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Stack Exchange API V2.1

There’s been a low-key beta of the latest Stack Exchange API revision, V2.1, under way for the last month or so.  I’m happy to announce that it’s official, API V2.1 is public, frozen, and out the door.

What’s new in this release?

  • Full Reputation History
  • Notifications Tab
  • Improved Search
  • User Merge history

Oh, and our first set of write methods.

It’s now possible to create, edit, and delete comments via the Stack Exchange API

We’re starting small, with the least important of our content, to safeguard the quality of our content.

Comments created with the API show which app created them when you hover over them, like so:

The link shown will take you to an app’s Stack Apps post, letting you find new apps right from your favorite sites (as well as report malicious ones easily).

The following restrictions apply to the write comment methods:

  • Your app must have an undeleted Stack Apps post
  • Your app must be authorized by a user to perform write operations
  • The authenticated user must have the comment everywhere privilege
  • A user’s daily quota of write operations increases with reputation

So head on over to the documentation and

Get Started

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Michael Berkowski Sep 4 2012

Very cool. I’m looking forward to inevitably seeing SE comments integrated into multi-protocol chat applications like Pidgin & iChat :D

Very nice, I’m sure I’ll be dealing with it.

However, are you willing to expand the write methods so it contains any of:
* Posting questions and answers.
* Casting upvotes and downvotes.
* Or even flagging, close and delete votes.

Well the last item is not very important, while the first and second are actually very important if SE will be integrated into more social platforms.
For example, we are working on an open social platform, and we will be having Q&A content type, which will experience similar to the one in SE, with added values that are related to the social graph itself. However, reproducing the huge content existing in SE looks foolish, even having similar well-ruled community looks very hard. Using the SE API to integrate the platform and SE will be very amazing if you introduce the write methods given above.

Hope you think about it :)

Awesome! Thanks for all your hard work!

Any guesses on when API 3.0 might come out? Just wondering… no hurry. :)

Good News, Happy to hear about SE API V2.1.

It would be awesome if someone integrated the writing aspect of the API with bug trackers (FogBuzz, JIRA, etc.)?

Then you could probably have your support team for whatever product you have just hangout in the bug tracker all day.

Gabi Sep 4 2012

Hey Kevin,
Really don’t know where to direct this but I think I found a critical bug in the API. It’s been described in detail here:

Hope you can help, or otherwise direct me to someone who can.

Kyle Sep 5 2012

Any chance for a Chat API?

This is not going to end well.

BRB, creating an app that randomly posts “what have you tried?” comments.

Kevin Montrose author Sep 5 2012


Thanks for reporting that, it’s been fixed.


There are currently no plans for a chat API.


We’re being very cautious with write methods, in case they’re abused (which implies they were poorly designed). Starting with comments allows us to make really radical fixes if necessary, as comments aren’t nearly as important as questions and answers.

For example, I’d be comfortable (certainly not happy, but comfortable) deleting all the comments posted via a given app. Questions and answers, not so much.

Once (and if) the basic ideas in V2.1 have stood up to the test of time expect further write methods, including posting questions and answers.

I wish we could upvote comments to blog posts… Is that functionality coming anytime soon? ;)

At any rate, congrats on the new API release! Testing it out on comments first is a great idea. I hope it goes well!

Gabi Mor Sep 6 2012

Thanks Kevin! :)

Florian Mierzejewski Sep 6 2012

Nice! I’ve found a typo here :
“Notifications>” under “Newtork Methods”
By the way I’m currently writing a crawler to get all the methods/objects of the API and then generate a Java wrapper.
The HTML code is really clean so it’s quite easy to parse, great work!

xaade Sep 6 2012


Yes, I see they misspelled torque, should be Newtorque.