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Take the Super User Windows 8 Challenge

10-26-12 by . 10 comments

Well, Windows 8 is finally available in the wild. Of course, developers have had access to it for quite a while – our ongoing Apptivate contest would be looking pretty sad otherwise. But now you can actually buy the upgrade for your home PC if you’re so inclined, or for your mom’s PC if you haven’t been getting enough tech-support calls from her recently…

In recognition of this, Super User is running its own little promotion:

We’re having a party and you’re invited. Ask and answer questions to complete the challenge levels, and complete different tasks like editing, voting, and blogging to win the eight tile challenges. Each level you beat and each tile you finish enters you for sweet prizes, including the grand prize of a Microsoft Surface RT!

Let’s face it: Windows 8 is a bit… Different. I haven’t upgraded yet – it took Microsoft decades to finally get the taskbar working right, and I’m a bit reluctant to give that up. But if you do decide to take the plunge, Super User is well-prepared to help you through it – or if you’ve already been knee-deep in the change for a while (say, because of that app contest I mentioned above), perhaps you’ve learned something that could help others. Either way, why not double your pleasure by earning a t-shirt, weird-looking mouse or other nifty gear in the process?

Introducing the Windows 8 Challenge on the Super User Blog

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Abhishek Nandy Oct 26 2012


ashley hall Oct 28 2012

windows 8 is a whole lot better than before and i got a new laptop how do i down load it on the hp g60?

that’s cool

windows8 Oct 28 2012

Windows 8 is damn Shit! The crap tiles!!! Mac FTW!

It’ll be interesting to see how many people revert to the traditional interface, rather than the touch one.
After all, my desktop still has a keyboard, mouse and no touch screen.

Frank Oct 29 2012

Good luck to MS, Win8 is a real gamble. I don’t think I’ll be installing it, it just doesn’t offer the desktop developer anything new or improved. I think I’ll wait for WIn9.

Didn’t take long for the inevitable “Mac FTW” comment – in fact it’s so fast I can’t help wondering if it’s a joke. You don’t like the live tiles? Chill, man. I, and lots of other people, do. Nobody’s making you install it. Don’t let it get to you! ;)

As for not offering the desktop developer anything new, I can’t offer a strong counter argument, but I did find that once I got used to it, on a dual-monitor setup, it was quite nice to have my main app (VS2010, game, whatever) on my main monitor with the Start screen on the secondary, quietly blinking away with Twitter/news/mail/etc. updates on the live tiles.

Shawn Michaels Nov 1 2012

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Challenge accepted.