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2012 Stack Overflow User Survey Results

In December, we launched our 3rd annual Stack Overflow Annual User Survey to learn more about our site demographics and user trends throughout 2012. Compared to last year, we received an even larger sample size this year with almost 10,000 respondents!

Here are a few larger trends we’ve observed over the past three years:

You like us…you really like us!

Since 2009, site traffic to Stack Overflow has grown by a whopping 261.7%! As if this weren’t enough, we’re also now the 86th largest global site, according to Alexa. Our crazy goal of breaking into the top 50 is looking less crazy!

Mobile is on the move.

No real surprise here, but of the mobile family, the number of users who own Android devices increased 29.2% from 2010 to 2012—a bigger increase than owners of iPhones and iPads combined. Despite the rising mobile trend, we were surprised to learn that only 7.7% of you are employed as mobile apps developers and 51.8% of companies still don’t have a mobile app.

You’re getting happier at work.

Since 2010, we’ve seen a 2.2% uptick in workplace satisfaction, so 70% of you are happy in your current jobs. We’re not going to point fingers or anything, but we hope there may be some causation for those of you who found your current job from among the 10,000+ roles that were posted on Careers 2.0 last year.

Since we now have three years’ worth of data, we wanted to put together something a little special for this year’s overview, so check out the infographic below that our designer created to highlight some of our key findings.

In our effort to make all information publicly available, here is a basic report of the results or if you’d prefer to play around with the data yourself, download the survey results.


UPDATED: Check out our European version of the infographic here.


Heh, I got an email with a link to the dataset in it. Why isn’t that link here? Also, comes as an excel file instead of as an XML file.. oh well, I guess conversion is easy at least.

Grzes Jan 25 2013

What about Europe?

I knew that the stickers wouldn’t reach me when I took part in this survey. And I’m glad I did ;)

This is one amazing treasure of information that I got in the mail!

Thanks for sending it.

Bethany Marzewski author Jan 25 2013

@Grzes We are working on a version of this infographic that also has some European stats! I can let you know once it’s ready. :)

panda Jan 25 2013

OT: the infographic image isn’t well optimized for the web.

ImageOptim makes it 23% smaller. ImageAlpha can reduce it by 44%!

That’s a lot of wasted bandwidth!

aThanks for sharing this, congratulations on your growth. I’d like to see a comparison of countries the way you did it for US states.

Eric Wilson Jan 25 2013

You state information is interesting, but I’d really love to see devs per capita. Currently it strangely mirrors the state populations.

lee doolan Jan 25 2013

Interesting piece. I will quibble, though: SQL is not a language and neither is jquery. You could build a reasonable case, I am thinking, that php is not a language either –at least not one that any self respecting software engineer would use by choice.

Oh, Structured Query Language is not a language now?

Aside from that… is there any way to get a more detailed breakdown of stackoverflow usage than this? I know the survey didn’t get that granular but I’m curious how much of the usage in the state of New York is actually just concentrated in NYC versus Albany/Rochester/Syracuse/Buffalo.

You can make a case for jQuery since it’s a JavaScript framework but SQL and PHP are certainly languages. Your personal beliefs belying elitism withstanding.

AshRj Jan 25 2013

Back in 2010, Indian users accounted for 8% of the user base, next only to the US. Yet, there are statistics for US and you seem to be working on European statistics, but no mention of India or Indian users. :|

This is one amazing treasure of information that I got in the mail!

very good information, nice blog

It’ll be nice to know how many users you have, and out of those how many responded to the survey.

That turned into an ad for SO Careers quick!

Johann N Jan 25 2013

Why no goodies outside US and Canada? Come on, stop living in the 18th century. Shipping costs aren’t that big a deal anymore, so it just comes down to where there’s a will, there’s a way. Either give the goodies to all, or to none at all. In protest, I request that all those who did not get goodies should use adblocker in protest, even if you do not agree with my stand. If the US and Canada users are all that matter to them, it is time they realized it works both ways.

puddin tame Jan 25 2013

thanks for opening up the results but maybe give excel a pass next time. I shy away from reporting tools that change your data when you open up data files e.g.
Q: “How many year of IT/Programming do you have?”
A: “06/10/2013″

not really what you want your reporting program to do; that is unless they actually wanted to answer “41435”.

BTW:lee doolan maybe look up what S.Q.L. stands for first; might save you some internet dope-slaps.

Bethany Marzewski author Jan 25 2013

@Johann N Thanks for your feedback. We certainly do apologize for that. With 10,000 respondents, however, shipping ANYTHING to that many people does get pretty pricey. :) That being said, we’re thinking hard about what to do for next year so we can benefit everyone.

Thanks for sharing!

Out of curiosity, what is the number of people working remotely? I believe that was one of the questions, if not, it should be next year 8^D

Bethany Marzewski author Jan 25 2013

@Dillie-O Ooh, good question. We actually did not ask that outright, but we do know that 49% of respondents said that having a job that offered telecommute/convenient commute is very important or essential to them. We’ll make a note of your suggestion for next year. Thanks!

Dave Everitt Jan 25 2013

A lot of us (I’m guessing) are freelance/contractors. I certainly never want a full-time job again! I joined Careers, but don’t really want a regular job when I can manage my own time and pay. Just something to bear in mind…

Dave Everitt Jan 25 2013

Also, response figures for Europe seem disproportionately thin until you add them up (excluding Russia): 38.3%. To get a real grasp of international engagement, it would be good to see response measured against each country’s population. But it’s great you’re sharing this!

How could anyone argue that SQL and PHP are not languages? What a dope.

I once used SO to submit question and try to answer them, but recently I have found the moderators quite annoying. Yeah, perhaps I am jaded, but I had one question that was off topic and not appropriate (I asked about a software tool to interface to multiple social sites to submit posts). The problem, they did not provide advice on how to correct the question or perhaps there was a better stack-exchange to submit the question. In the end, I still feel the question was appropriate. I believe the moderators are doing an injustice to SO in general. I do not use SO any more when searching for answers to my questions. If I see a link to SO I will avoid them and move onto the next link. So, my user experience has not gone up.

Vinay Jan 25 2013


Nice to see the results here.
You could have added other geographies in your analysis!

Fantastic to see these stats. Best programmer database ever!

Rekire Jan 26 2013

Where are the stickers for Europe? :-(

Janosch Jan 26 2013

Hey Bathany,

this is Jan from Germany… Thanks for the US stats! Would really appreciate some stats for Europe, cause good surveys of the worklife and wishes of developers are really rare.


wel i suggest your idea omn this online

Rodolfo Buaiz Jan 26 2013

Folks are talking about Europe, Russia, India…
Can we be a bit more Globalists and have world stats instead?
Or maybe USA-C(anada) + Europe + BRICS + Others?

Speaking of brics, does the Great Firewall interferes with SO/China relations?

DeadMG Jan 26 2013

Thanks so much for completely not considering anyone who is not American. I guess we don’t need jobs and don’t want information about job markets and such things.

Lightness Races In Orbit Jan 26 2013

This US-centric-ness is offensive. I get that compiling this stuff takes a lot of hard work and I congratulate you on that, and the infograms look very pleasant, but you could quite simply have *not released anything* until you’d done it for everybody. I’m actually going to take a few days off answering questions now as for some reason I subconsciously feel unwelcome to partake, as a UK user. I know it’s silly because that was not your intent, but that’s kind of what happens…

Regarding the US-focused nature of some of this: it’s quite hard enough to get US-only stats right.

Bethany says they’re working on some stats for Europe. If we actually collected enough data to produce some meaningful numbers for places that aren’t These United States of America, we’ll be sure and post an update.

Until then, you can find a global map of English-speaking populations here.

vlcekmi3 Jan 26 2013

nice info & stats, more more more!!!

Mahdi Tahsildari Jan 27 2013

SO is great, I have never seen such a beautiful site or forum or community, specially in programming and developing technologies. You guys are great. I love StackOverflow.

If some day someone from SO asks me “Hei Mahdi, we would like you to come and work with us, would you like so?” my answer would definitely be “Yessssssssss, of course. Wait I’m getting a taxi to the airport.” :) I love this community.

I took part in this survey and the result are really amazing to me. Android is doing good and deserves such a growth, I hope they keep being better everyday.

One of my big wishes is always “I hope I was working in America” but actually it’s far far away, but SO helps me be in contact with programmers from all over the world and use their experiences.

Thanks, So many.

Kevin Jan 27 2013

I’m a college student who uses Stack Overflow a lot as I pursue my CS degree. I tried to take the survey, but it asked too many questions that assumed I was already gainfully employed on my own for me to get through it.

I say this because I think this might be something that could affect the results of the survey. If there are a lot of college students like myself who couldn’t get through the survey, omitting us may have had a significant impact.

vorrtex Jan 27 2013

Why did you separate Javascript and jQuery? Why did you include a framework to the list of languages?
It doesn’t make sense and display nothing, everyone already knows that 80% of js-programmers use this framework, there is nothing suprising.

Preyash Jan 28 2013

What about freelancers/contractors? Could we have dedicated job board for freelancers?

puddin tame Jan 28 2013

@Lightness Races In Orbit far be it for me to defend SO or SE as I’ve had quite a bit of problems with one of the owners, however, I question a great deal about you when you start complaining that when you go ACROSS THE FREAKING WORLD to use a service that is free for you and probably to help you do a job YOU GET PAID TO DO and then start getting all racist about how it’s US centric…you mean the service devised, built, and hosted IN THE US?!! you mean THAT ONE?… if you don’t like the fact that it’s “US CENTRIC” then here are some options not necessarily in order of preference.

1. say something like, “it would be fun to see more statistics concerning my geographic areas of interest.”
2. “Thanks for looking into getting the European statistics together; it probably is difficult for a team of about 3 to get together statistic FOR THE ENTIRE FREAKING PLANET much less guess about what part of the ENTIRE FREAKING PLANET you didn’t put into the first round of stats that I would get all pissy about, that is, if I were a flaming kack flinging monkey.”

Lightness Races In Orbit Jan 28 2013


Put simply, you’re wrong.

First, read

> You’ve probably noticed by now that neither Ben nor Marc live in the United States. The last time I checked, only 36% of Stack Overflow’s traffic was from the USA. Where exactly do you think that other 64% of our traffic comes from?
> As I alluded to in a recent blog post, the way we build the Stack Exchange network should be genuinely reflective of what it already is — websites with avid international users all over the globe. That’s why I’m so proud to have a truly international development team at last, built by dogfooding from the amazing worldwide community that has grown up around our websites.

That’s Jeff Atwood who said that. You may have heard of him.

Further to that, I most certainly do not “go across the freaking world” to use “the service”; it is most certainly not “free” for me since I spend many hours per day answering and editing. I do this *orders of magnitude* more than I ask questions, so I hardly think you can realistically assert that I use SO as a free “service”.

Finally, don’t shout at me, and don’t tell me to keep my mouth shut. Because I most certainly shall not.

And that’s all I’m saying about that.

I would also join to the appeal to have European statistics! Please post them on the blog, I would be great!