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Welcome to the Arqade: Rebranding a Successful Site

Question: What do Stack Overflow, Super User, and Server Fault have in common that most of the sites on our network don’t?

Answer: A unique brand.

It’s no coincidence that our three largest sites happen to have their own brands. Unique domain names are more memorable than the subdomains that cover most of our network, which we believe is part of the reason why those sites are so successful. has been growing on its own for a while now: the community is extremely active and it has some of the best traffic statistics of any of the non-trilogy sites. The site has gotten a lot of special attention in terms of internal promotions, and we believe that it has the potential to become one of the largest gaming sites out there. To take it to the next level, it needs a unique brand.

TLDR: Gaming.SE is now Arqade! If you want the story behind how Arqade came to be, keep on reading.


Naming Gaming

Realizing the need for a brand was easy, coming up with it was another story. Good brand names convey what the site is about (in this case: gaming, Q&A, advice, etc), are memorable, don’t require a lot of explanation, and are easy to visualize and design for. To come up with a clever name, we decided to consult some experts in the field: the Gaming.SE community.

We made a meta post announcing a special chat room dedicated to a week-long brainstorming session. The rules for the chat room were simple: no discussion, only suggestions. Star suggestions you like, and ignore the ones you don’t. The criteria for the domain name were a bit more complicated:
Non-negotiable criteria: the name
  • must be available
  • must be a .com
  • must not be associated with a trademark
  • must not contain hyphens or other similar characters

Nice-to-haves: the name

  • should convey the idea of Q&A, advice, knowledge, or community
  • should suggest gaming, or something related (e.g. levels, playing, quests…)
  • should be memorable, such that a strong visual brand can be created around it
  • The Twitter handle should be available

We got a lot of great suggestions from the chat, and fit best. It’s pronounced “arcade”, which is clearly associated with gaming, and there’s a convenient “QA” in the middle! Many thanks to NiQAlas T for the idea!


Branding and Design

Arqade Site Card
Once we had the name, the next step was to create a design around it. Our community really loved Jin’s 8-bit theme, so we didn’t want to change the design too drastically, but we did want to tweak it to make it feel like you’re in an arcade. Jin did a little design magic and proposed the design to the community last week. While change is always difficult, we think the spaceship is pretty awesome and will make for some interesting swag!


What does this mean for our other sites?

Arqade got a new name because it is growing very rapidly. The community is already very engaged and excited about helping move the site to the next level, and part of that is a name that will distinguish it in the gaming community. Not every site will get its own name, and rebranding is not a “next step” in the graduation process. However, if a site grows to the point where the community is very strong, excited, and we think it can handle a big push, we will definitely consider doing this again.

Don’t be upset if your community keeps the brand it launched with though –  there are a lot of benefits to being associated with the Stack Exchange network! That’s why Arqade, Ask Different, and Seasoned Advice (among others) all redirect to a subdomain, even though they have their own brands.  For one, search rank is improved for our entire network.  Additionally, many people recognize Stack Exchange as a brand, and might be more likely to visit some of the smaller sites because of that. For these reasons, we’re reluctant to even consider re-branding a site until its community is very well-established. And there are other areas where the effort can be better spent: finding ways to convey the unique value of your community to newcomers in as few words as possible is enough of a challenge without trying to force it into a one- or two-word name + domain.

As with a lot of the things we do, “” is an experiment. We think it will help the already strong Gaming community grow even more, but the actual effects remain to be seen. If you want to stay updated, follow @thearqade or come hang out!


> It’s no coincidence that our three largest sites happen to have their own brands.

While this statement is true it’s not the reason Stack Overflow, Server Fault and Super User have their own brands. These three sites have their own brands because they were created by Jeff & co. before the Area 51 process was formed. They were created fully branded with their own domain names and identities.

They are the largest sites because they are the oldest sites.

Gaming (sorry Arqade) was promised a name when it was created but this was withdrawn when the site launched. The promise was changed to “when you get Server Fault levels of traffic”.

It’s nice to see that Stack Exchange are fulfilling that promise, but please don’t rewrite history in this way.

damn, is not available… It’d be perfect for Programmers.

@Anon is right. I’m happy for Gaming they did amazingly good in traffic, but this was a promise from a long time ago, not an experiment. It would look silly if SE Inc., didn’t match on their end and that’s all there is to it. For the rest of the SE Network, this is highly unlikely to happen.

It would cool if SE Inc, stop bringing up the naming game.

Shog9 Jun 26 2012

@Anon, @phwd: you’re leaving out a huge part of the history of this yourself – the bit where SE realized that trying to establish individual branding for every site as it launched was a HUGE distraction and abandoned that promise… Nearly two years ago:

Lemme just repeat part of this very post:

And there are other areas where the effort can be better spent: finding ways to convey the unique value of your community to newcomers in as few words as possible is enough of a challenge without trying to force it into a one- or two-word name + domain.

Read the post linked there, from October of 2010. Then follow the discussion on Gaming’s name – this took months of effort to put into effect, and there’s no evidence yet that it’ll make ANY difference: there’s a huge opportunity to waste time and effort for no real gain here.

Pekka Jun 26 2012

I ♥ this. However, it would be way cooler if the domain used actually were instead of Is there no way to do that without taking a SEO arrow in the kneecap?

“the spaceship”

I didn’t see that at all. To me it looks like an Indian palace.

@Shog9 The process of site naming/ identity is a huge distraction when you blow it up to be a huge distraction. And now, this should be *past* tense for gaming. They have individual branding now so the distraction for getting one can no longer be there right?

The only ones saying it was a huge distraction are those from SE Inc. but right before webapps and cooking went for the name change and launch everyone thought it was the right idea.

Calling it a conspiracy/paranoid if you wish but I was there on that timeline

* Webapps and cooking goes on naming process and branding (What should our .com domain name be? [deleted by SE staff]) as recommended by SE Inc.
* Webapps chooses name from none other than Joel Spolsky himself as the best name for the site
* Site gets posted to HackerNews, the king of couch-critics ( and gets tons of negative criticism
* Name gets removed immediately after, I think (80% sure) it may have been the same day.

Sure, there could have been other factors that affected it, though I’m not convinced.

Within the same quote you took you are referring to the elevator pitch, tag-lines and mottos (again, recommended by SE Inc.) for an SE site right?

Show me at least 10 SE sites that have a good one and I’m sold.

The name isn’t about significant differences, it’s about identity something that the trilogy and now can hold on to and feel as a community on their own. It’s the reason why apple.stackexchange call themselves “Ask Different” no?

The real gain is a sub SE site can hold on to identity rather than just be another face in SE crowd. If that’s not true then maybe Stack Overflow should regress to and be part of the family?

Stack Exchange overall is a great Q&A but it is the individual sites that attract users. We are way too segregated as a community to think of all of us an one.

In my opinion the real waste was when everyone got hyped to be a brand, made logos, names and everything, felt all special then got slapped in the face. That was indeed a waste of time and effort.

It’s clear, to me, that SE Inc. aim here is marketing the overall brand of the Stack Exchange Network so I just wish this silly identity topic stops coming up, if that’s how it is going to be.

Julian Jun 26 2012

What have you done against domain squatters during the domain brainstorming?

Shog9 Jun 26 2012

@phwd: I was there too – there’s a reason I linked to both the Cooking and Web Apps meta discussions… See my last comment on the Seasoned Advice thread:

SOIC is young enough to be stuck in the “soap company making margarine” role, but this too shall pass: if/when you succeed, you’ll eventually find brands that don’t expose the quirky name you picked for your back-end software…

Most SE sites – even graduated sites – are still in the situation where the name “Stack Exchange” stands a better chance of being widely known than anything else. All the drama wrought by these naming discussions is for naught when the only meaningful part of the brand is “SE”. I’m not at all sure where the line is where having distinct branding starts to help more than it hurts, but I don’t doubt for a minute that it exists – and that’s why we have folks like Lauren working on this stuff.

I do know that, outside of a tiny handful of exceptional “Act of God” situations, it isn’t worth spending the time and effort – much less encouraging the heated, often bitter schisms over naming that arise within a community – to try and hash this stuff out early. Stack Overflow didn’t work out because it had a great name, it works because it has great people: Jeff & Joel could’ve named it “Programmers” and it would’ve still worked.

“A rose by any other name” …right?

Lauren Gundrum author Jun 26 2012

@Julian the chat room for suggesting names was only announced on the Arqade meta, so there was very little danger that anyone outside the community would see it. We figured that anyone who cared enough to read the meta post wouldn’t squat on our suggestions :-)

I thought Arqade and Gaming.SE were Different Sites before!

Graham Borland Jun 27 2012

The logo is unreadable. It looks like ROAD – the A and E are hidden because they are too small and fade into the blue background.

Pierre-Alain Vigeant Jun 27 2012

I find the name ok, but not the logo. Like @None said, it look like some indian palace. Plus, the change in direction of the text make it hard to read.

SoboLAN Jun 27 2012

Any prize for the guy who came up with the name ?

Has anyone considered that this is a potential copyright infringement on Namco’s Galaga? The similarity is overwhelming.

Ben Voigt Jun 27 2012

Nicholas, be more worried about trademark law (which covers similar logos) than copyright infringement (which this definitely is not).


just be prepared to answer questions about possible affiliations to Al-Qaida, lol, JK, congrats to Gaming.SE.

Its good, we all agree. Ben Voigt, its a good comment regarding Intellectual Property, but this logo will get around all other registered designs. Its been picked by democracy.

essentially > 10% change in design allowed. That Namco’s Galaga ship is not nearly close the arqade design. It’s so generic that it brings back a bit of [Nostalgia]( – even as a kid Atari games resembled this, but not in a QA form.

Otiel Jun 28 2012

Nice one NiQAlas T! I find the “arqade” name perfect.

CodesInChaos Jun 28 2012

What use is the rebranding if you don’t use the new brand as the domain? It’s still using ``.


Lol how do you see an indian palace? It’s definitely an oldskool galaga style space ship…

@none @RIck

I saw the same funnily enough, few tweaks needed before it’s an obvious spaceship imo.

Should’ve been Pacman eating the lettering of (< a r q a d e ! ;D

Digging the Arqade logo and brand identity package. The spaceship design and font reminds me of the old Atari games I kicked my brother’s butt in as a kid.

p-kay Jul 15 2012

The arqade name is brilliant. And the logo is on the right track. But it needs some work. Like some above I think the A and E need to pop out more. At a glance the logo looks too much like ROAD or RDAD.

Andy K Jul 17 2012

I love the logo – not only does it resemble a spaceship – but it also is reminiscent of an old school fun house.

yes a better .com will be easier to remember