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Revamped Notifications

About a year and half ago we introduced the Global Inbox, that lovely little red number our analytics tell us everybody loves.



We’re fiercely protective of the inbox, making sure only actionable things directed at you go into it.  Comments, answers, a handful of post notices, Stack Overflow Careers messages, and the like.  That’s why that little red number is so loved, clicking it shows you awesome, interesting things as a rule.

However, since day one we’ve had a another class of general information notifications, badge awards, revisions, election announcements, and so on.  Stuff that’s good to know, but not always stuff you can respond to.

And here’s how we’ve always displayed those notifications:




If that’s not bad enough, notifications make you dismiss every, single, one – while the Global Inbox is a one-click, friction-less dismiss.  This means that it’s more work to go through your less interesting messages.

This is obviously all out of whack, so we’ve completely reworked the notification system, cribbing liberally from the well received Global Inbox:








Notifications are now…

  • …a tab in the Stack Exchange Genuine dropdown
  • …global: get a badge on Stack Overflow and you’ll see the notice on Gaming
  • …dismissed with one click, just like the inbox
  • …available historically: the last 45 are available, rather than disappearing forever once read

Since notifications aren’t as important as inbox notices, whenever you have unread inbox messages we’ll display the red inbox indicator rather than the gray notification indicator.  Of course, once you open the drop down you’ll see that you also have new notifications.

Hopefully this notification change removes just a bit of friction from using your favorite Stack Exchange sites. I know I for one won’t miss Big Slidy Orange one bit.

Be aware that we’ve also culled and collapsed some notifications types in recent months, aiming to keep our sites annoyance free.


Is there/will there be, access to notifications from the API?

Kevin Montrose author May 21 2012

@Adam eventually, like all features it needs to settle down before being added to the API.

jadarnel27 May 21 2012

“…the Stack Exchange Genuine dropdown” – I think you misspelled StackExchange™ MultiCollider SuperDropdown™

Great, I never did like slidy orange either.

I wish we moderator’s could get notices for moderation when we aren’t logged in…

sarnold May 21 2012

Yay! Thanks.

Ben Brocka May 21 2012

Excellent stuff! That it’s global is the most important thing IMO.

Scott May 21 2012

Great! Really glad you did this, I was starting to get annoyed with “Popular question” notifications coming up every few days from years-old questions. I’m not even that regular a user of SO… can’t imagine how horrible those must have been for Jon Skeet et al.

Jeremy May 21 2012

Thanks this is good (those Popular Question notifications… shake heads). Big kudos for such a seamless rolled out!

Steve Bennett May 21 2012

Excellent change. Now, if you’d just ditch the annoying newbie badges (every time I sign up to a new SE site, I have to sit through half a dozen patronising ‘ooh, you made a post! aren’t you a cutie!’ type badges).

> jadarnel27: “I think you misspelled StackExchange™ MultiCollider SuperDropdown™”

EXACTLY. I was about to say the same thing myself.

Suraj Chandran May 22 2012

yeah i hated the orange bar too. but at the same time, some really important things(if there are any) could still use th orange bar, since it really takes your attention

Benjol May 22 2012

I wonder whether this might not end up being *too* discrete for new users.

I also wonder whether my pro-forma comment script might not get a little broken if you remove the css for those notifications :(

Shog9 May 22 2012

Noooo! Not the pro-forma script!


James Murphy May 23 2012

Colour me strange, but I don’t like things being marked as read for me… viewed != read

In terms of being tidier this is nice, as an overall user experience this is better, but you’re touting as an absolute positive an implementation that isn’t necessarily as all your users would like it in the first place…

Ah well, I don’t participate in the meta stuff so I have little grounds for complaint

Jonathan May 23 2012

Nice change!! Will it be coming to the Mobile version? And I look forward to it coming to the API.