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Stack Overflow Meetup Everywhere: April 28, 2012

Last year’s Stack Overflow Meetups were a success, with over 2000 people participating around the world. We’re happy to announce that the Second Annual Stack Overflow Meetup Day is April 28, 2012.

2011 Meetup Locations

Because the Stack Exchange network grew so much over 2011, we’ve decided our Meetup day should grow, too. This year we’re calling on every hacker, programmer, or designer in the Stack Exchange tech community to meet up with other users, say hello, and maybe learn something. Whether you’re a member of Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Super User, Programmers, Ask Ubuntu, Game Development, or any other technology-themed Stack Exchange site, we want you to be a part of this event.*

Why does this event exist?

Even though we constantly say that Stack Exchange is not a social network, you (the community) share your knowledge and help our sites grow. The community is important, and since we don’t have friends lists or private messaging, we want to give the community a chance to get to know each other. But we need your help.

How do I get involved?

Just like last year, we’re using to make it easy for users to organize a local face-to-face event  – or to join one that someone else has planned. Visit to find your local Stack Overflow MeetUp group. If there is no group in your area, start one! As other people join, you can choose a venue (library, community center, restaurant, etc.) for the event. Those interested in playing a little bit larger role can volunteer to be planners.

If there was a meetup in your community last year, it will be shown in the list on An event has automatically been created for this year; all you need to do is RVSP and suggest a location.

If you search for your city (or a city near you) and don’t see it in the results list, add a new community!



What should my event look like?

Your event can take whatever shape suits your local community. Feeling generous? Plan group volunteering activities. Have a great open-source project you’ve been working on? Present it! Know someone who loves to talk programming in front of crowds? Ask them to guest speak! Or, plan an Ignite-style event where anyone can present an idea in five minutes or less. The options are endless.

To help you get started planning an event, take a look at what some of our users did last year or hop over to the Worldwide Meetup chat room to trade ideas and stories with other Meetup planners.

What if I’m busy on April 28th?

If you find that you and all the other Stack Exchange techies in your area can’t get together on April 28th, that’s okay! We don’t want you to miss out on the fun, so just pick any other day around the 28th – we don’t mind if people celebrate Stack Overflow for a week rather than a day.

How can I help get the word out?

Join your local community (or create a new community location) on Once you’re a member, help us get the rest of the Stack Exchange tech community involved! Use your existing online activity to share details about this event:

  • Use the hashtag #SOMeetup on Google Plus, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube when posting about Stack Overflow Meetups
  • Post a link to your local Meetup page on Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter, email the page to your friends, promote in blog posts, on HN, etc
  • Use the custom Stack Overflow Meetup widgets
  • Get in touch with other existing tech Meetup groups in your area and see if there are Stack Exchange users among them

How will Stack Exchange help?

We’re dedicated to the success of these Meetups just as much as you are. We’ll be posting more tips here on our blog to make sure you’re well-prepared to host an awesome event. We’ll put ads on our network to help spread the word, and we’ll share event details via our own social media platforms. We’ll send door prizes to the groups that build up the biggest following leading up to the Meetup Day. We’ll collect your stories, tweets, and photos to share on our blog after the event.


* For those of you who aren’t programmers, hackers or designers – fear not! We haven’t forgotten you; stay tuned for news of a possible network-wide event later this year.


Hey, SO community in NZ, I don’t believe there are only 2 person in Wellington!

While I’m glad they haven’t forgotten us, I’m worried that they’re being a bit optimistic about holding a separate event for the non-techies. Apart from mathematics and gaming, the largest non-tech SE is English Language & Usage, which is a hundredth of the user base of Stack Overflow.

So if there were about 30 people at a tech-themed meetup, there might (depending on how avid the non-tech userbase is) be 0.3 people at a non-tech one. Which isn’t much of a meeting up.

it is great idea from stack overflow

Sigh, I would have enjoyed that. I am going to be camping that weekend. I am sure the SF group will get by without me ;)

Nice effort by SO.I would like to be part of that but they have not conducted it in Asia.I request you to come to India, China, Singapur also

wow….i am exciting for this event in my city….>>!!!

Anton Shaykin Apr 11 2012

@Sameer, did you read the post carefully? It explicitly says “If there is no group in your area, start one!”. So, go ahead and create the meeting in your area ;)

Shalahuddin Apr 12 2012

i m Shalahuddin Kader Chowdhury from dhaka
i m very glad to see that in my city dhaka has meetup group.
i thanks to stack overflow for this event.
thanks all stackian

Waoh! just excited. hope i will make it. Peace!

Stack overflow rocks, and I look forward to a Melbourne Australia meetup.

If you’re reading this comment and in you live in the Zurich area, contact me. I have clothes and dishes that need to be washed.

Um, pardon my last comment. Actually I adore SO and just had too much to drink tonight. I hope the meetup is a success in all locations.

Stack Overflow Meetup Everywhere, shall mean the email can be set and reset can also be shared anywhere, good job

Lets see how many people going to be in Toronto :D

shahed Apr 17 2012


ganpath Apr 17 2012

how can i become part of stack overflow.
Am project trainee engg in android development.
I got lot of idea from SatckOF.I too like to ppost few ideas.
kindly give full detail in step by step .


Damn yeah!

I’m a big fan of StackOverflow and StackExchange in general. I’ve participated in SO, and Programmers network, and I gotta admit that I’ve gained enough.

I hope people join in my country to make it even more beneficial. Thanks guys.

KodeSeeker Apr 19 2012

Anything happening in Bangalore?

Zaffar Apr 20 2012

For the learners like me, I believe its a life changing point where learners can meet industry proven experts and top contributors. Thanks to SO..

Adnan Anwar Apr 22 2012

I would like to meetup with local as well as international contributors.

chikuba Apr 22 2012

@zerkms: im in wellington :)

This is interesting development. I will set up the meetup for Nagpur tonight and also will spread the news in Nagpur. Maharashtra, India techno community.

Good News..Glad to conduct this events.

#SOMeetup Barcelona was a blast – posted a video here: – great idea and thanks for the instigation Stack Overflow! We decided not to go for talks but they’ll be up next.

oops – that link should be: