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Welcome to Winter Bash 2012!

It’s been an amazing year for Stack Exchange, both as a network of experts and enthusiasts and as an organization. We launched twenty new sites, rolled out tons of user-requested features, and are helping 99% more visitors get answers than we were a year ago.

Last year, we celebrated the holidays on Gaming with Hat Dash, where users collected virtual hats by doing various (good, helpful) things on the site. They were sort of like festive, temporary badges (and, like badges, borrowed another good idea from the XBox – earning the ability to customize your avatar).

The response from that event was so positive, we decided to extend that to the entire network1 this holiday season.

Welcome to Winter Bash 2012!

What is Winter Bash?

From 19 December to 4 January you’ll be able to decorate your gravatar with a special hat. The hats used on Arqade smelled a bit funny, so we made up an all-new set of hats for you to earn this year. In fact, many of these “hats” aren’t even hats! There are sunglasses, moustaches, masks and other assorted headgear.

Each hat has different criteria to unlock it, and there are even some secret hats that you won’t find out about until you happen to stumble across them accidentally.

Hats show up all over the site, wherever your gravatar is shown (well, except for a few places where they didn’t fit, like chat). To change which hat you’re wearing, or to admire your lovely hat collection, just visit or check out your user page:

You’ll also get a notification when you earn a new item:

For all those of you who really hate hats, there’s an “I hate hats” link in the Winter Bash dropdown. But give it a shot before you turn it off — you might find a hat you like!

Check out the Winter Bash FAQ for more details.

Why are we doing this?

Because it’s fun, and we love fun – at least, constructive fun, in moderation, at the end of a long, exciting and eventful year. Also, hats are awesome.2

1Well. Only those sites that opted to participate. You must opt-in on Stack Overflow.

2 Please note: virtual hats do not protect against the harmful rays of the sun – always wear sunscreen!


Gopalakrishnan Dec 18 2012

hats for gravatar may earned and removed…

atlantiza Dec 18 2012

I can see the winter bash button on all of my sites besides the newly public

Was it forgotten or is this not truly for all sites across the network?

AlbeyAmakiir Dec 18 2012

See the first note: “1 Well. Only those sites that opted to participate. You must opt-in on Stack Overflow.”

Aarthi Devanathan author Dec 18 2012

@Atlantiza: Anime went public too late, unfortunately, so they didn’t get to have the option of joining the event. Hopefully they will next year!

Wolcom to Alif Computer

Aaron Dec 18 2012

Is there a list of sites that support it? It seems that math SE doesn’t, unless I’m missing it.

It’s 21C here at 6:50pm (high was ~24). It most assuredly not Winter! Can us antipodeans have a Summer bash instead? Or at least a sun hat?

Rekire Dec 18 2012

Does an old “nice question” badge count of a hat? Or do I need wo ask a new “nice question”?

Burkhard Dec 18 2012

Will the hats stay after JAN. 4th?

Burkhard Dec 18 2012

Ok, found the answer: they disappear. Too bad.

U-No-Poo Dec 19 2012

People come here seeking intelligence, there are hats everywhere.. all we need now is someone yelling “Need a dispenser here” and we’re just like Team Fortress 2.

Need a dispenser here!

bluish Dec 19 2012

It’s funny!
But seems to me not so nice to push people logging in to earn a badge on Christmas day… and in general I hope people will spend holidays enjoying with their families and friends, taking a rest etc. instead of posting and voting on a computer -_-“

Glasses? Bowties? Moustaches? Headphones?

These is not hats!

i only gets 2 hats…:( i am qualify for more hats but did not got till now..:(

Steve Drennon Dec 19 2012

This is not showing up on History.SE either.

MonicaCellio Dec 19 2012

Bluish, not everybody here considers Dec 25 to be a special day. If you’re really trying to collect the whole set, spend two minutes in the morning and you’ll get that one. Otherwise, have a nice holiday and forget about Stack Exchange (gasp!) for a day.

Aarthi Devanathan author Dec 19 2012

@Aaron, @Steve — Math and History chose to opt out, so there will be no hats on those sites. :( Perhaps next year!

I’m sorry for the Anime and Manga SE, the Moshi Moshi hat would have been very on-topic. (^O^)

But it’s summer! Why is it called the Winter Bash?

LOVE the “I Feel Fine” hat 8^D

bmike Jan 3 2013

I just wanted to shout out a big thanks – this hat thing was way more fun than I expected (and I expected it to be fun when I first heard about it).

Would you consider a hat for new users next year? Our site had a really nice bump in anonymous feedback and lots of new users over the holiday period and letting them in on the fun might be a really nice way to welcome new users next year.