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Stack Exchange Gives Back 2011

I’m sitting up late this evening trying to think of an inspirational way to end this year with some grandiloquent statement about our growth and the great job everyone has done this year. I don’t know; maybe it’s the glow of the Christmas tree behind me, or the eggnog recipe I’ve been experimenting with… but, really, anything I can say here can only lessen the outpouring that comes following this…

Greetings to the Stack Exchange Moderators,

In a yearly tradition at Stack Exchange, we set aside this time of year to make sure we are “giving back” to effect positive change in the world. As a moderator, you play such a crucial role in our success, and we would like to include you in that effort.

As a small gesture of thanks, we would like to make a $100 donation to charity on behalf of each community moderator. The link below leads to a brief form where you can select which charity you wish to receive the donation.

Select Your “Giving Back” Charity

It is my hope that, together, we can continue this tradition year after year — and with 220+ moderators, that donation will only continue to increase.

So, thanks to everyone who participated in Stack Exchange. Thank you for generously contributing your time, your passion, and your leadership, all of which made these donations possible.

– The Stack Exchange Team

We started with 12 moderators, then 130 — and now on behalf of the 228 moderators of Stack Exchange, we made a donation to the following charities this holiday season:

We also want to give back to the people, tools, and projects that inspired us and helped us build this Stack Exchange Q&A network:

The notes returned in kind — the notes of “thank you” and heart-warming well-wishes — are a great way to end the year knowing that sometimes you just get it right, and that what you do matters. Let me end this year by extending a sentiment from the “giving back” letter to you, the users of Stack exchange:

Thank you for generously contributing your time, your passion, and your knowledge, all of which made this fantastic resource possible. Cheers! – The Stack Exchange Team

Coming up next: 2012. Stay tuned.

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I think it’s truly awesome that Stack Exchange gives back in this way and I think it’s great that you allow the mods to choose whom to donate to. It makes me very proud to me a member of our community. Thanks to everyone on the Stack Exchange team and all of our moderators, and a very happy holidays and a great 2012 to everyone in our communities!

Matthew Read Dec 23 2011

This was a really nice gesture for us mods.

One thing I appreciated about this practice was the way in which it mitigated the overjustification effect which occurs when swag or other direct incentivization comes into play.

Thank you, StackExchange team, for making participation in the creation of open source knowledge something we can all feel good about.

That is extremely cool. Thanks.