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So You Want To Be a Developer (Part 1)

A few months ago we had James Portnow of Extra Credits on the podcast.  We’re huge fans of everything that they’re doing over at Extra Credits, so when they asked us to help them write an episode on programming, we jumped at the opportunity.  Here’s the link:

Extra Credits: So You Want To Be a Developer (Part 1)

If you’ve never heard of Extra Credits, it’s a weekly show about the video game industry from the perspective of people who actually work in it.  It’s a fascinating look into game craftsmanship — not just how video games are made, but what makes them work, what games do well and not so well, and the effects that they have on people.  They talk a lot about about game elements and using them for good and not evil, which is something that we think a lot about with Stack Exchange.

The episode we helped them write is called So You Want To Be a Developer.  It’s part of a loose series of episodes on the jobs involved in making games and how to be awesome at them.  They’ve previously done episodes on game designers and producers, and wanted to do one on developers but didn’t have any direct experience with development.  That’s where we came in.

The episode ended up being a two-parter, because apparently we gave them way too much material to fit into one episode.  You can check out part 1 now, and come back next week for part 2.


Speaking of the podcast, have you guys decided not to do any more?

So did you really give them a logo for Stack Overflow that uses blue gradient in hue rather than the orange one that is used (see at 5:57).


David Fullerton author Feb 15 2012

@Nicholas Yeah, I have no idea where they got that blue logo…

where part 2 ?