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Join us for our opening reception of Stack Exchange: Denver!

In case you couldn’t tell, we’re very excited about our new office opening in Denver. And though it’s very tempting to just relax on our new roof deck or over a game of pool, we think something this big calls for an even bigger bash.

And we’d like you to be there.

Stack Exchange is you, the dedicated and brilliant folk who’ve worked to build these sites for the past four years. You’ve made this miracle happen, and if you’re in (or can get to) the greater Denver area, we’d love to meet you face to face.

But wait, there’s more! Stop by and get…

  • A tour of our Stack Exchange Denver hub—roof deck included!
  • Snacks and delicious treats from our favorite Denver caterer
  • Free drinks and Stack Exchange swag
  • A chance to meet Joel Spolsky and some of our devs and sales reps

We’re planning this shindig for the evening of September 27th, so RSVP today.

We hope to see you there!


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Rqomey Sep 6 2012

It is so progressive of stack exchange to set up an office in a low security prison (I am assuming from the colours). Well done for being such a shining example of an (imprisoned) community focussed company!

For sure, @Rqomey – Colorado has the *best* prisons.

stslavik Sep 6 2012

Prisons = Cheap Labor. SE is just taking its cues from “Sheriff Joe”.

Bethany Marzewski author Sep 6 2012

Actually, @Rqomey, we took the colors from our Stack Overflow logo — orange and white! :)

@Bethany do you typically wear orange jumpsuits to work?

Eh I think it looks cool. There’s plenty of equally industrial looking design studios throughout the world, it’s just the “startup/studio” look.

Alfred Santa Molison Sep 7 2012

“Snacks and delicious treats from our favorite Denver caterer”. That sounds delicious :)

Aleks G Sep 7 2012

Shame I am too far away. Would you send some “snacks and delicious treats from [your] favorite Denver caterer” as well as some “free drinks and Stack Exchange swag” to London, England?

Phil H Sep 7 2012

Ugh, you had to do it the same night as the red hot chili peppers concert, didn’t you?! Bummed I’ll miss it.

It looks like several tech offices in Denver. Welcome to the mile high city.

I think I will go to this just so I can understand why Stack Exchange needs an office :)

Jacob Sep 7 2012

Free foodz! Why not be there?

@Bethany Marzewski
if we are following SO theme then
there should also be a stack with overflow shown just like our logo

Shog9 Sep 8 2012

No, @DevJosh, there should be pancakes. Lots of pancakes.

Omg. Have you guys been robed?

Sahil Oct 10 2012

OMG… Are You Serious….

Sahil Oct 12 2012

Why dont you plan an office in India.!
Though there are lots of good quality programmers.