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Apptivate.MS: the results are in!

After almost three months, Apptivate – the application development contest collaboration between Stack Overflow and Microsoft – has come to an end.

Let’s get to the big news right off the bat. Congratulations to our two Apptivate.MS Grand Prize Winners: Piano Time and Layout!

Congratulations to Piano Time and Layout!

Layout is a powerful tool for interaction design that makes prototyping in the early stages of development and design a breeze. Piano Time is a multitouch piano keyboard for your Surface or other Windows 8 tablet device. (It also supports using your keyboard as, well, a keyboard.) It includes recording and playback, a metronome, a learning mode, and more.

As grand prize winners, these two apps win a $5,000 cash prize! They will also be featured in MSDN Flash and on the DevRadio show, and they will be promoted by Microsoft throughout the developer community.

The grand prize winners came from a pool of 15 finalists and were chosen by a panel made up of Stack Overflow’s own Joel Spolsky and David Fullerton, as well as Microsoft developer evangelists Doris Chen and Jeff Brand. There was some stiff competition for the judges to choose from, and we congratulate all of our finalists. They won’t be going home empty-handed, either – along with the winners of the Reviewer Sweepstakes, they’ll go home with some great prizes, too. The first place winners from each category group win a Surface plus a $500 cash prize. The second and third place winners go home with good stuff, too. Johnny, tell ’em what they’ve won!

And you get a Surface! And you get a Surface! EVERYONE gets a Surface!

The 15 finalists came from a pool of 50 semi-finalists, which in turn came from the list of over 300 fully eligible submissions to Apptivate. Some more stats about the event:

  • There were 456 apps submitted overall, including deleted and ineligible apps
  • The third week of November was the best week for app submission, with 49 apps coming in that week
  • Apptivate users posted 2646 questions and answers in the [windows-8] and [microsoft-metro] Stack Overflow tags
  • Over the course of the event, 3163 users voted (on apps or on comment threads) 7454 times

That’s all for Apptivate… in 2012! The response to this was so positive, we’re already on the lookout for similar collaborations in the new year… So stay tuned!


I love when weeks are the best day for something, because I love all the extra time. I mean, I know 24 hours is barely enough, so 168 hours in a day should be the best, right?

So here we are.

Participating in Microsoft’s last try to get the
monopoly on the mobile market.

Giving them even more power to remove our freedom.

Where are our ideals? FOSS?
Instead of developing for Android, we help yet another
restrictive DRM-ed platform grow for a 5000$ prize.
We’ve been bought for money.


PD to StackExchange: this affects your reputation.
Negatively, I mean. Very negatively.

One last thing… WHY ONLY +18?!
That’s discriminating.

I have 16 years, but I can’t submit an app?
Are you saying I can’t make great apps?

I’m an experienced programmer (look at my GitHub)
so I’d like to be able to participate.

Legal problems with the prize?
My parents can hold it.

Or maybe you’re upset that a kid does it better than you?
Come on, don’t be immature.

So, for future contests, *please* don’t set that age limit.

Woah, calm down Xavier, it’s just a contest and believe it or not, people are happy to win Surfaces and $$ for building apps.

The rest of your rant is just youthful overzealousry that I won’t comment upon.

I enjoyed being a part of this contest. Thanks team Apptivate!

@Xavier Mendez

Instead of crying, try fixing your website that you’ve posted on your github since you threw that at us.

RichardTheKiwi Dec 20 2012

Where’s the full list of winners?

Click the semi-finalists link, @Richard – the top three in each category are the winners.

Chida Dec 21 2012

strange result

Chris Dec 21 2012

@JonH – My thoughts exactly.

@all OK, I admit. I’m very idealist when it comes to freedom, monopoly and Microsoft.

I’m not zealous. I simply believe strongly in open-source.
And I really hate what Microsoft has tried to do (kill standards, kill FOSS, DRM, etc.).
Would you name that being overzealousry?

@JonH About the website: hey, Nodejitsu stopped their free plan and we don’t have money to pay off the hosting! Thanks for the advice though. It now redirects to GitHub.

PD: I wasn’t crying. I was angry. ;)

RichardTheKiwi Dec 21 2012

So the winners are the 2nd best in each of their respective categories, 2nd by quite a margin from the first. Not to mention the fact that in the other 3 categories, both of the top 2 in each (so 6 other apps) trounce the 2 grand final winners by popularity voting.

Interesting results.

@Shog9 – I was after full disclosure of ALL winners, including the non-app-participating users. e.g. the full contest

Apoorv Kumar Upadhyay Dec 22 2012

What About the Reviewer Contest? I had submitted an app and reviewed many apps?
I was eligible for each level of drawings.

Mamta Dalal Dec 23 2012

Where are the winners of the Reviewer Sweepstakes?

@MamtaDalal @Apoorv

From the contest rules:

“Administrator will randomly select the potential Sweepstakes winners from all eligible entries received in each Bronze, Silver, or Gold raffle on or around January 3rd, 2013 and will notify each potential winner by email following that time.”

(The Sweepstakes is the reviewer contest part of Apptivate.)

Mamta Dalal Dec 26 2012

@AnnaLear, Thanks for the information! Happy Holidays :)