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Hey there, stranger!

It’s that most wonderful time of the year again — time for the Stack Overflow Annual Survey! So, put down that third glass of eggnog and fire up a new tab. It only takes a few minutes – and there are stickers!

As the name suggests, we’ve been doing this for a few years now (here are the 2010 results and the 2011 results for your perusal) and we always learn a lot from them. This data is used to support the advertising we sell on Stack Overflow and Server Fault. Advertising helps keep the lights on (and servers humming) around here, so if you use either (or both!) sites, we urge you to participate.

For those of you who’ve been around this block with us before, the survey should look fairly familiar. There’s no longer two jQuery options, though you can still jQuery while you jQuery if you need to. There are some questions that are a bit different, so please read each item carefully before you respond.

Just like previous years, we’re putting ads like the one above around the site to solicit particpation, and this blog post will help us reach our goal of roughly 3,500 responses. We’ll share the results of the survey with you all in a blog post early next year, and you’ll have the option of signing up to receive a copy of the results emailed to you directly at the end of the survey. So, please take a few moments to fill out the survey and then you can get right back to your holiday festivities.


The 2010 results link is malformed, you’re missing an “=” sign :)

Thanks – fixed!

David Dec 14 2012

Hmm, when I took the survey yesterday there were still two jQuery choices (the other was jquery).

Bob Pelerson Dec 14 2012

FreeBSD isn’t an option for the OS part of the survey. I’m very upset.

Only one address line? For shame, SO. Some of us (college students, for instance) have multi-line mailing addresses.

Too bad I can’t get stickers. :( Cebu, Philippines

Liam W Dec 15 2012

Hey! I want my stickers… But I live in the UK :(

You discriminatory people!

Rasmus Dec 15 2012

No stickers to Europe

Bah Humbug! :-P

Love this question: “Please rate how important each of the following characteristics of a company/job offer are to you. Please select a MAXIMUM of 3 items as “Non-Negotiables” to help us identify the most important items, those where you would never consider a company if they didn’t meet them.”

Waiting to see how survey results come out just for that one :)

Edward Dec 15 2012

No stickers to Europe :-((

Stickers for italian people :-) ?

stealthyninja Dec 15 2012

No “Africa (other)” or “South Africa” option for the _country_ dropdown..? Also upset that I can’t get in on the sticker action.

I guess the first thing I, personally, learned from this survey occurred right at the entry page, titled “Stack Overflow’s Annual User Survey 2013″. (Last I checked, it’s 2012-12-16.) Compare this to the “2011 results” and “2010 results” linked to above, which were published on 2012-02-10 and 2011-01-11 respectively.

So, for the question

“How many surveys does it take for an operation like Stack Exchange to embrace a ‘marketingey’ mantra like ‘It’s better to look forward than backwards’, and adjust the scope of their user survey to encompass the coming year rather than the year-in-review, accidentally making an entire calendar year disappear as a side-effect?”

…the answer turns out to be: three. Three surveys.

Overall interesting survey but I didn’t like one point:

Excellent computers are harmful to the quality of an application, I couldn’t hit below Don’t Care :/

Why do you think so many apps don’t run on Intel graphics?

AngryDane Dec 16 2012

Hey!! I want my stickers!!!

With people on the ground in other parts of the world I’m surprised you don’t send stickers to UK and Germany for example. Or are the sales people above printing labels and licking envelopes?

Coola Dec 17 2012

Stickers for !!!
Where are our stickers :)

DeadMG Dec 23 2012

Well, I was gonna take the survey, but when you started asking me about the company I work for I had to stop. As if I need to feel worse about being unemployed.