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Stack Exchange API V2.0 Contest Winners

About six months ago we began work in earnest on the second version of the Stack Exchange API.  A few months later, after a short private beta, we opened up a public beta with tantalizing prizes.

Now it’s time to announce the winners.

First Prize – Stack Remote

Stack Remote

An Android app by Karan M, supporting all non-meta Stack Exchange sites and a view into your inbox.

Karan will be getting an iPad 2 the new iPad.

Second Prize – SENotifier


This open source app by Greg Hewgill drops your new inbox items into OS X’s menu bar.

Greg will be getting an Acer Aspire One.

Third Prize – Stack Alert

Stack Alert

A series of open source browser extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera by George Edison which pull your inbox into the browser.

George will be getting a 160 GB Intel SSD.

Library – Serel


An open source Ruby library written by Thomas McDonald, check out the documentation.

Thomas will be getting a Kindle Fire.

Bug Reports

George Edison



All these users contributed a substantially to the quality of the API by finding and reporting numerous bugs, and will be getting their choice of a Lilliput Mini USB Monitor and a Kindle Touch 3G.

But wait, there’s more!

As part of the new authentication feature in Stack Exchange API V2.0, we added an apps tab on user profiles for managing app permissions.


Up until now, this tab was only visible to users who had authorized at least one application.  Starting today we’ve made it visible to all users, and put some tasteful app suggestions in there for users who haven’t authorized any apps yet.

We’re doing this to help those developers who build on our API find an audience for their hard work, in a similar vein to Community Promotion Ads.

Here are the current guidelines for getting an app listed:

  • It must be free, and thus available to all our users
  • It must be listed on Stack Apps
  • It must work on all Stack Exchange sites
  • It must be awesome (we’re hand curating these for now)

Congratulations to all the winners

You should definitely check them out.

If none of these apps float your boat there are plenty more available on Stack Apps, or you could jump in and build your own.

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While not finished in time to be a contest winner, those with iPads may want to check out StackTrace ( , $4.99 in the App Store ).

It’s a pretty slick app that landed Monday.

Thank you very much! I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to make the Stack Exchange ecosystem a better place.

Congratulations to all the other winners.

Thanks for the 160GB SSD – I’m really looking forward to installing it in my computer. Also thank you for the Kindle Touch 3G.

Well-deserved congratulations to Karan, Greg, and Thomas! In addition, I would like to extend thanks to Jonathan & agent86 for their bug-squashing skills.

Great! But isn’t it ironic that the creator of the Android app won an iPad and the creator of the OS X won an Aspire One??

Karan M Apr 11 2012

Thanks alot. If it wasnt for my courseworks, i would have released the ios versions. But im working on it. Must be up on the app store soon.

Greetings to all the winners!
I’ve installed Stack Alert and works like a charm, thanks for all your awesome apps George.

Question is why isn’t George working for