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SE Podcast #35 – A Biscuit Away from Jerry Stiller

10-29-12 by . 13 comments

Welcome to Stack Exchange podcast #35 with special guest Scott Hanselman. We also have your loyal cohosts, Jay Hanlon and David Fullerton. And Joel Spolsky?

  • What exactly would Scott say that he does here?
  • Scott Hanselman runs a podcast that doesn’t waste your time… unlike we have for the first nine minutes.
  • Let’s talk about Scott’s recent presentation at Webstock! Or we’ll talk about how Scott is not a developer evangelist, despite popular belief. He is a community manager for, IIS, anything angle bracket or curly brace related, anything “webby”.
  • You can buy a single Q-Tip or Lego lightsaber on Amazon. (Most Lego fans don’t like Lego Star Wars.)
  • Why do we have both Programming.SE and Stack Overflow? Joel tells us about the historical reasoning behind it. It’s a party line: Stack Overflow is for things you do at the computer, and Programmers is for things you do at the whiteboard.
  • Do people still use Twitter? We thought they’d all moved on to, but that’s only for people who had fifty dollars (that they didn’t spend on the new iPod connector).
  • “Do you realize that you are a biscuit away from turning into Jerry Stiller?”
  • Scott works remotely. Joel inquires: how does he make that work? Scott shares some tips! (Possibly… a blog post?)
  • One of Scott’s biggest tips is to use more face-to-face communication instead of text-based. We don’t necessarily agree, and so we explore the topic in depth. Jay agrees, that debates and discussions are not productive in text-based chat.
  • Scott will probably teach Computer Science when he retires… but then, he’ll be allowed to have an opinion!
  • Back on the “working remotely” topic. There’s a difference between being on a distributed team and being the remote person on a not-so-distributed team. The latter is harder! Scott insists on camera at every meeting.
  • We want to spend as much as we possibly can on remote collaboration, so we talk about some of the tech you can use to accomplish that.
  • Windows 8 is coming out on Friday (or for the past year, if you are a developer or you tried to download it). How is it? Is it awesome, or did someone move everyone’s cheese? Listen in to find out… and then move on to a general discussion of changing user interfaces and what that does to users who are loyal to companies.
  • Let’s talk about something else that isn’t twitter! Scott and Stack Exchange have in common that they provide an audience for answered questions, so Q&A isn’t one-on-one communication. It makes it useful for everyone. Stay tuned for the Joel Theory of Blogging. Is twitter the decline of modern blogging?
  • Joel spoke to a bunch of recruiters in London, where he told them that their job is to make the company awesome enough that great candidates come to them. Joel has a lot of projects, remarks Scott, and we discuss them – including Trello and what makes it great, and Scott’s suggestions for improvement.
  • What has everyone been doing since Joel was on the road? Some stuff we already talked about and some stuff we can’t talk about yet.
  • Check out This Developer’s Life. It’s the best knock-off out there.



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No offense but the references to and huskies was rather strange. Joel you are losing it…

HaskellElephant Oct 29 2012

It was a lot of fun listening in. You might not think it was a good show but it was incredibly entertaining.

Scott Hanselmann is the polite Jim Lehr of software engineering podcasts
StackExchange is the zany morning rush-hour show of software engineering podcasts

This was great, Scott and Joel played well off each other. Definitely entertaining.

It was fun.

100% agree with Scott about the overuse of chat. Even worse is text messaging via mobile phones. Discussions are horribly inefficient over this medium.

Peter Cupit Oct 31 2012

I loved this podcast, perhaps it wasn’t information rich but a group of smart software people being funny (mostly) with bits of info and opinion included is great. I was laughing out loud (whilst walking the dog). This is software development project (and practitioner) porn, made me want to give trello another go.

I’m getting weird looks in the cube farm listening to this. I’m laughing so hard I can’t see through the tears. Good job folks. Informative and hilarious.

Mike M. Nov 3 2012

I’m having to learn to stop email / chat and pick up the phone. I don’t know why, but sometimes phoning makes me uncomfortable and I have to fight that. It might be because I find the ringing of a phone a bit irritating. It often seems the phone rings when I’m really concentrating on something.

Rushan Nov 4 2012

Great fun listening to my first episode of StackExchange. Keep up the great work guys.

Josh Nov 6 2012

I really enjoyed the podcast. I’m glad you guys are making them again.

Had fun listening can’t stop control laughing at some point! Very funny and informative!

Beth Worthy Nov 8 2012

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Thank you once again.:)

Pekka Nov 8 2012

Somebody has to explain the “a biscuit away” joke to me. I see the Urban Dictionary definition, but Jerry Stiller doesn’t look very chubby to me?