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Join Stack Overflow in Berlin for a blowout bash on December 5!

Berlin, wir kommen!

It’s our last party of the year, and this time, we’re heading to Germany to meet and mingle with the Stack Overflow community! As you may have noticed, we’ve been tearing up Denver this year with our opening reception of our new office and then again during Denver Startup Week last month. So we thought it was about time to bring the party to Europe.

If you’re in or around Berlin on Dec. 5 (or just want to book a last-minute trip), come clink glasses with us at Betahaus (Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20) from 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. While there, we’ll also be launching our first official translation of Careers 2.0 for German candidates and employers.

Join us for a fun night where you can…

  • Meet other Stack Overflow users and pick the brains of our awesome developers
  • Sit in on educational talks and demonstrations from our devs as they discuss how they localized Careers 2.0 for a German audience (you can check out a preview at
  • Enjoy free food and drinks all night
  • Rock out to tunes provided by SoundCloud’s DJs

Hope to see you there!

Let us know you’re coming – RSVP by December 1

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is Jon Skeet coming too? :)

Johan Nov 27 2012

Are non-German guests welcome too?

Guillermo Nov 27 2012

Same question as Johan, but about non-German speakers (I don’t think they’ll ask for your national ID at the door Johan ;) )

Martin James Nov 27 2012

Free beer? Hmm.. checking Ryanair and cheap hotels.

The talks are in english right ? :)

Johan & Guillermo & TDeBailleul,

since there are only two people working at Stack Exchange who speak German (myself and Stefan Schwarzgruber), and considering that many Germans (in particular in our field) speak English, I don’t think you need to worry :)

is stackoverflow going to plan any event in India, I would love to be part of it

Do people need to have minimum rep points to qualify for attending. :)

Christopher Nov 27 2012

Hopefully beyond the basic German localisation you’re working on making Stack Overflow Careers less dismal in Europe.

Currently there are what, fifty jobs for all of Germany? And entering a German postcode into the search field gets parsed as US. This is also indicative:öln

I found using Careers 2.0 in Germany pretty worthless, from the quantity and quality of responses I got.

Everyone is welcome to attend the party! Hope to see you there!

Christopher, that’s exactly what we’re trying to accomplish!

shree Nov 27 2012

So far from Berlin. :(

Hichem Nov 28 2012

I wish I could .. especially to meet Jon Skeet

@Hichem – you are making an assumption that the Skeet will be there. I doubt it.

@Johan, @Guillermo: Did you notice the link that says *”RSVP by December 1″*? If you’re not sure what RSVP means, [google it]( (I did it too). Then follow the link and confirm your attendance ;-)

All is welcome to join the party!

since there are only two people working at Stack Exchange who speak German

It’s at the “Betahaus.” I love that name! Perfect for code developers.

Johan Dec 13 2012

I guess I got confused by the word “exclusive” in the banner image.