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Stack Exchange API V2.0 No Longer Beta

We’ve spent the last month polishing V2.0 of the Stack Exchange API in a public beta, and I’m happy to announce its final release.  Kudos to those who have reported bugs, and made quality suggestions during the beta.

At this point the interface to V2.0 is frozen, only bug fixes and performance improvements will be deployed until the next revision.  As always, if you build on our platform we will support you so V2.0 will be around as long as it sees significant use.

You’ll find our revamped documentation portal at:

Alongside the documentation for every method, you’ll also find a test console for rapid experimentation.  Try out the console by finding Jon Skeet’s most recent comment.

We’ve also thrown together a minimalist Javascript SDK for consumers that just want to use the new authentication features.

Although the beta is over, the contest continues.  You have until the end of February to list any application or library on Stack Apps to be eligible, and you can continue to hunt the (now rather elusive) bugs left in the API.

Some Neat Apps That Are Already Available

StinkingBadges, created by agent86, lets you see your progress towards some of the harder Stack Exchange badges.  It’s a good example of filling a gap, rather like StackPrinter from V1.0.

Stack Alert, created by George Edison, takes advantage of the headlining authentication feature of V2.0 to give you access to your Stack Exchange inbox right in your browser.  While decidedly utilitarian, it is already available for Firefox, Opera, and Chrome.

StackGeography, created by patridge, plots where on the globe new questions are being asked.  Not entirely unlike our own monitor wall, but built on top of the public API.

While it’s only half-way through the contest, I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve seen thus far.

Of course, there’s plenty of time left to create an application.

If you’re interested go read the read the documentation and register your application.

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Jason Feb 3 2012

The icon looks like a Pokéball. I suspect it supposed to look more like a screw?

It’s *supposed* to be a mixture of the cog for Stack Apps (see it on the right if you’re unfamiliar, as “api/apps”) with our standard bubble for Stack Exchange, hahahahaha! But it totally does look like a Pokéball.

“Stack Exchange API V2.0 No Longer Beta” – hooray!

A big thank you to Kevin for all of his hard work generating documentation, fixing bugs, and of course – adding OAuth 2.0 support to the API. I’m guessing that it was not a trivial task and he did a great job implementing it and documenting its usage.

I can’t wait until v3.0 :)


As a child of the 90s, looking like a Pokéball is a feature not a defect.

Can we have that as the Stack Apps logo now? :)

“A wild app appears!”


Kudos to all the developers! George, you are incredible.. how many apps have you developed since V.1.0? Great work Kevin, very neat V2.0 API. also support stackexchange api v2
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