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Stack Exchange Keyboard Shortcuts

02-08-12 by . 4 comments

Scott Hanselman’s article about keyboard shortcuts and web sites reminded me that I inexplicably forgot to blog about our very own totally awesome set of keyboard shortcuts for Stack Exchange!

While we haven’t yet integrated keyboard shortcuts into the core site, the Stack Exchange Official Keyboard Shortcuts browser script is explicitly supported and actively maintained by us (mostly through the hard work of Ben and Rebecca).

If you’re a website keyboard type of guy or gal, give it a shot. There’s a nice, friendly tag wiki on how to install browser scripts on the Stack Apps scripts tab, but for convenience I’ve included the direct links to install below:

After installing (and possibly restarting/refreshing), pressing ? should get you started.

There are lots of other cool Stack Exchange scripts on Stack Apps, and of course we have a full-blown API for accessing Stack Exchange sites that just went to version 2.0. Check ’em out!

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Michael Feb 8 2012

This is just about the best thing that’s happened to me all week <3

I decided to give the script a try and it works perfectly, even on Stack Apps which offers a slightly different format for questions on the home page. Ben and Rebecca have done an excellent job putting this together. And yes, I upvoted the script a long time ago.

Tim Post Feb 8 2012

This really helps when teaching new users (that will probably become awesome users) how to format stuff correctly. That will teach me to browse stackapps a bit more frequently and dig more.

Some days ago I asked a related question on wordpress.stackexchange:

It is good to see you guys haven’t forgotten us keyboard users. :)