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The Stack Big Board (with Video!)

12-09-11 by . 18 comments

Anyone who has seen pictures or video from our office in the last few months has probably noticed a small addition in the form of five large screens mounted in the middle of it.  The screens came about when we were first hiring CHAOS and realized that we wanted an easy way to visualize and display relevant information (or play video games) during the day.  The first iterations where a bit, um, crazier (as evidenced by this rendering that we cooked up).  Eventually though, we decided that we needed something that fit in our 8′ ceilings and could be seen by everyone.

And so our current version was born (technically, this is version 2.13 – the first version had all 5 monitors oriented in portrait, but we realized that 2 in portrait and 3 in landscape was better).  Amazingly, this is actually a relatively easy system to build out.  Using truss is also much simpler than wall mounting as aligning the monitors is much easier and the freestanding structure can be moved around to make wiring/adjustments much easier.

There are two pieces of 2 meter box truss that make the main upright supports (and each have one of the vertical monitors mounted to them) and one piece of 3.5 meter ladder truss that makes up the span holding the three landscape monitors.  All of the TVs are hung directly to the truss using O-clamps (which are secured to the TVs using standard M6 bolts).  Wire management is also pretty easy as all of the wiring is run directly through the truss or ziptied to it.

So what makes up the Big Board?

And what do we run on it? (From Left to Right)

  • Monitor 1: Whatever is current and relevant or general office info
  • Monitor 2: Traffic stats
  • Monitor 3: The CHAOS Trello Board
  • Monitor 4: Careers 2.0 Tracking
  • Monitor 5: Employee Chat

Both the traffic stats and Careers 2.0 boards were built using Geckoboard, a service that lets you easily build status monitors (just connect it to your relevant accounts or provide it with feeds from your database and it handles making it look great).

You can also check out this video of Joel and I talking about the board and showing off what it can do.



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JonH Dec 9 2011

Joel why are you asking alex whats on the tv’s when you already know? It just looks odd.

@JonH This is an attempt to mimic the way that news anchors interview people. It is a fairly common technique.

(I am surprised that they did not know that they would need at least 2+ graphics cards for this. I think they might have been able to get away with two, but three would be the safe bet.)

Just discovered Geckoboard which is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for that.

Joel is also pointing the handheld microphone at Alex (and holding it far away) when Alex already has a lavalier mic hooked on his shirt.

Cool! Good to see what you guys are up to. I can’t work out though, is this a toy or does it help you guys day to day?

@Tom 90% real work / 10% play

Christian Richards Dec 9 2011

This is a monster setup. We recently switched from Geckoboard to Leftronic’s dashboards. I recommend giving them a look as well.

What dashboard app are you guys using on screen 2?

2:27 LOL!

Joel, horizontal stripes != slimming ;-)

Paperjam Dec 9 2011

I don’t know – that initial rendering looks completely reasonable to me.

A big Thank You for Trello! Just what I was looking for to get rid of the post-it notes on my (and my teams) desks.

Interesting project. We’re looking to do something similar. What was your total cost for this project?


@Eric – total cost is about $12k all in. Rough cost breakdown:

TV’s – $7500 (5 @ 1500 each)
Truss – $1500
Hardware – $500
Computer – $2000
Cabling – $500

Which OS is the PC running on? Did you try several?

Thanks for posting this! The setup looks awesome, and it inspired us to build our own:

We were able to come in at $800 per display using a Google TV appliance, but you’ve got a little more flexibility with the custom hardware.