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Stack Exchange co-founder Jeff Atwood announced that he is leaving the company to spend more time with his family, including his twin daughters Maisie Jane (5lb2oz) and June Adeline (5lb 7oz) who celebrated their 0th birthday (and joined Twitter) last Friday, to the great joy of their parents.

It has been a great honor for all of us to have worked with Jeff over the last four years as Stack Exchange grew from absolutely nothing to a world-changing resource with over 30 million monthly visitors.

When I first met Jeff, I told him that when Stack Overflow was built, it would become a standard part of the programmer’s toolset… as important as an editor or a compiler. I’m not sure if he believed me at first. Heck, I didn’t believe me. But I’ll never forget the day it shipped, in August 2008, and I tried to ask my first question (something about a regexp for a URL that omitted the trailing dot) and found that it had already been asked, and answered, multiple times, and people had already voted up the best answer, and I knew right then that I hadn’t exaggerated. And now it has been years since I’ve met a programmer that doesn’t know and love Stack Overflow, and none of it would have been possible without Jeff’s amazing contribution.

The company has changed a lot in four years: we’ve gone from nothing to 50 employees; we raised over $18 million in venture capital to fund our next expansion; we have a network of 80 Q&A sites on topics from LEGO to cooking. That the company will continue to flourish in his absence is no doubt a testament to the great work Jeff did creating an institution dedicated to principles of making the Internet better.

Farewell, Jeff, we’ll miss you.

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Samuel Bronson Feb 6 2012

You should probably change the title to “Farewell to Jeff” or something like that, so people don’t see “Farewell, by Joel Spolsky” when they hover over the “new” indicator next to the blog link. This made me think “Joel Spolsky is saying goodbye?”

Take care, Jeff, and all the best with your newly-expanded family! It was good knowing (and meeting up with) you. May your road ahead be filled with much more awesomeness. :-)

Congratulations on your recent additions, Jeff! You have made an invaluable contribution, and while you will be missed I know I’m not alone in looking forward to your next adventure!

P.S. No fair changing my cw posts to regular and doing a recalc on your last day. ;-P

Stephen Adams Feb 6 2012

Jeff, congrats on your family expansion … my little one is almost 2 months so I can understand the serious change of focus! :-) 1 has been a challenge, twins are going to be fun!

You can look back on what you built here with pride, I hope to still see you around as a user getting tips on games and other projects … well once you have time again.

All the best and thank you for all you’ve done here.

Bill Smith Feb 6 2012

Congratulations and best of luck to Jeff! Hope he gets some sleep at night, now and then.

I truly wish him all the best. He helped make the internet a better place.

Kirk Kuykendall Feb 6 2012

Best wishes Jeff. I really appreciate all that you’ve done.

Chris Feb 6 2012

Farewell, I came to SO by the way of his blog. He’ll be an internet personality who is sorely missed. Best of luck with the kiddos. I’m sure he’ll be seen around .

Man, this is like Steve Jobs announcing his stepping down from Apple… You will be missed!

Before you go, we need a super-designated person to handle the burnination of tags; for you to pass on… the dragon image. Who will it be!?

Lets just say you’ve made a profound impact on the way we as programmers program. Thanks for your hard work over these years to make StackExchange the great place it is now. I’ll (we’ll) miss you, but I have high respect for the choice you made. Best of luck in the future!

Oscar Reyes Feb 6 2012

I think this is terrible. I mean, I know there are things to prioritize in life and everything but I honestly think this StackOverflow thing is just starting.

What if Bill Gates or Steve Jobs ( or even Mark Zuckerberg ) have left their companies after 4 years?!

I know StackOverflow and StackExchange will be fine because it is a good product already and I don’t hesitate Joel Spolsky will do a great job, but there will be always a missing part in SO.

I wish you the best Jeff and I’ll wait for your return to StackOverflow


Farewell Jeff, you will be missed. Enjoy your kids while they are young, they grow up so fast.

Thanks for all the fishes … you’ve changed the way we program, and Stack Exchange is changing the way we do everything else.

Enjoy your time with your family … if there’s something that money _can_ buy, it’s quality time at home with your loved ones. I’m sure we’ll see new great projects from you in the future.

Farewell, Jeff! Thanks for all the time, dedication, and hard work you put into Stack Exchange. It’s never quite the same once a cofounder leaves the company, especially one that’s been leading primary development for the last (nearly) 4 years. Stack Exchange won’t be the same without Jeff.

Honestly, I never liked you Jeff, but you have been a great manager and developer and I can’t thank you enough for giving us this great site.

I hope you visit sometimes, with answers and questions.

You will always be the user:1.


Simon Feb 7 2012

Isn’t “leaving the company to spend more time with his family” a euphemism?

Thank you for the dedication and devotion you gave to Stack Exchange, Jeff! You have created a great product, one which touched the lives of many, many people (myself included). Congratulations on your expanded family, and good for you for making the choice to be with them. Stack Exchange will be here when they grow up, their childhood will be fleeting. You will be missed, but somehow I doubt we’ve seen the last of you. I know from personal experience that your product is fairly addictive and not very easy to put down ;-)

JonH Feb 7 2012

Jeff thanks for your efforts, they are greatly appreciated. It takes a strong person to give up something they love so dearly and focus on whats more important. Thumbs up to you.

I can’t believe this… no more podcast then?

You will be missed, I hope you’ll join StackExchange again in the future!

Congrats on the family, and undoubtedly the impact you’ve made on the internet with the help of the SE team. Truly a remarkable contribution to be proud of for a long time to come.

Congrats to the Atwoods and thanks Jeff!

Basic Feb 7 2012

Jeff, I have to admit I’ve disagreed with your decisions more often than not, but I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the SE sites. You’ve made my life as a developer considerably easier.

Thank you and best wishes to your new family.

stealthyninja Feb 7 2012

Am I the only one who wants a SOPA/PIPA-like black-out in response to this sad news? :-/

Mr. Atwood, you’ll be missed. As much for your insight as for your snarky comment (often in conjunction with your insight) and my only hope is that you won’t be a complete stranger and will check in once in a while on your other child (that is StackOverflow and the StackExchange network).

I applaud Jeff for prioritising family and children over job and career. But I am wondering if it was necessary to leave Stack Exchange entirely?

Couldn’t Jeff have done the Bill Gates move of retiring to a limited capacity so he can focus more time outside the company? Or is he aiming for the househusband role? :-)

Camilo Martin Feb 12 2012

I never liked his over-moderative approach, and won’t miss him. But I really like the software he built.

Matt Phililps Feb 14 2012

Stack Overflow is a wonderful site that has allowed me to not only get my own questions answered quickly, but to build my own expertise by answering the questions of others. The privilege/badge/voting architecture is brilliant. Thanks Jeff for your part in this.

Jeff, you were an inspiration for me with your accurate discussions on Q/A and game design in the website.

Hope you the best!

I too am surprised that a limited role within the company wasn’t announced. Jeff has made a fantastic decision, but down the line there will always be doubts on this decision and an advisory or part-time role would probably help rather than hinder his family time.

Additionally, if Jeff decides to put himself back on the market when the kids are in school would there be a space for him to rejoin SE? As much as this project is attributed to Joel much of what we see was (probably) a labour of love from Jeff so it’d be nice to at least see an opportunity where Jeff could return.

@csharp4evermore Mar 1 2012

This is the saddest news I’ve heard in ages. Just hope that the god that is Jeff returns. To say he changed my life is no understatement for if it wasn’t for my feeling of fascination by his hilarious critique of code over at Coding Horror, followed by awesome rise to success with Stack Overflow and Co, I would never have gotten back to college, then university, and now earning a decent wage as a developer. You changed my very small life in an unimaginable way. I just hope you do come back. That small beacon of hope is all that stops me bawling like a baby. Thanks for everything man, and congratulations. We the community salute you as proof that new ventures online can work if you are intelligent, analytical, witty, and motivated.

Congrats! I have twin 1 year old girls and a 4 year old girl, plus a wife (yes understand the ration 4:1). Life is challenging and I admire you for being able to not have to work. Both my wife and I work so life is always full and free time is sparse (hence my < 1000 rep on SO) :P

Good luck and have fun Jeff!

Jeff: Congratulations! I only wish I had discovered StackExchange a few years earlier. Like CSharpEvermore, I read your Coding Horror blog, then found my way here. I appreciate the meritocracy that is StackExchange. Really, it is, in comparison to other similarly purposed websites.

Best of luck to you & your family. You (and Joel) helped many people get accurate advice about English, WordPress, math, economics, quant finance, French, even SQL now and then. Thank you!

Cordie Mar 6 2012

Looks like the stackexchange investors are not happy with Jeff’s moral integrity.

All the best:)