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Welcome Valued Associate Sean Gallagher

09-27-11 by . 8 comments

I’m very thrilled to announce that Sean Gallagher is joining us as an Art Director. He will be working out of our New York HQ.

Not Sean Gallagher

OK, that’s not Sean. This is Sean.

Sean Gallagher

The process of finding Sean did remind me of  the movie Seven Samurai, where the villagers were looking for aids. I’ve been looking for design help for a while. Besides excellent web design skills, Sean also has great experience in strategy, conceptual and communications design ranging all media from one-offs to brand campaigns. I believe he’ll be a great asset, especially since we’ve started creating a lot more design materials to promote our Stack Exchange 2.0 sites.

Sean's Japanese robot collection

Sean lives in NYC and loves Japanese food and robot toys as much as I do. He’s a serious vintage japanese robo toys collector. Check out his whole collection!

Welcome aboard Sean!


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Congratulation on your new position, Sean! ‘Looking forward to a Stack Exchange-branded Shogun Warrior robot, coming to a Stack Exchange store near you:

Thanks Robert!

I love those shogun commercials, and the American imports ARE rad. But to see what’s on my shelves you must go further back to 1973 and experience Jumbo Machinders! This is what Mattel selected a few characters from to import as Shogun WArriors!

That’s cool you know the Shoguns! Marvel did a great comic of them.

Standback Sep 27 2011

Wait a sec. Back up there.

You’re saying the guy from the first picture is still available?

@Standback yes. but we can’t afford him.

Welcome Sean! Looking forward to the anime April 1st gravitars (anime ponies perhaps?) Favorite NYC Japanese restaurant? Jewel Bako? 15 East 15th? Other?

JCCyC Sep 28 2011

“The process of finding Sean did remind me of the movie Seven Samurai, where the villagers were looking for aids.”

Uh… :-/

Hahaha… how’d I miss these comments! Hilarious!

Favorite Japanese restaurant list is not for the Internets. Jewel Bako is my favorite expensive sushi place.
You should try EN brasserie, if you’re into Jewel Bako.

April 1 mecha-robo unicorns GO!

And yes… I tested negative.

love is laif