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SE Podcast #17 – Kyle Brandt & George Beech

09-07-11 by . 10 comments

Jeff & Joel are back with guests this week – joining them are Kyle Brandt and George Beech, our very own sysadmins/ops guys/[insert your own term here]

After a brief test of the emergency broadcast system, we plunge right into the podcast, including:

  • Joel is late because he had to go up to AOL HQ to pick up some more floppy disks for the office
  • We recently launched Blog Overflow – which was actually a pretty substantial engineering and technical background to making it happen.
  • A huge discussion of the the SE infrastructure setup and why we host our own instead of relying on Amazon or another outside provider.  Hint: not only can we roll our own better, but its a lot cheaper too.
  • In the department of little tweaks with big effect, check out our “network apocalypse”: at one point, Stack reconfigured to separate different types of network traffic due to microbursting overloading the network – this simple upgrade greatly increased the throughput and efficiency of the existing infrastructure.
  • In the good news department: Jeff talks about the expanding user cards just introduced and based on a conversation from our podcast a few weeks ago with Michael Natkin
  • In the bad news department: we’ve decided to cancel Stack Overflow DevDays due to low ticket sales – you can read Joel’s full blog post for all the details.
  • Finally, we welcome our newest engineering hire – Demis!

That’s it!  Tune in next week at the usual time for another episode with more guests!

Stack Exchange Podcast – Episode #17 w/ Kyle & George by Stack Exchange


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Bill Sep 7 2011

Jeff, Malta has a (relatively) big tech scene because, due to favourable regulations, it is home to many online gambling companies.

Love the beginning! Great podcast. Thank you so much SE team. Keep it up!

Have you guys considered linking up with professional bodies for these meetups? I am a member of the BCS who have a lot of talks over the autumn/summer/spring period. It may be possible to link up with a group like the Advances Programming SG or even the BCS London Central Branch. They would probaby be happy to provide the venue, and mutually advertise. When I find out how I’ll stick something on the Meta.

Could we get some screenshots of the network dashboard/

Your cloud cost calculation doesn’t seem to take your ops time into account… All that fiddling around with server room and power stuff is certainly costing you more than $17k a year isn’t it?

I live in Des Moines. :(

Robert Harvey Sep 10 2011

Floppy disks? People still use floppy disks?

@mxyzplk – That’s the same thing I was thinking. Something like Amazon EC2 or Windows Azure would surely bring with it some unique challenges (especially this late in the game).

But I have to think that the long-term administration demands would be substantially less, which you should factor into the cost. It could make the difference between being forced to hire more sys admins years from now as your server farm grows, or not. Then the advantages should come in the form of reliability, scalability, and reduced latency.

George Beech Sep 12 2011

@Steve Actually I talk briefly about the challenges that people using Amazon run into, in theory it should reduce the workload, however in practice at scale you have the same or possibly more due to the unique challenges of running in the cloud. Being in the “cloud” doesn’t make you more reliable or scale-able by itsself, it just gives you a different set of tools to become reliable and scale-able. As far as latency, it doesn’t buy you _that_ much especially if you are using a CDN.

@mxyzplk it intentionally leaves it out even in the cloud you have to maintain about the same staffing whether you are in the cloud or not at scale. Also that’s 17k/MONTH not 17k/YEAR

Rohan Cragg Oct 14 2011

Meetups were also discussed from about an hour in, but are not mentioned in the show notes. Are plans for sponsoring Meetups going to be blogged about in more detail? (or have they been already?). In Scotland there are Tech Meetups already that you could partner with, they just don’t use the trademark Meetup system…