts in the Middle East, and jungles in Southeast Asia. His mission for the next five years is to sort all the pictures taken on this trip, write a few more mobile apps, and find out which German bar in New York City plays the best Blasmusik.


Oded Coster, Web Developer (Core)


A long time Stack Overflow user and contributor (Beta badge, baby!), Oded is highly familiar with the ins and outs of Stack Overflow and promises not to introduce too many bugs. Originally from Jerusalem, Israel, he now lives in London, England with his wife and two children.




Wendy Paler, Account Executive

New York

Wendy grew up in Wisconsin and has been living in New York for over five years.  She is very excited to move into the tech field as a member of the Stack Exchange team. Outside of work, you might find Wendy sharing a delicious meal with friends in a restaurant, checking out a concert, show, or museum, taking a spin or yoga class, or pretending to be a Food Network star in her Brooklyn kitchen.



Valentina Perez, Office Manager


Val was born in Argentina (won’t eat beef), grew up in Ottawa, Canada (hates snow), and has lived in London for 15 years and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. She has a certificate in Web Application Development from the Open University, and is mega excited to have the opportunity to work for Stack Overflow and set up the way the new London office will be run. On her spare time Val is part of the Jeerios, the jeerleading squad for the London Rollergirls. She also loves music, dancing, baking, and dinosaurs.


Shefali Shah, Sales Representative


Hailing from the bustling city of Mumbai, Shefali is an interesting mix of the East-and-West. Armed with a BS in Business Admin with an emphasis in Finance and Entrepreneurship from CU Boulder, she is excited to join and contribute to the Stack Exchange team. On the weekends you will find Shefali dancing with her East Indian Dance Company all over Colorado, or just catching a meal or a flick with her homies around town.



Michael Hardy, Account Executive


Michael is a native of Atlanta, GA who moved to Colorado 11 years ago to go CU Boulder.  He met his wife in while in school and decided to trade humidity for all four seasons and a plethora of microbreweries (Belgium, Aged Sours, Cask Ale… Yes Please!). On the weekends you will find Michael chilling with his family, trying a new breakfast joint, exploring the Rockies and/or playing competitive baseball.



Visit our careers page to learn all the reasons Stack Exchange is a ridiculously awesome place to work. Want to see your face in our next new hire announcement? Here’s who we need:

Web Developer (NYC or telecommute)

Product Designer (NYC or telecommute)

Sales Representative / Account Executive (London)

Sales Representative / Account Executive (Denver)

Sales Representative / Account Executive (NYC)

Community Manager (NYC)

Community Manager (telecommute)

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Pekka Feb 25 2013

Yeah! (15 chars)

Welcome to the team! Some of your I know, (some don’t =[), I’m sure you’ll make a great addition to an already awesome team :D

Congrats to all! Thanks for signing on to make StackExchange a better place!!!! 8^D

Pinchas Feb 25 2013

Oded, great choice, b’Hatzlocha!

Congratulations to all.

Usman Kurd Feb 25 2013

Congracs to you all (Y)

Welcome and wishing you all the best :-)


And when will SEI be hiring it’s first (application) security expert…? Don’t think you don’t need one, even with such amazing developers! :-)

Shadow Wizard Feb 25 2013

Congrats! Still remember Oded with the chef hat, so he’ll now cook us delicious code with spicy bugs. :-D

I see one Indian in the list, that’s nice. Congrats to all :)

Bappi Feb 26 2013

When will I come here ?

Ya, I too saw the names of Indians. Happy to see that. I liked this awesome post. Good job brother.

Valentina Perez is crazy. Thanks.

Harpreet Singh Feb 26 2013

Congratulations Guys. :)

Hey, I recognize this Oded fellow! :)

I believe you did a great job hiring Oded..

Does this mean Oded won’t be answering our questions anymore!?! :-O

Great to see Oded on the team! And many greetings to Max, from the son of one of his father’s colleagues from Denzlingen, Germany :)

Shadow Wizard Feb 27 2013

@db you’ll find him more on Meta fixing stuff and checking bugs. :)

Technomage Feb 27 2013

Breakfast joint in CO has new meaning now…

Congratulations Shefali. Happy for you :)

Abhishek Rai Mar 8 2013

thank u very much….

I need to improve my spoken English so that I can apply the next time you open a web developer position. SE seems a great team to work with, and I love your strong support to remote working.

Congrats to all! Thanks for signing on to make StackExchange a better place :/