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Election participation badges

06-08-12 by . 20 comments

The 2012 Stack Overflow moderator election is off to a good start, with 15 candidates and just under three days left for nominations. Elections are a fairly mature feature of Stack Exchange at this point (Role-playing Games has one in progress now as well), but Stack Overflow remains the largest and I dare say most interesting: with so many members involved (and so many more potentially affected by the outcome) every part of the system is put through the wringer… Including the candidates and voters themselves!

Given the importance Stack Exchange places on community governance and by extension moderator elections, it’s sort of curious that we never formally recognized this participation. You could get badges for voting on questions and answers, but when it came to the elections we didn’t need no stinkin’ badges

That’s really kind of a shame. Here in the US, it’s common to at least get a sticker when voting, a token to wear the rest of the day in recognition of your civic-mindedness. Starting today, we’ll be handing out virtual stickers – badges – for visiting and voting:

  • The Caucus Badge is awarded for visiting the election page. This is important at every stage of the process, as even during the nomination phase comment discussions helps to flesh out the nominations. If you can’t vote, you can at least make your voice heard. This is a bronze badge.Visited an election during any phase of an active election. This badge can be awarded multiple times
  • The Constituent Badge is awarded for voting – at least once – in the final phase of the election. Recognizing the importance of the action it rewards, this is a silver badge.Voted for a candidate in an election. This badge can be awarded multiple times.
Both of these can be earned once for every election. Over the next day we’ll be awarding them retroactively across the network for participation in past elections; participants in current and future elections will see them within minutes of visiting / voting.



I like the first badge, but not very fond of the second. I have a feeling it will encourage badge-hunters that care nothing about the elections to just vote randomly for the badge.

badp Jun 8 2012

And suddenly, 40 notifications.

Opusadicafix Jun 8 2012

It’s scary that the USA allows companies to store personalized page visit data for more than 7 days.

Pekka Jun 8 2012

@Opusadicafix as opposed to…. which country? And why is this scary? I mean, I’m all for privacy, but that sounds pretty silly.

ThiefMaster Jun 8 2012

@Opusadicafix: While I’m all for *sensible* privacy some things are just exaggerated. Especially with a high-ranked StackExchange member stating (I think it was on of the founders) that he’s “Anti-Log except for moderator actions” some time ago I highly doubt that the data you mentioned is actually logged.
And even if it is – how could it ever be abused? I don’t see how it would be valuable when sold to other companies etc.

Chances are good that a criterion to get a Caucus for a past election is having participated in it, e.g. by commenting, up/downvoting during primaries or casting a final vote – all of them are actions that will be in the databases forever.

Shog9 author Jun 8 2012

@Opusadicafix: just to be clear here… There are a few specific things logged on your account primarily for stuff like this: we keep track of whether or not you visited the site each day (for the enthusiast / fanatic badges) visited each section of the FAQ (for the analytical badge) and visted the election page (until today, that was used purely to track unique, voter-eligible visitors).

If this bothers you, you’ll be happy to know that deleting your account destroys all of it.

Thanks to the badge I now know exactly who voted for the Skeptics elections. Is this as intended?

@Sklivvz – would it matter? Not sure about the US/Rest-of-World, in the UK “who voted” is publicly available data. When you present your voting card at a polling station, your record in the printed electoral register is scored out. It’s then possible to obtain marked up electoral registers after an election and find out who (at the very least) turned up on polling day and got as far as accepting a ballot paper.

Shog9 author Jun 8 2012

Sklivvz: yes, it’s intended. Voting is a positive action.

Now, a [voted-for-sklivvz] badge…

Shog9: Now we can make list of users who were able to vote, but didn’t do that. Is this intended?

Shog9 author Jun 8 2012

@Thomas: No. Strictly-speaking, you can turn any badge into a negative thing by listing out all the people who don’t have it, but AFAIK the only time we do this is… Well, on the election page, if you decide to nominate yourself.

I think I agree with @Oak, who has

” … a feeling [the second badge] will encourage badge-hunters that care nothing about the elections to just vote randomly for the badge.”

The comparison with a real election might go awry a bit, as you get a badge that is ‘the same’ as other badges: I don’t believe one would go and vote just to get a sticker, but compare it to a baseball-card (or whatever the equivalent of that is currently) that you would only get when voting, and voting was as easy as one click…

On the other hand, if you care enough about the site to want badges, and known enough that you get one for the election, it might be just a small step to check out the candidates? Though the nominations do have some reading in them…

Was there any reasoning dealing with this?

tissit Jun 10 2012

I’m all prolog. Especially schelog.

I approve of this change. Mostly because I like badges, but also because it follows the trend of encouraging everyone (including badgers like me) to do the right things.

How about gold a badge for failed moderator candidates that went through to the Primaries, but were then abandoned by the masses in favour of the status quo.

You could call it “Not bitter at all”. :)

Badges badges badges (mushroom mushroom)… *cough* Sorry. Badger pun.

How lame you use the “I Voted” image I linked to, yet you named the badge “Constituent” instead…

If the badge hunters are voting randomly it shouldn’t effect an outcome.

However if they all vote for Allowishus A. Abercrombie then there’s going to be a problem.

Tim Post Jun 11 2012

I still think the act of advancing from nomination to primary and ultimately to the election phase is badge worthy. As you said, candidates _are_ put through the proverbial wringer. Perhaps a silver ‘frontrunner’ badge for those that make it through the primary?

Very nice.

Also agree with the previous commenters that mentioned badges for running in the election.
I would take this a step further, award a bronze for nominating yourself at all (even considering the risks involved… perhaps require a minimum of votes), and a silver badge for passing the primary.
I think it’s also worth considering granting an additional badge (probably gold) to ex-moderators. Some small recognition of their time and efforts, even after they’ve resigned (or were voted out a year later).

Can the gold versions of these badges be for *winning* the election?

Nicholas, that would possibly award people writing a very good description but not intending to live up to those standards.