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Welcome Valued Associate Peter Grace!

Peter Grace joins Stack Exchange as Sysadmin in the NYC Headquarters, expanding the System Administration team to 3 people.  George, Kyle and Pete are working hard to make sure our growing sites continue to make the internet a better place.

Pete has been married to his lovely wife Kristy for eight years and they have two sons Nate, 3 and Ben, 1.  An avid gardener, Pete has successfully grown pumpkins, radishes, cucumbers, swiss chard, snow peas and more.  In his spare time, Pete enjoys playing computer games and guns with George.


Welcome Pete!

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Welcome Peter! Glad to know things worked out. Now all you need to worry about are your blueberries.


Peter Grace Oct 19 2011

Thanks Yoda! I opted to leave the blueberries there, hoping it’ll be a selling point for when the house sells. Of course, given the SEPA housing market, it could be next july before the house sells!