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Stack Exchange becomes an institutional member of the TeX Users Group

We’re pleased to announce that Stack Exchange is now an institutional member of the TeX Users Group.

TeX Users Group

The TeX Users Group (TUG) is a non-profit organization supporting the the TeX typesetting system community — or anyone generally interested in furthering the fields of typography and font design. It’s popular within many academic disciplines, several of which are represented in the Stack Exchange network.

TeX was originally popular as a tag on Stack Overflow and eventually grew into its own TeX Stack Exchange site through the Area 51 process. This community has actively contributed new packages back to the TeX community, and maintains a community blog.

As part of our institutional membership, we can also provide eight members of our TeX community individual memberships:

Stefan Kottwitz  Martin Scharrer  Andrew Stacey  Caramdir  Raphink  Patrick  Alan Munn  lockstep

This initiative was driven by the TeX Stack Exchange community itself; thanks for helping us make this happen! And if there are any other ways we can assist in supporting community conferences, associations, or organizations don’t hesitate to float it on your meta!

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Now we should actively pursue the R Users Base so that we can say we are proud to be RUB and TUGgers.

Arjan Oct 4 2011

Ah, no more excuses to not allow MathJax on all sites? ;-)

@Arjan: Not quite clear what you mean. We certainly _don’t_ want MathJax on!

Caramdir Oct 4 2011

I just received this year’s TUGboats (the TUG journal). Thank you StackExchange! :)

Pekka Oct 4 2011

Will – you deserve a nobel prize for your comments. Next year, for sure!

One small little bug: when I click the Tex Users Group picture under flair (on the right-hand side of this blog), I notice that they’ve got “StackExchange” (without the space) in their list.

Shouldn’t there be a space between ‘Stack’ and ‘Exchange’?