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The holiday season is upon us, and as another year comes to an end, it is Stack Overflow Annual User Survey time again! So, take a break from wrapping gifts and come tell us about yourself. We promise it will only take a few minutes of your time.

Of course, as the “annual” implies, we’ve been running a survey for a few years now, including last year’s survey which marked the first time the anonymous data was formally used in support of selling advertising on Stack Overflow and Server Fault. This data is an important part of keeping the lights on around here, and, as a user of either of those two sites, or any Stack Exchange site for that matter, we ask you to participate.

For the fine comrades who continue to support us, you’ll find that this year’s survey is similar to last year’s, but with some important updates made to the technology references and a few items of particular interest to users looking at the data. For example, upon several suggestions we’ve added a question measuring reputation for those respondents with an account, using ranges, to make sure things stay anonymous.  Also, with developers in high demand, we’ve added a few questions related to our Stack Overflow Careers service and even one shameless plug for Stack Overflow users who have not yet created a programmer profile.

Banner Ad on Stack Overflow to Promote the Survey

As in previous years, we are promoting the survey via banner ads like the above on Stack Overflow and of course right here with this blog post.  The survey will be open until we get to enough responses to be deemed statistically significant, which will probably take about 3,500 responses, but of course the more the merrier. Finally, we will be sharing the results in a blog post, and giving you the opportunity to sign up at the end of the survey to receive a copy of the final results via email. So, please take the survey now, and bask in the simple pleasure of checking one more item off your holiday shopping list.

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I’m confused… do we take it via HTTP or gopher?

Whats the incentive to taking the survey?
In addition, how does this survey benefit me the user.

joe larson Dec 14 2011

I find it interesting that so many survey’s embed the assumption that companies with <25 people are "Start ups" whereas you must have more than that to be a "Mature Small Business". Plenty of small businesses, including mine, have been around for ages and doing quite well with less than 25 employees!

But I love you anyway StackOverflow


Pekka Dec 14 2011

The link points to a survey monkey, but the post explicitly mentions a survey gopher. I feel tricked and cheated out of my gopher. I would never have clicked the link had I known I had to expect a monkey.

Pierre-Alain Vigeant Dec 14 2011

I can’t get past the page with the company size/type of company. When I press next, I get back to the country where I live page.

@JonH – same way that answering questions benefits you.

SO gets a survey proving that we are all high powered decision makers. They take this to advertisers and can demand higher rates.

This means Joel can afford to feed the dog, Jeff doesn’t have to send the new kid to work climbing chimneys and we don’t have to pay for SO membership to read the answers.

derobert Dec 14 2011

It keeps randomly sending me back to the first page (though as I hit next through it, it still has all my answers filled in, except for the last page I went through).

Please consider survey software that doesn’t suck.

Pekka Dec 14 2011

Derobert, I have the same problem. Survey monkey seems to have problems.

@Joel it could easily be “Take the survey, get a free Stack Overflow sticker!* (*US and Canada only)”

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to offer a little something for people’s time.

Stephen Dec 14 2011

I always get disappointed when taking these surveys that they intentionally (or naively) miss important data by using the wrong controls for the question.

e.g. the one about which type of application do you work on – they are radio buttons, I can only pick one… but this doesn’t come close to accurately reflecting what I do… which is SaaS, Web Services, Mobile, etc., etc.

In any case where the user could answer multiple, provide checkboxes for a more accurate result.

The other trick is if a question has an “Other” option, provide a text box so the user can explain what their “other” is… otherwise you gain no insight as to what all the “other” answers are.


Survey Gopher looks familiar – is he related to Jeff?

Yes, we will be sending a SO sticker to anyone filling out the survey in the US and Canada. Thanks Jeff and Joel!

Ooooh, just got my sticker request form. I shall have a plethora of stickers soon!

Thanks guys. I love programming related swag. More companies should totally make more of the stuff. (I’m lookin at you xamarin)

The gopher looks awesome. Can I please get a high-res image, Joel or Jeff?