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SE Podcast #24 – Eric Ries

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Jeff & Joel are joined this week by Eric Ries, author and expert on The Lean Startup.  Topics for the chat include:

  • Jeff Atwood is joining the podcast from his vacation. He has an announcement! He is having twins! In February! This will bring the total Atwood Child Count to 3, meaning they will outnumber the adults. Congratulations, Jeff!
  • Talk of children leads to talk of war which leads to talk of Battlefield 3. The core team spent some time playing today. It incentivizes working as a team!
  • ANYWAY. Eric Ries is our guest today! He’s got a new book out called The Lean Startup. What is a Lean Startup? It’s an analogy to lean manufacturing: a system of management about fast cycle time and building quality in from the beginning. Lean startups take those techniques and apply them to startups, where there are a lot more unknowns about the product and the customer.
  • Eric wants to convince Jeff and Joel not to batch deploy anymore. (We deploy multiple times per day. We have at least one per day, and other than that people can deploy as they see that they need to.) The discussion about the way the teams deploy changes leads to a discussion about unit testing.
  • Joel’s criticism of lean startups: the combination of Lean Startups and the fact that any startup can get a huge amount of funding instantly leads to a lot of startups that seem to “pivot” an awful lot. Color is a classic example of this. Eric reminds us thatwinter is coming for entrepreneurship, and this might not be a problem much longer.
  • What is a pivot? A change in strategy without a change in vision. The key to the analogy is that in a pivot, one foot stays planted while you shift around to a new direction.
  • Innovation accounting is Eric’s alternate accounting system that’s designed to tell if you’re getting close to product market fit. ROI, profitability, growth rates – all the traditional accounting metrics don’t apply at the really early stages of a startup.
  • Joel’s dream for the Stack Exchange Network is medical research. The problem is getting a critical mass of people together to make the site work. Currently, we branch into other verticals via “overlapping circles” – starting out with programmers who also have other hobbies.
  • Gaming is one of the biggest sites that has been created out of the “overlapping circles” theory. It’s likely to be an excellent bridge between the existing community of programmers and civilians who also play games, so we are going to put time and effort into figuring out how exactly to make Gaming more awesome.
  • Eric is Mr. Pivot, so let’s get back to that: Pivoting is not necessarily a mistake. It’s the realization that a strategy that you used to be pursuing is working well for a specific customer base, and that you should pursue the parts of it that work. Gamers tend to pick a certain game to obsess over for a while, so it makes sense for the Gaming Stack Exchange to take a more specific approach to games as opposed to the Stack Overflow generalist approach.
  • If you could imagine having An Encyclopedia Of X, there could be a site about X. (There might not be an encyclopedia on Call of Duty, but there would be one about all games in general.) That leads to the generalist approach, which can get messy, but we allow users to participate in segmenting themselves.
  • Joel has decided to attack the Stack Overflow moderator flag queue. Some things he’s noticed: There is a tendency to pile flags on people that don’t speak English natively. The mental load on a new moderator can be very high as they learn the ropes of how to handle particular types of flags. Handling flags requires a lot of effort and decision from moderators. Joel has an idea on how to handle this! Discussion on moderation and flagging ensues.
  • Eric‘s book The Lean Startup, found on Amazon or right on Eric’s website, peaked at #2 on the New York Times bestseller list!

Make sure to join us next week (at the usual time of course) when our guest is Mar Russinovich.

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As someone who has worked in Pharma for the past four years:

* I really wonder if it would even be possible to get medical doctors invested in this site in even the distant future through “overlapping circles.” They are a reach market which should be targeted to get real investment. It was our experience that it was difficult to get referrals from within the community, but then, we were advertisers.
* A good deal of the pharmaceutical research is confidential/secretive. That will cause problems in creating an open community.
* You will need lawyers to at least make sure that you have appropriately navigated medical law — if a doctor excessively endorses a product that can have legal implications in some circumstances. I don’t know what that might mean for a site like SE, but this is something which should be looked at.
* If you do get doctors involved, I suspect that it will be difficult to get advertisers — in addition to the comment above, there are some very dramatic legal problems with advertising to doctors. This actually was a major cause for the failure of the site

I did a little more extensive writing on the moderator problem, just a long-winded editorial.

David McCllenad Oct 26 2011

Pivot always reminds me of that Friends episode where they are moving the couch:

Nick P. Oct 26 2011

Glad you brought Eric on!

Twins. Let me speak from experience (3 year old twins plus a 7 year old). In a way Jeff can understand.
Twins != baby * 2;
Twins == baby^2;

Sleep while you can.

djeidot Oct 27 2011

@Doug: 1 baby squared is still 1 baby… right? :P

Joakim Oct 27 2011

“Starcraft, which is just mining a lot of gold” – Wait what?

And chess is just moving a bunch of pieces…

lucas pottersky Oct 27 2011

lool, look at this Stackoverflow’s copycat:

lucas – this is osqa, it isn’t stackoverflow.
And the blog entry is probably not the right place to discuss that?

Jeff ‘Stackoverflow hardly ever has bugs’ Atwood – except in the early days when we knew Jeff had edited the code by the fact that you couldn’t search for ‘c++’

Kyle Nov 2 2011

I love the podcast in general but instead of letting Eric Reis talk about his book you guys went into stack exchange minutia. Let the guests talk more!

Tyson Nov 2 2011

I would have loved to hear about the continous deployment concept Eric was championing. I’d like to hear how they do it.

I second that it would have been good to hear more from Eric.

Also Jeff, you may not play BattleField and Minecraft, but others and I do. You feel strongly about these playstyles being exclusive, and project that feeling on how you feel the site might work. It sounds close minded. I play many games of all genres as do so many that I know. I’ve found gaming to be a useful reference site. Give it a fair shake.