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“Earned a Stack Overflow gold badge” Badges!

After much anticipation, we are happy to announce that our friends at Nerd Merit Badges have created a Stack Overflow GOLD Badge. That’s right:

If you’ve earned one of our virtual gold badges on Stack Overflow, you’ve put a lot of work into doing something awesome. We give you flair so you can direct people around the Internet to your profile and show off all the badges you’ve earned, but we wanted to enable you to show off your accomplishment in real life, too.

It’s not all fun and games, though; John and Randy point out that this badge comes with responsibility:

…this badge comes with a job: if you see someone wearing this badge, it’s your duty to ask them how they earned it…And if they can’t answer you, you’re standing face to face with EVIL. Evil that didn’t EARN the badge, and has no right to wear it.

So go ahead: treat yourself to a little extra something this holiday. You look good on Stack Overflow, and now Nerd Merit Badges have made another way that Stack Overflow looks good on you.

(Haven’t earned a gold badge on Stack Overflow yet, or are not a Stack Overflow user? Fear not! Head over to Stack Exchange’s online shop for SE fan patches. Or, if patches aren’t your thing, check out t-shirts, stickers, mugs and more!)

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Chris Dec 22 2011

This makes me feel like I’m living an RPG and I just got a level up. So awesome.

Sweet! I love you guys. Now I can another badge to my laptop!

Tim Post Dec 22 2011

Why do all of the badge links on the product page point to meta (or is it just because certain gold badges are less common there)?

Off to buy 6 of these.